Start your future now: transform your learning experience with flexible online study in Conveyancing via Macquarie Law School

Does working as part of the booming property market appeal to you? Train (or re-train) as a Conveyancer and take advantage of the many new professional opportunities in this area. Studying Macquarie Law School’s Conveyancing Law & Practice course, supported by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC) and endorsed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, will enable you eligibility for entry into this esteemed profession.

You’ll be supported, engaged and challenged throughout your study by experienced Law School teachers with industry experience, and your connection to the University is only an email or a phone call away. All Macquarie Conveyancing Law & Practice students are also eligible for AIC membership, which is free. It’s a great way to get involved and find the information needed to further a career in conveyancing.

Balance your other commitments with your study by enrolling in 8 online units which cover a comprehensive 68 areas of study, and take advantage of the blended delivery mode by interacting with your fellow students and tutors at the on-campus weekend sessions (with free parking).

The prospect of expanding your knowledge or career change is closer than you think…and all you need to enrol is access to a computer…we’ll take care of the rest.

Macquarie Conveyancing Law and Practice

Macquarie Law School has been at the forefront of conveyancing education since the course was first offered in 1994.

The Conveyancing - Law and Practice course is a distance education course which provides a thorough grounding in the law and practice of conveyancing through a rigorous examination of relevant legal and practical skills.

COE - Conveyancing - AIC logo

Free student membership of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division

The AIC is the professional body representing licensed conveyancers in NSW. It works to promote, reform, and improve the conveyancing profession, and is a sponsor of the Macquarie Conveyancing Law and Practice program.

All Macquarie Conveyancing Law and Practice students are eligible for AIC Student Membership, which is free. It's a great way to get involved and find the information needed to further a career in conveyancing.

Members become part of a professional network where they can keep up to date via a weekly e-news alert and magazine, find a job through its Employment Register or make connections through the Young Conveyancers Group, and attend the annual conference in October.

For information on the AIC NSW go to:

Conveyancing Prize Night Photo 2017

Student Corinne Napoli, Dux of the graduating class of 2017 being congratulated by Dale Turner. Our Major Sponsor the AIC NSW donates the Dale Turner Prize

The Conveyancing - law and practice course

The course is offered by distance education. Each unit requires one compulsory on campus weekend session. This method of learning demands discipline and commitment. It is ideal for students already in full-time employment, with family or other commitments which prevent regular attendance at lectures.

The course is divided into the following 8 units which may be completed in two years (4 sessions):

  1. Foundation Legal Knowledge
  2. Contracts                       
  3. Vendor and Purchaser 1           
  4. Revenue Law
  5. Vendor and Purchaser 2
  6. Professional Skills 1
  7. Finance and Security
  8. Professional Skills 2

Download Unit Descriptions

Study time per week At least 6 to 10 hours per week study time for each unit in which you are enrolled
Maximum enrolment per session 2 units per session (units should be taken in the order listed above)
Minimum enrolment per year 2 units per year (Students must enrol in one unit per session consecutively)
On campus sessions Usually 2 scheduled for each unit, one of which is designated "compulsory" and the other "voluntary". The compulsory sessions are an important part of the course and attendance is not negotiable
Special enrolment requirements for new applicants Must enrol in the introductory unit Foundation Legal Knowledge, and, if they wish to take two units concurrently, may also enrol in Contracts

What is a licensed conveyancer?

Licensed conveyancers are able to undertake a wide range of legal work relating to property and business. They may act as legal advisors in the sale, purchase, mortgage or lease of residential and commercial property and small business, within the guidelines set down in the current Conveyancers Licensing Act.

The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading issues licenses to practise as a conveyancer after the Office is satisfied that an applicant has an approved educational qualification and relevant practical experience and training with a licensed Conveyancer or a legal practitioner.

Macquarie University's Conveyancing - Law and Practice is a distance education course which is approved by the NSW Office of Fair Trading as providing the educational qualification necessary for a licence. The approved practical experience with a licensed Conveyancer or legal practitioner may be gained before, during or after completion of the educational qualification.

Note: Conveyancers are not permitted to carry on business in conjunction with others where there may be a conflict of interest, for example real estate agents.

Applicants must make their own enquiries directly to the NSW Office of Fair Trading regarding relevant practical experience and possible conflict of interest issues (Telephone: 133 220) 

Entry requirements

While it is expected that applicants will have reached a level of education equivalent to the New South Wales Higher School Certificate, with written proficiency in English, each application is considered on its merits and industry experience is taken into account. If you wish to have industry experience taken into account you must provide references from relevant employers.

