10 questions with… Isabella Tan


Isabella Tan completed her PhD at Macquarie in 2017 and has continued her research work as a fellow in the Blood Pressure and Vascular Function research group within the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Isabella will be donning her sphygmomanometer for next week’s free blood pressure checks for staff and students, as part of May Measurement Month.

1) In a nutshell, my job is to…
Conduct research relating to blood pressure and stiffness of arteries, measure blood pressure, and assess vascular function.

2) The question I hear most often in my work is…
“How was my blood pressure today?”

3) The thing I find most rewarding in my role is…
Research. I’m constantly being challenged to not just accept the way things are normally done, but instead to really understand the “why” and “how”, then to find out the “where to from here”.

4) The bravest thing I’ve done is…
Giving birth to two children without pain relief.

5) A place that’s special to me is…
Glenelg Beach in Adelaide, SA.

6) My mother/father always told me…
“Life is about making choices.” My father’s speech at my wedding was about just that.

7) My guilty pleasure is…
Watching Japanese anime and reading manga.

8) I’m scared of…
Spiders and cockroaches, and any insect that flies towards me (except butterflies)!!!

9) My hidden talent is…
Touch typing at around 85-90 words per minute (still a long way off from the record holder of 212 words per minute, though!).

10) Something I’ve never done but wanted to try is…
Measure someone’s blood pressure in space (sadly I’m too unfit to ever be able to go into space).





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