CCD stakeholders gather at their recent workshop in the Australian Hearing Hub. Photo: Effy Alexakis
CCD stakeholders gather at their recent workshop in the Australian Hearing Hub. Photo: Effy Alexakis

Workshop explores the future of cognitive science research

Leaders from community organisations working in the areas of autism, learning difficulties, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, speech pathology and more recently met with researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) to share their common vision and shape future research directions.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for researchers to learn more about the practical needs of children and adults with cognitive health issues, as well as an opportunity for community and industry leaders to discuss the potential impact of evidence-based research findings and treatment protocols for meeting the needs of the people they serve.

“It is part of the mission of the CCD to bring the methods of cognitive science to our stakeholders, with the aim of developing diagnostic assessments of cognitive disorders and interventions” says Distinguished Professor Stephen Crain, Director of the CCD.

“We want to learn from our stakeholders about their needs and the needs of those people that we all hope to serve using the tools and the models of the cognitive sciences.”

“Today (was also) a day for us to showcase some of the ways in which experimentation and technology can lead to future impacts, based on the methods of cognitive science.”

Representatives from the CCD’s key stakeholder organisations outlined how each organisation supports the community and highlighted focus areas for 2014 and beyond. CCD researchers also highlighted some of the centre’s translational research outcomes through demonstrations. These were followed by guided tours of the facilities at the CCD and at Cochlear Ltd.

Feedback from the day revealed strong connections across the community:

“Thank you for organising the terrific CCD Stakeholders Event today! I left this afternoon with a pocketful of business cards, lots of new ideas, and plans to connect with a number of today’s speakers who are interested in the work of the Belief Formation Program and our memory team.” - a program leader/researcher

It really was one of those days that make it all seem worthwhile.”
- a program leader/researcher

I have… learned so much and enjoyed my time with such amazing professionals today. I would like to graciously thank you for being amazing with your hospitality.” – a student

I thought the day was very worthwhile and I learnt a lot myself. The quality of presentations was very good. The day was so well-run and it was a great chance to catch up with old and meet new colleagues.”
- a stakeholder organisation representative

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