Scholarships for domestic students at Macquarie

Our scholarship program awards around $6 million each year in total.

These include scholarships for domestic students based on academic excellence in various disciplines, sporting achievement, and equity and inclusion.

We seek to ease access to tertiary education for students from diverse backgrounds and situations, with scholarships primarily targeting the costs of tuition or accommodation.

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To view scholarships you may be eligible for, please select the options below which apply to you.

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Different scholarships have different application processes. Equity scholarship applications are done through UAC, while others may require you to contact specific units within the University, and some consider eligible students without a separate application.

  • Research your scholarship options as soon as possible so you won’t miss any early deadlines and can keep records of your achievements if required.
  • Check the individual criteria to find out whether a scholarship is open to continuing students as well as new ones.
  • If in doubt – apply! Don’t miss out because you’re not sure if you’ll succeed.

Scholarships FAQ's

We offer a range of research scholarships, including Master of Research (MRes) scholarships. These are managed by the Higher Degree Research Scholarships team. Contact them at with enquiries.

There is no separate scholarship application for applicants to the Cooperative Education Program; eligible students will be considered automatically. Find out more about applying to the Co-op program.

You must declare any scholarship income to Centrelink if you are receiveing payments from them. It is important to let them know whether the scholarship is funded by the Commonwealth Government, the University or a private donor. The Scholarships team can give you advice, and provide a scholarship status letter for Centrelink purposes if required.

You may or may not need to declare your scholarship as taxable income to the ATO, depending on the type of scholarship and your individual circumstances. Contact them directly, or try their scholarship calculator.

Students can generally only receive one scholarship at a time, however there can be exceptions. Contact the Scholarships team at for advice if you are offered more than one.

Depending on the scholarship, you may be able to apply to be considered again in a subsequent round. Equity scholarships, for example, can be applied for multiple times and are open to either new or continuing students.

Most scholarships cannot be deferred. Instead, you may be able to reapply in a subsequent round, ie applying again the following year if you wish to take a gap year. Please check the details of the individual scholarship to see your options.

In most cases a scholarship selection committee will assess your application against the scholarship criteria. The Macquarie Univeristy Scholarships Manager sits on most selection panels. The Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Unit will then advise you of the outcome after the committee meets.

While Macquarie doesn’t currently offer scholarships to pre-year 12 students, it’s a great idea to start preparing early. Familiarise yourself with the different scholarships, their criteria and application processes. You may want to start keeping a record of achievements and awards that could be useful in future scholarship applications.

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