Domestic scholarships and grants

Domestic scholarships and grants

Macquarie has a generous domestic coursework scholarships program. Some scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship while others recognise factors such as academic excellence, community involvement, leadership potential or sporting achievement etc.

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Email the Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Unit at or phone us on (02) 9850 7337 / (02) 9850 6401

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of scholarships are available?

Macquarie University offers a range of scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate domestic coursework students.  Most have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and equity and are awarded on the basis of financial need and/or other hardship.  Others recognise factors such as academic excellence or sporting achievement etc.  Use the scholarship search tool above to see the full range of what is available.  The main undergraduate scholarships available in 2021 are summarised in the 2021 Undergraduate Scholarships Brochure.

What are equity scholarships?

Macquarie University offers several needs-based scholarships known collectively as Equity Scholarships.  New and continuing domestic coursework students who have demonstrated financial hardship can apply for these scholarships via UAC. It is important to provide supporting documentation as part of your application if you are prompted to do so.

Demonstrated financial disadvantage is an essential criteria.  This is generally related to meeting the means test for a Centrelink (or other Commonwealth) income support payment such as Youth Allowance, Disability Support Pension etc.

IMPORTANT: you can apply for an equity scholarship on the basis of expecting to receive a Centrelink payment, however, once your first payment has been credited to your bank account you need to email to update your equity scholarship application.

NOTE: Being eligible for an Equity Scholarship does not guarantee that your application will be successful as the University receives more eligible applications than there are scholarships to award. Equity scholarships are awarded to students in the greatest need first.

When is the best time to apply for scholarships?  

Start early!  It is a good idea to start looking for scholarship opportunities when you start looking for the course you want to study.  Open Day is an ideal time to start looking.

Always check the specific opening and closing details for individual scholarships.

Do not wait until you receive your ATAR or an admission offer from the University as this will often be too late.

I am in Year 10 or Year 11.  Is it too early to be looking for scholarship opportunities?

Macquarie University does not currently offer any scholarships to students who are in Years 10 or 11, so check back with us when you are in Year 12.  In the meantime, please feel free to look through the current scholarship offerings to gain an understanding of what is available and how to apply. It is also a good idea to start keeping a record of your achievements and awards and any leadership or community activities that you may participate in as this will be helpful in completing any future scholarship applications.

Are scholarships only for new students or can continuing students apply?

Some scholarships are only open to new students or school leavers starting University for the first time.  If you will be a new student in 2021 it is important to check the deadlines and apply early as there is only one opportunity to be considered for these scholarships.

The University’s Equity Scholarships are open to new and continuing students so eligible students can apply at any stage of their degree for these scholarships.  Applications for equity scholarships are via UAC whether you are a new or continuing student.

For other scholarships, please check the individual criteria.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Applying for a scholarship at Macquarie usually involves completing an online application form.  For most scholarships, this is in addition to applying for admission to the course you want to study, however, check individual scholarships for details as some do not require a separate application.

Applications for Equity Scholarships are through UAC, not through the Macquarie Scholarship website.

How do I apply for a Macquarie Business School Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship?

The Macquarie Business School Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarships do not require a separate scholarship application.  If you are a school leaver who meets the ATAR criteria and you receive an offer of admission to an eligible Business School course, you will receive a scholarship offer.

How do I apply for a Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Scholarship?

The Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Scholarship does not require a separate application. If you have applied for, or will be applying for, the Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme, you will automatically be considered for one of 15 scholarships worth $10,000 pa for up to 5 years.  Applications for this scheme close at 2 pm Monday 31 August.

How do I apply for the Cooperative Education program (Co-op)?

There is no separate scholarship application for the University’s Cooperative Education program (Co-op).  Applications for this program close at 5 pm Friday 25 September.

Am I eligible for the Macquarie University Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme?