Copies of your results (e.g. HSC or School Certificate results, TAFE course results) must be provided with your Application Form, not just a copy of the certificate awarded.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Macquarie University reserves the right to alter any of the arrangements for classes either before or during the course, to cancel or terminate a course, or to refuse any enrolments as permitted by law.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Documented work experience is taken into consideration as an entry requirement for the course. If any previous studies successfully undertaken are equivalent to the units in the Macquarie Program, a maximum of 2 units may be exempt. Please provide relevant transcripts and equivalent unit outlines for assessment. No exemption will be given for the first unit, Foundation Legal Knowledge.


Application for 2019 are now closed.  Applications for 2020 will open in November 2019

Merit and Equity Scholarship

One Merit and one Equity Scholarship will be available to Conveyancing  - Law and Practice students. Students must have previously completed at least two units and therefore at least one Session to be eligible to apply. If you wish to apply, re-enrol in the normal process and apply for Scholarship at the same time.  Each scholarship winner will be is refunded the  tuition fees for the next two units of the course. A student is only eligible to receive the Merit and/or Equity scholarship once to ensure that the most students can benefit.

Scholarship Applications are now closed for 2019. They will reopen for 2020 applications in January 2020.

The Merit scholarship will be awarded to the student who applies with the highest average mark in the previous Session. The student must have attempted two units in that previous Session. Access the  form online

The Equity scholarship is available to support Conveyancing students. Students must have completed at least two units and therefore at least one Session to be eligible. The scholarship is a waiver of tuition fees for the next two units of the course. A student is only eligible to receive the Merit and/or Equity scholarship once to ensure that the most students can benefit.

To apply for the Equity scholarship, you will need to complete this form online

The Equity Scholarship application will require a 200 word personal statement explaining your circumstances.

Applications are encouraged from students that have experienced social disadvantage. These include:

Disability or longā€term/recurrent medical disadvantage, Financial hardship, Indigenous Australian background,
Refugee status, Regional or remote location or Carer or sole parent responsibilities

Important dates

Download 2019 Important dates including on-campus session and examinations dates


Fees must be included with your application. There is no provision for late or part payment of fees. Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, Amex, cheque or money order only. Cheque and money orders should be made payable to "Macquarie University".

Tuition fees currently are $1200 per unit.

The Conveyancing - Law and Practice is not a Commonwealth Supported course. Tuition fees cannot be paid through FEE-HELP.

Course materials

As a distance education student you will work from comprehensive study materials and textbooks for each unit.

Your study materials will be made available online through iLearn, Macquarie University's Online Learning Management System.


Textbooks must be purchased separately by students. It is suggested that you contact the relevant publishers directly to enquire about purchasing textbooks. A list of publishers is provided with the textbook list. When your successful application has been processed you will receive the textbook list with the email confirming your enrolment.

Textbook list

Internet access

All students require internet access. There is an online unit (iLearn) provided by the University for each unit in the Conveyancing - Law and Practice course. This online unit is used to provide internal email facilities, a discussion board for communication between students, a space for announcements by tutors and downloadable course resources.


Exemptions from units in the course may be granted when an applicant can demonstrate that they have successfully completed studies of very similar material as part of another recognised course. The major part of the content of a Macquarie University Conveyancing - Law and Practice unit must have been completed in previous studies in order to qualify for an exemption. As each of the eight units which make up the Conveyancing - Law and Practice course are broad in scope, it is sometimes the case that while an applicant has previously studied a related topic, their studies have not covered a sufficient amount of the content of the relevant unit. Please note that only in the most exceptional circumstances is an applicant granted exemptions from more than two (2) units.

Exemptions are not given for work experience.

If you believe that you may qualify for an exemption, please download the Exemption Request Form. Your application for exemption should be submitted with your application for enrolment, and must be received by the Closing Date for New Applications.

Cancellations / refund policy

If you decide to cancel your application, or withdraw from a unit, you must email the Conveyancing Support Officer before the cancellation date for each semester (5pm Fri week 1).

The University will only consider a refund of 80% of your tuition fee/s if requested before this date.

If you cancel or withdraw your application after the cancellation date you will not be eligible for a refund of the tuition fee/s.

The University cannot accept responsibility for any changes in personal circumstances.


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