Dr Arthur Pryor Scholarship

Dr Arthur Pryor Scholarship


The Dr Arthur Pryor Scholarship is valued at $5,000 per year.


The scholarship is renewable for up to three years contingent on meeting ongoing eligibility criteria. The scholarship cannot be deferred.

How to apply

To apply complete the online application form.

Closing Date

Applications are now closed for 2019.


The Dr Arthur Pryor Scholarship was established with a generous donation from Dr Arthur Pryor’s family. The Scholarship’s main purpose is to support new undergraduate students who are undertaking study in a major within the Physics and Astronomy Department.

The successful applicants for this scholarship will be a new domestic undergraduate student undertaking study in a major within the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The scholarship is available to 2018 school leavers and students who completed school in 2017 and have taken a gap year.

Dr Arthur Pryor (1928 – 2014)

Arthur Pryor was a brilliant student of Physics and Electrical Engineering. His career took him to the UK, New Zealand and back to Australia. He made major research contributions in under-water acoustics, neutron and thermal physics. He co-authored “Thermal Vibrations in Crystallography” and shared the 1964 Syme Prize, with AINSE co-workers, awarded for the best science contribution in any discipline in Australia. He taught PHYS242 in its beginnings in 1985 through to 1995.


Email csap@mq.edu.au or phone (02) 9850 7337 / (02) 9850 6401

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