Our reputation

Our reputation

Macquarie University is consistently ranked highly in international surveys and our students are sought after by employers.

When you experience a Macquarie education you don't just learn from textbooks, you learn from the practical application of your knowledge in real-life organisations and environments.

Industry partnerships

Not only will you be studying in 126 hectares of park-like campus just 15km from Sydney's CBD, you'll also have the advantage of attending university in the heart of Australia's largest high-technology precinct.

Because of this location, our degrees offer outstanding integration with industry, providing you with a superior learning environment, enhanced internship opportunities and greater exposure to the job market prior to graduation.

An interdisciplinary approach

Macquarie pioneered interdisciplinary study -- an approach that teaches you to think more broadly, to tackle the big questions in life and the things that really matter to society.

  • Many of the world's greatest achievements and innovations have resulted from combining skills and expertise from different disciplines. This is why a Macquarie degree -- which will equip you with a global mindset -- will benefit you now and into the future.
  • Though you might not yet know exactly what you want to do with your life, and you'll probably change jobs throughout your career, this approach to learning will definitely give you an edge.

Become a global leader

Stand up for global issues and stand out from the pack with Macquarie's Global Leadership Program (GLP).

This extracurricular program can be taken with any degree at Macquarie. It allows you to develop leadership skills and put them into practice through opportunities such as:

  • studying overseas
  • participating in workshops and events
  • volunteering
  • internships

If you successfully complete the program you'll receive a certificate and a notation on your transcript, giving you a competitive edge in the global employment market.

Highly ranked

  • Ranked top 1% of world universities (QS World University Rankings, 2019)
  • 5 QS stars in teaching, employability, research, facilities, internationalisation, innovation, inclusiveness and specialist criteria. (QS Stars University Ratings, 2019)
  • Top 120 in the world for employability (QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2019)
  • Top 50 Times Higher Education "Golden Age" university rankings 2018 for universities established between 1945 and 1967.
  • Ranked 5th in 2019 QS Global MBA Rankings: Oceania.
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