A papyrus scan from the Macquarie data collection
A papyrus scan from the Macquarie data collection

Collaborative effort improves our research data management

Macquarie has new processes and tools to help researchers apply best practice data management, enabling further promotion of their research and facilitating discovery of their data collections through various search engines, including the national data portal, Research Data Australia.

“It is terrific to see Macquarie University’s commitment to making research data easily accessible. The Centre for Media History is delighted that information about the Media Archives Project database (the creation of which was funded by a Research Infrastructure Block Grant at Macquarie) can now be accessed through Macquarie webpages and the National Data Portal.”, said Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley.

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) funded this collaboration between the Research Office, Library, Informatics and the Faculties.

The principles of discovery, access and reuse of research data are important issues in the international research community. Research data and materials collections are valuable intellectual products of research activity that assist in promoting open enquiry and debate, complementing research outputs and publications, providing research transparency, and justifying research outcomes. These improvements ensure we keep pace with these issues and provide solutions for our researchers to participate fully.

“The vital importance of data in the fast-paced world of research means that the proper storage and management of those data is essential to Macquarie’s goal of producing world-leading research with world-changing impact,” said Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Research).

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