Important dates

Important dates

2018 postgraduate coursework application dates

Applications open 5 September 2017
Application closing dates Session 1 : 9 February 2018
Session 2 : 12 July 2018
Some of our courses have an earlier closing date:
Course Session 1
closing date
Session 2
closing date
  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Professional Psychology
  • Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Master of Organisational Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate of Business Psychology
31 October 2017Not available for admission in Session 2.
Juris Doctor
(for limited CSP places)
December 31, 201720 May 2018
  • Master of Clinical Audiology
  • Master of Speech and Language Pathology
31 October 2017Not available for admission in Session 2.
Master of Public Health (CSP places only)9 February 201812 July 2018
Doctor of Physiotherapy (both CSP and DFEE)Not available for admission in Session 1 31 January 2018
For early offers: by Tuesday 31 October 2017
Master of Biostatics
Graduate Certificate of Biostatics
31 January 201830 June 2018

Note: Late applications will only be considered if places are still available and students can enrol on time before the session starts.

Application processing

Offers on postgraduate coursework applications are issued on a daily basis during the following admission periods:

  • Session 1 admission: September - February
  • Session 2 admission: September - July

Session dates, enrolment and other key administrative deadlines for the academic year can be found on the University's calendar.

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