Learning Innovation Hub

Learning Innovation Hub

The Learning Innovation Hub is a central unit of specialists serving Macquarie University's learning and teaching community.

To support enhancements in learning and teaching, the LIH:

  • Manages and provides support and training for the university’s centrally operated learning technologies
  • Produces educational media and provides equipment and studio hire
  • Institutes quality assurance improvements
  • Facilitates professional learning opportunities
  • Cultivates best practices in learning design
  • Manages Teche, the Learning and Teaching community blog

We are located within the portfolio of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching and our activities are driven by the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework. We work closely and collaboratively with Faculties and their Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, as well as with the Faculties' learning and teaching support teams, other central business units such as PACE, Sustainability, Indigenous Strategy, MUIC, and the Macquarie University Library.

The LIH is led by:

Dr. Tanya Rose - Strategic and Innovation Lead
Terrence Collins - Head, Learning Technologies and Services

Learning Technologies

We support, manage and enhance Macquarie's Learning Technologies platform. This includes:

  • iLearn - online learning management system
  • iTeach - unit guides and unit creation
  • Echo360 - live lecture recordings
  • iShare - online repository of learning and teaching resources

We also provide training workshops, guides and assistance to support the use of these technologies. Check out the catalogue of centrally supported technologies and resources.

Contact ilearn.help@mq.edu.au for queries or technical issues.

For further enquiries contact Amanda Parker, Operations Manager, Learning Technologies.

Educational Media

Our Shared Services Team, made up of Learning Designers and Educational Media Producers, can help you design and build Educational Media Resources. Educational Media Resources may include:

  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Interviews
  • Demonstrations and how-tos
  • Animated sequences
  • Documentaries and mixed methods
  • Digital graphics and images
  • Interactive presentations

Check out the services offered by the Learning Innovation Hub Educational Media Production Team.

Contact lih-sst@mq.edu.au to discuss how we can help you create an educational media resource.

Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement

We coordinate and promote internal and external teaching quality assurance indicators and analytics.

We facilitate the Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS). See Policy Central for more information on student experience surveys.

Contact Cathy Rytmeister, Professional Development and Quality Assurance Lead.

For questions about TEDS, contact Michael Marston, Quality and Assurance Analyst.

Professional Development

We develop and implement professional development activities stemming from the professional development framework for learning and teaching.

View upcoming professional development events and workshops.

To collaborate on professional development activities, contact:
Cathy Rytmeister - Professional Development and Quality Assurance Lead 
Karina Luzia - Professional Development Project Coordinator 
Geraldine Timmins - Community and Engagement Lead
Jeremy Hind - Learning Technologies Systems and Support Coordinator
Lauren Bacigalupo - Projects and Events Officer
Alison Schloss - Training Coordinator

Learning Design

We can assist you in the creation and design of your iLearn spaces and give advice on how the latest practices in learning technologies can make your unit more engaging, efficient and effective.

Check out the catalogue of centrally supported technologies and resources. Speak to your Faculty Learning and Teaching teams or the Learning Innovation Hub staff if you require more details, would like to discuss your needs and request guidance on which tools are the right ones for you.

Contact lih-sst@mq.edu.au to discuss how we can help you improve the learning experience of your staff and students.

Teche: Learning and Teaching Blog

Teche (pronounced 'Teach') is a place for the learning and teaching community at Macquarie to share news, resources, tips and advice, discuss innovative teaching methods, technical know-how and developments in learning and teaching, share staff profiles, information on the latest learning technologies and human interest stories. We welcome contributions from across the entire Macquarie Community. If you have a story to tell, an event to promote or an idea to circulate, please get in contact at teche@mq.edu.au.

Visit Teche and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

The Team

Tanya RoseStrategic & Innovation Lead
Terrence CollinsHead, Learning Technologies & Services
Cathy RytmeisterQuality Assurance & Development Lead
Geraldine TimminsCommunity & Engagement Lead
Amanda ParkerOperations Manager
Jeremy HindLearning Technologies Systems and Support Coordinator
Karina LuziaProfessional Development Project Coordinator
Olga KozarSenior Learning Designer
Lilia MantaiSenior Learning Designer
Michael RampeSenior Learning Designer (on secondment to FHS)
Nathan SollarsEducational Media Producer
Michael CatabayEducational Media Producer
Fidel FernandoLearning Designer
Alper YuceozsoyLearning Designer
Fiona HirdLearning Designer
Marco ReyesLearning Designer
Alison SchlossTraining Resource Developer
Shirley LiProject Manager
Alana MaileyOperations Support Officer
David MorganLearning Technologies System Administrator
Michael MendozaLearning Technologies System Administrator
Jaymie ParkerLearning Technologies System Administrator
Mahbub HassanLearning Technologies System Administrator
Eric Shum Learning Technologies System Analyst
Shamim JoarderLearning Technologies System Analyst
Fransiska BunadiSoftware Engineer
Arun NeelakandanSoftware Engineer
Weidong PanSoftware Engineer
Michael MarstonQuality & Assurance Analyst
Samantha ZhouQuality & Assurance Officer
Sandra WuQuality & Assurance Officer
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