Michelle Wood, Director of Communications at MGSM and Hana Krskova, Faculty of Business and Economics Finance Manager.
Michelle Wood, Director of Communications at MGSM and Hana Krskova, Faculty of Business and Economics Finance Manager.

Researching work, at work

Following an “unbelievable sales pitch” from her Higher Degree Research Manager, Faculty of Business and Economics Finance Manager Hana Krskova enrolled in the Master of Research (MRes) – a unique pathway towards a PhD that offers a combination of advanced coursework and research training – that is attracting increasing numbers of students and staff.

“While trying to decide if I could possibly be any good at research, I received a lot of guidance and advice from our Heads of Departments, Research Centre Directors, as well as Associate Deans of Research and Learning and Teaching,” said Hana. “I feel lucky to be surrounded by senior academics who dedicate their time to helping junior researchers like myself.”

Inspired by the dedication of her academic colleagues, Hana says the MRes program provided the perfect avenue to explore her curiosity for competitive education, with help from mentor and senior lecturer Chris Baumann.

“I would like to explore the differences between the permissive approach to education preferred by the Western world, and the stricter approach of East Asian countries which appears to lead to better results in the Programme for International Student Assessment surveys of 15 year olds conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,” said Hana.

Michelle Wood, Director of Communications at MGSM, was drawn to further research because she believes it has the potential to make a real difference to the numbers of women not only completing an MBA, but taking their place as leaders in Australia’s top companies.

Through the MRes program, Michelle’s research examines the underlying reasons for the gender imbalance in MBA programs (currently there are about 70 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women completing MBA’s in Australia), and will develop strategies to address it.

“We are surveying women about the issues they face in enrolling and studying for an MBA, as well as their experiences post-MBA. It is our hope by addressing the inequality at enrolment level we could have a real impact on the numbers of women working in senior management, executive ranks and on the boards of our leading companies.”

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