Certified documents

Certified documents

You need to provide either original or certified copies of documents such as transcripts, qualifications and English proficiency test results.

Macquarie University reserves the right to refuse documentation on the grounds of incorrect certification or translation procedures. Falsifying documents is a very serious offence which may result in your application for admission being refused by the University

Who can certify documents?

Documents can be certified by:

  • Your current or previous education institution
  • A Notary Public (notaries are senior legal practitioners who authenticate, prepare, attest, witness and certify original and copy legal documents for use overseas)
  • A representative who is registered with Macquarie University
  • Macquarie University Admissions staff - Level 1, E3A
  • Justices of the Peace. Student Connect has Justice of the Peace services at - 18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE, on Tuesday and Thursday, 2-3pm
  • A Government official, For example:
    • Agent of the Australian Postal Corporation in charge of an office supplying postal services to the public
    • Bailiff
    • Chief executive officer of a Commonwealth court
    • Clerk of a court
    • Judge of a court
    • Commissioner for Affidavits
    • Commissioner for Declarations
    • Magistrate
    • Police officer
    • Registrar, or Deputy Registrar, of a court
    • Senior Executive Service employee of:
      • the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth authority; or
      • a State or Territory or a State or Territory authority

Translating documents

Documents in your native language must be translated professionally by an accredited translation service or a language professional, and must arrive on the professional letterhead of the translator.

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