Celebrating research excellence with impact

A new online showcase highlights 50 years of our research impact and creates a space where current and future innovation and development can be celebrated.

“Through its research, a university enacts its commitment to society, solving problems, extending horizons, advancing technology and changing lives,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius. “We should be proud of our contribution to this advancement, and share our stories with the world.”

The Research Impact site features more than fifty stories written by university staff and offers easy access to the large scope of Macquarie’s research footprint. It is a platform for sharing success and celebrating the diversity of research conducted across Macquarie. It is a companion piece to the World-leading research, world-changing impactJubilee book, which will be launched at the Research Excellence Awards on 2 October.

“Whether it is cross-faculty, multi-disciplinary partnerships between the Australian School of Advanced Medicine and the Department of Ancient History, or the enigmatic celestial qualities of planetary nebulae, you are guaranteed to learn something new about Macquarie’s research activities,” said project manager Dr Erin Semon. “Featuring stories of past impact, ongoing development and future opportunity, the site brings together the work of Macquarie in its full breadth and depth.”

“It exemplifies what makes Macquarie different.”

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Office are keen to grow the showcase and welcome new submissions about our impact at the local, national and international levels. Share your story.