Professional development: what’s on in January and February


Give your career a boost in 2022 by starting the year with a professional development workshop.

Having Coaching Conversations
14 & 28 January 2022 (conducted over two days)

  • Improve your effectiveness having coaching and developmental discussions
  • Understand the value and importance of having proactive coaching/developmental discussions
  • Understand and practice a model for having coaching/developmental discussions
  • Gain skills and confidence in handling challenging coaching/developmental discussions

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Writing with Clarity
9 & 10 February 2022 (conducted over two days)

  • Learn to write complex information in a clear and sensible way without losing accuracy or rigour
  • Understand how to write effective emails at work
  • Understand how to create a professional and helpful tone and choose the right words

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Improve your Time Management
15 & 16 February 2022 (conducted over two days)

  • Define the core purpose of you and your team within the organisation
  • Explain the ‘above the line’ model and determine how you and can adopt this concept to take more initiative with your day to day planning
  • Use a prioritisation matrix to order your weekly tasks
  • Identify your key professional goals
  • State how to politely and professionally say ‘no’ to an unreasonable request
  • Discuss techniques that allow you to proactively manage email
  • Identify what habits and techniques you could start, stop or continue to more effectively manage your time

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Strengthening Staff and Personal Resilience: Managers

17 February 2022

  • Understand the psychological process that occurs in response to change and how it impacts well-being
  • Understand an evidence-based model for strengthening resilience and developing mental fitness in yourselves and your teams
  • Explore the link between well-being and performance and reflect on your supportive leadership style and practical strategies you can put into practice to enhance this
  • Develop a personal and team well-being action-plan

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Giving Effective Feedback
22 & 24 February 2022 (conducted over two days)

  • Recognise the importance of giving constructive feedback, and the need to adopt the right mindset to help achieve desired outcomes
  • Familiarise participants with the key principles underpinning effective feedback based on the latest research
  • Share a simple feedback model to enable feedback to be given with ease
  • Help participants manage emotions
  • Provide participants with opportunities to apply the model during the workshop and receive feedback on their feedback skills. Actors are utilised to make the practical activities as ‘real’ as possible and maximise learning

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