Changes to UNITS and iTeach this week

This week the Unit Guide system, will become part of iTeach. Please see the UNITS to become part of iTeach notice that was published in last week’s edition for more information.

Scheduled Downtime for Staff Access
In order to prepare for the upgrade, UNITS ( and iTeach will be unavailable for staff on Wednesday 4 June from 12pm to 5pm. Published Unit Guides will still be available for students and the public to view.

Logging in from 5 June
From 5 June, staff logging in to iTeach will notice a fresh look and some changes to the way the site works. Quick Guides and resources for the new site will be available online. All staff should email to request help or report any technical issues.

More information on support and Drop-in Clinics for using the new iTeach in the lead-up to Session 2 is coming soon. Please email Lucy Arthur, Portfolio Projects Manager, Learning and Teaching Centre, with any queries.