The Macquarie University Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme provides students who have a completed undergraduate degree from Macquarie University with a sponsorship of 10% on fees if they proceed on to a domestic fee paying postgraduate coursework degree at the University (some degrees are excluded). Students in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) are not eligible.  No application is required. If you meet the criteria and receive an offer to an eligible postgraduate course, you will automatically receive an offer for Postgraduate Loyalty Scheme.

What scholarship opportunities are available for Aboriginal students?

Aboriginal students are encouraged to apply for the range of scholarships available at Macquarie University.

The University also offers a number of scholarships specifically for Aboriginal students.  To explore what is available, you are encouraged to register your interest as early as possible with the Aboriginal Academic Engagement team at Walanga Muru -  T: +614 22 792 705, E:

To be considered for the scholarships available under the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP), Aboriginal students should also lodge an equity scholarship as early as possible.

What scholarship opportunities are available for students from regional or rural areas of Australia?

Students from regional or rural Australia are encouraged to apply for the University’s range of scholarships, however, there are some scholarships specifically open to country students relocating to study at Macquarie University:

The Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship (MAS) is an equity scholarship open to new or continuing regional or rural undergraduate students studying internally.  Applicants for MAS also need to be able to demonstrate financial need. Applications are via UAC.

New undergraduate students from the country who are interested in living on-campus at Dunmore Lang College (DLC) can apply for the Macquarie University Dunmore Lang College Regional and Rural Scholarship which covers the cost of a standard room at the College. DLC also offer their own range of scholarships which students can apply for.

The Macquarie University Robert Menzies College (RMC) scholarship assists students in financial need with accommodation costs while living at the College. RMC offer several other scholarship opportunities of their own.

Regional and rural students can also explore the opportunities available through the Country Education Foundation, an external not for profit organisation that raises money to assist young people from country areas to attend university.

Who makes the decision on a scholarship application?

In most cases, a scholarship selection committee will assess your application against the specific scholarship criteria.  The Macquarie University Scholarships Manager sits on most selection panels.  The Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Unit will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible after the committee meets.

Can I have more than one scholarship at a time?

Generally, you cannot hold more than one scholarship of the same sort at the same time, although there are some exceptions.  If you receive more than one scholarship offer please contact the Scholarships team for advice –

Do I have to declare my scholarship to the ATO, Centrelink, etc.?

You must declare any scholarship income to Centrelink (Services Australia) if you are receiving payments from them.  It is important to let them know if the scholarship is funded by the Commonwealth Government or the University or a private donor.  The Scholarships team can give you advice about this and provide you with a scholarship status letter for Centrelink purposes, if required. Contact:

Depending on the type of scholarship and your individual circumstances, you may or may not have to declare your scholarship as taxable income to the ATO.  Contact the ATO for advice or see their Scholarship calculator .

Can I defer a scholarship offer?

Most Macquarie University scholarship offers cannot be deferred but, in some cases, you can re-apply in a subsequent scholarship round.  For example, if you take decide to take a ‘gap year’ you may be eligible to re-apply if you take up your course the following year. Please check the details of individual scholarships.

What if I am unsuccessful?

Depending on the individual scholarship, you may be able to apply again for consideration in a subsequent round.  Students can apply again for an Equity Scholarship for example if they meet the criteria .

Additional forms of support are available to all enrolled students at the University. For details of what is available see the Wellbeing website.

Does the University have any scholarships for elite athletes?

Sports Scholarships are available to elite student athletes. Macquarie University supports elite athletes either entering or continuing a course at Macquarie University. The program is focused on assisting athletes in their desire to combine high performance sport involvement with a tertiary education.

More information about eligibility is available on the MQ Sport website

Are scholarships available for international students?

The University offers a range of scholarship opportunities for international students.

The Macquarie International Scholarships office can be contacted at

Are there scholarships for Higher Degree Research students?

The University's range of research scholarships, including the Masters of Research (MRes) scholarships, are managed by the Higher Degree Research Scholarships team (Email

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