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The clear aim of our 2020-2024 Operating Plan is to strive to put students first and our staff have continued to rise to the challenge of actively improving our students’ experience.

Our most recent achievement in this area is the implementation of an enhanced student enrolment solution and a new payment platform.

In late 2021, the Student First Program Board and the Student Journey and Experience Taskforce approved the ‘Enrolment Tactical Solution’ project, funded by the Digital Transformation Program.

Vice-President, Professional Services, Nicole Gower explains, “One of the main aims of the Digital Transformation Program is to provide a seamless and modern student experience, including during the enrolment process.”

And that is exactly what our staff delivered.

eStudent, the system students use to enrol, register for classes, view exam results and other administrative tasks has been successfully upgraded. This new version of eStudent was designed with the student user in mind. It’s intuitive to navigate, is more accessible and is now mobile friendly, a feature much appreciated by our device using students.

Other features of the upgraded system are a tasklist that easily, and visually, highlights tasks students need to complete related to their enrolment or eStudent record. Not only is this feature an improvement for students, but it eliminates the need for our staff to send reminder communications to students regarding outstanding tasks.

Another key feature is an integration between the upgraded eStudent and Syllabus Plus, our timetabling system. This integration allows timetabling information to feed into eStudent and provide the information students need to plan their study and class registration inside the system. This simplifies the user experience as they previously would have located this information by navigating a variety of systems and resources. They will have what they need to enrol, and choose classes, at their fingertips in the system they are using to complete those tasks.

The final key feature implemented as part of this upgrade is a new fee payment platform. Again, this new platform has a user centred design that will make it easier for students to understand what they need to pay, and how to pay it. User expectations of online payment processes and systems have changed significantly in the last few years and this new payment platform will provide an experience for our students much closer to what they expect, and experience, of online financial transactions and accounts.

All of these enhancements make it faster and easier for students to do what they need to do. It’s very close to a one stop, user friendly, admin shop for our students.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor S. Bruce Dowton highlights this latest successful implementation as further confirmation of our institutional wide commitment to improving our student experience “These system improvements are another example of how our staff continue to provide excellent experiences and outcomes in every dimension of students’ interactions with the University.”

Dr Brad Windon, Head of Student Shared Services explains the secret of the successful implementation, “We had an experienced, results driven project team working with engaged stakeholders from across the university that actively, and enthusiastically, collaborated to make this implementation a success.”
To see the improvements for yourself watch this quick video that was designed to introduce the newly upgraded system to our students.





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  1. Following fairly detailed instructions from an email sent by the uni to update my estudent record, estudent did not behave as it was meant to behave. The search function failed to yield any results when the exact name of the form was entered, and then the search began to flip out and toggle between the search term and and empty field. The site then became unresponsive for about 30 seconds and after 5 minutes of my life wasted trying to figure out how to find the form I was able to submit the form after filling in exactly one field.

    Also the base page takes quite a long time to load.

    Presumably teething issues, but I can’t help thinking that the stress this places on students when they are usually using eStudent to access or amend records, apply for extensions, or government assistance, is unhelpful. Perhaps a bit of further testing and debugging is in order?

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