International coursework student fees

International coursework student fees

You can calculate your estimated tuition fees by using our course finder, which lists our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You will find both a per-credit-point and estimated annual fee which will give you an indication of the cost based on a full-time subject load in the first year of your course.

Looking to help finance your studies? If you have relevant prior studies, applying for Recognition of Prior Learning can give you credit towards your degree and help reduce both the cost and duration of your program. We also have an extensive range of scholarships available to international students.

At the time you accept your offer to study at Macquarie University, there are two payments you need to make:

1. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must be paid for the entire duration of your course. It must be paid before you start at Macquarie.

2. The Commencement Fee

The Commencement Fee is a portion of your tuition fee that you need to pay when you accept an offer to study at Macquarie University. It is usually set at around AU$16,000 and must be paid before you start at Macquarie.

Please note that the Commencement Fee does not represent the full cost of your unit enrolment. Check eStudent to view the full cost of your fees after you have enrolled in your unit(s) for each session.

This Commencement Fee is taken off your first semester tuition fees (so it is not in addition to your tuition fees).

Paying my tuition fees

Each study period, once you’ve enrolled into unit(s), you can check your fees in eStudent, selecting the “My Finances” menu. Please Note: Invoices are not sent to students, all payment details are found in your eStudent.

Please refer to the following information for the relevant payment due dates.

As well as being able to view your statement of fees in eStudent, you can also email your Statement of Outstanding Charges to your official student email address by:

  • Log in to eStudent
  • Select > “My Finances” tab
  • Select > “Email my Statement of Outstanding Charges”.

Please arrange for full payment of your tuition fees by the relevant payment due date.  Failure to make a payment to the University by the census date may result in cancellation of enrolment and cancellation of your eCOE.

A $200 late payment fee will be incurred on all payments made after your payment due date.

Fees paid at the time of admission may not cover your full tuition fees for the year. To check your full fees for the unit(s) you have enrolled in, please go to > eStudent, select > “My Finances” tab and make arrangements for full payment by the payment due date. A list of payment methods can be found below.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the university via email by the payment due date.

Late fee

A late fee of $200 will be imposed for late enrolment or late payment of fees.

Annual fee increases

The University reviews the per-credit-point fees each year and may increase them in the following year.

At Macquarie, tuition fees are paid at the start of each academic session and are calculated based on the number of credit points you are enrolled in.

Unpaid or overdue fees

Students are required to check their “My Finances” account and print their “Statement of Outstanding Charges” on eStudent after enrolling in units and just before the census date for each study period you are enrolled into.

You must pay your fees by the Payment Due Date each study period.

Students with unpaid fees by the required Payment Due Date listed on their Statement of Outstanding Charges will be sanctioned.

A sanction will block your access to:

  • Enrolling in further units
  • Accessing exam results and transcripts AND
  • Graduating

Students with unpaid fees after the due date may also face:

  • Late payment fine of $200
  • Cancellation of enrolment
  • Removal of your iLearn access

Students in Commonwealth Supported places who fail to pay in full by the census date will have their enrolment cancelled under the Higher Education and Support Act (2003) Legislation. You will not be able to return to study in the same session of study as a Commonwealth Supported student. You may be offered a place under our Non Award program however higher tuition fees will apply for each unit.

Students in Tuition Fee Paying courses (including International students) in some circumstances can pay after the census date however they will incur a late payment fee of $200 and will have a sanction unless this has been waivered due to special circumstances.  Students also risk cancellation of enrolment. In this circumstance, you will be withdrawn from all units which have not been paid in full and you will not be able to re-enrol until the next available session of study.  The University will communicate with you via your official student email on the action which will be taken.

Any assessments and assignments you have already submitted will not count towards the subject if you are redoing it.

If you are experiencing extenuating personal circumstances that affect your ability to pay fees on time, please feel free to discuss your circumstances with our Fees Team. You should do this before your relevant payment due date. Please send your request to

Change of residency

Students changing their residency details

This includes:

  1. International students becoming Permanent Residents   OR
  2. Permanent Residents becoming Australian citizens

If your residency details have changed, you must show proof of your new residency to Macquarie University by the next relevant census date in order for the change to take effect. For any students making upfront payments to the University, you should try to show proof of this change earlier in order to have the correct fees printed on your Statement of Charges by the relevant payment due date.

To change residency details to:

Permanent Resident

  • Provide a copy of your current passport photo page to: or via AskMQ with subject heading ‘ATTN Comm Loans Team – Change of Residency Status’
  • Your residency/visa status will be checked on VEVO (with the Department of Home Affairs)

*For students in Commonwealth Supported (CSP) courses such as a Bachelor’s course, you will also be required to complete a CSP form on eStudent by the census date before your fees can be updated to the domestic rates for the relevant study period. You will be advised in a reply if you are required to complete this form.

If you have paid International Fees for the current session of study and change your residency with Macquarie University by the census date, you will be eligible for the local (domestic) student fee rates. If there is a difference between this amount and what you have paid already, you can either request a refund of any credit amount or be required to pay the difference.

Australian Citizen

  • Provide a copy of your Australian Citizenship Certificate or Australian Passport and copy of your foreign passport photo page or Visa Grant Notice as a Permanent Resident to:
    • or via AskMQ with subject heading ‘ATTN Comm Loans Team – Change of Residency Status’
  • Complete a new HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP form (whichever applies) with your Tax File Number (TFN) provided on eStudent, by the relevant census date if you are wishing to to defer your unit fees to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) via a HELP loan.

If you have paid up front and are eligible to defer your fees to a HELP loan, you must notify the Student Revenue Services office before the census date in order to request a refund. Once the census date has passed, students can no longer change their payment method.

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