Spot the difference: Learning Innovation Hub and Macquarie University Incubator


We have recently heard talk on campus that there is some confusion around the Incubator and the LIH! We spoke to each amazing team to clear up who does what, where you can find them and how you can benefit from their services.

What is your role at Macquarie?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
The Incubator provides entrepreneur training courses, a program of interesting events and a supportive innovation community where people come to turn their ideas into reality.  We also provide co-working and hot desk space, meeting and event areas, and one-on-one support through our network of advisors and experts.  Our goal is to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community who share and contribute experience and resources. The Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) is a central unit of specialists serving Macquarie University’s learning and teaching community. Our team is made up of the Strategy Team (Strategic Initiatives, Quality and Assurance, Professional Development, Community Engagement and Educational Media) and Learning Technology Services (support, training and system administration for iLearn, iTeach, iShare, Echo360, and a host of other systems).
Where are you located on campus?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
8 Hadenfeld Ave, Macquarie University – next to 10 Hadenfeld Avenue (Y3A – the Arts Building). We are the stunning timber building on the Epping Rd side of campus!! 2 First Walk, Levels 3 and 4 and 9 Wally’s Walk, Level 0
What services do you offer?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
The incubator is here to support you with a range of flexible solutions no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.  We are an open and inclusive community of like-minded people doing amazing things – join us and together we can shape the future.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, are working on a concept or looking for the inspiration to start, then our events, workshops and academic courses provide the foundations for success.

We offer desk space, meeting/event areas, a weekly speaker series and workshops, and are introducing our academic program.  Our vision is to build a growing entrepreneurial community who share and contribute experience and resources that help early ideas grow. We currently offer hot-desking space 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and permanent desks for resident members with 24/7 access (via application only).

To help enhance all aspects of learning and teaching, the LIH:


Who are your services targeted at?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
The Incubator is a brand new space for everybody – including students, researchers, staff, small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and start ups, and the wider community – who are interested in/or working on research or an idea that can be commercialised. All staff involved in Learning and Teaching at Macquarie; teaching academics and professional staff who support learning and teaching.
What sorts of events do you run?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
We host events such as fireside chats with industry experts, pitch competitions, speaker series, hackathons and networking events. We are also piloting our academic modules, that teach practical entrepreneurial skills. A calendar of events is listed on Teche and covers:

  • Training workshops on the use of centrally-operated learning technologies (iLearn, iTeach, iShare, Echo360, Zoom, VoiceThread, Turnitin, Gradebook)
  • Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) – run roughly every 6 weeks, LTXs provide an exchange of ideas, practice and activity on strategic priority initiatives within the Learning and Teaching Framework
  • Tech Talks – introductions to and demonstrations of new technologies
  • Professional Development and Learning – the Foundations in Learning and Teaching course, workshops to do with the Higher Education Fellowship Scheme.
How can staff get involved?
Incubator Learning Innovation Hub
The easiest way to get involved is to subscribe to our newsletter via the Macquarie Incubator website. Staff can also get involved through attending, facilitating or hosting workshops and events, applying to work in the space, or volunteering to become a mentor. If there is another way you can contribute to our community, please do not hesitate to contact us at





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