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2004 Innovation Award Winners

Invention Disclosure

Multi-Band Mobile Antenna - Associate Professor Karu Esselle and Mr Yuehe Ge

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

LAMS - Learning Activity Management System - Macquarie University: Professor James Dalziel, Dr Yoichi Takayama, Mr Ernie Ghiglione, Mr Fei Yang, Ms Manpreet Minhas, Mr Jacky Fang, Associate Professor Donna Gibbs, Ms Robyn Philip, Mr Serg Kovalenko and Ms Karen Baskett
LAMS International Pty Ltd: Mr Jonathan Clare, Mr Chad Nimmigadda and Mr Kevin Han

Innovation in Research

Wavelength-Versatile Laser Sources for The Green-Yellow-Orange-Red
Spectral Regions - Dr Helen Pask, Professor Jim Piper, Mr Hamish Ogilvy and Dr Richard Mildren

Innovative Partnership

Macquarie University and International College of Tourism and Hotel
Management Partnership in Internationalising Teaching Programs - Macquarie University: Professor Ed Davis and Professor Peter Eddey
International College of Tourism and Hotel Management: Mr Andrew Leary, Mr Dominic Szambowski and Ms Helen Bowers

Commercial Innovation

FLUOROtechnics - Professor Duncan Veal, Associate Professor Peter Karuso and Professor Peter Bergquist
Ex-Macquarie University: Mr Philip Bell and Dr Paul Attfield
Partner institutions and team members: Mr Rick Taylor (Deloitte), Mr James Walker (FLUOROtechnics) and Professor Mark Baker (APAF)

Innovator's Hall of Fame

Professor Neil Weste and Professor David Skellern of Radiata Pty Ltd