Work With Us

Work With Us

The centre provides facilities for postdoctoral researchers. It also has a community of PhD and other postgraduate students currently being supervised by Centre members.

We also have an active program of visitors to the Centre, hosting researchers from both abroad and from Australia.

Postdoctoral research opportunities

CAVE welcomes inquiries from postdoctoral researchers wishing to undertake research on themes related to one or more of the Centre's research clusters. Further information about the kind of research supported by the Centre is available at the following links:

CAVE provides an excellent environment for postdoctoral research. The Centre hosts several international conferences and workshops each year. Postdoctoral researchers are eligible to apply to the Centre for financial support to organise their own conferences and workshops, and to bring visitors to the Centre. The Centre hosts several reading groups, as well as seminars and public lectures. Senior researchers associated with the Centre have a strong commitment to providing mentoring and career development support to postdoctoral researchers.

Postdoctoral funding opportunities

Intending postdoctoral researchers seeking funding for projects falling within one of the Centre's research areas should contact one of the five cluster leaders listed below. They can advise you on research initiatives under way in the Centre, provide advice on postdoctoral fellowship applications, and explain how the Centre can support your research.

The two primary sources of support for postdoctoral work at Macquarie University are the University itself and the Australian Research Council. The following links will give you more information about the fellowships offered under these two schemes:

Macquarie University Research Fellowship (MQRF)

Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA), Australian Research Council (ARC)

Visiting postdoctoral researchers

We welcome enquires from Postdoctoral Researchers at other institutions wishing to organise a research visit at the Centre.

Contact the Centre regarding postdoctoral research opportunities:

For general inquiries, please contact Kelly Hamilton.

For information regarding visa and other practical requirements, please visit Policy Central. The procedure for visiting students and academics is outlined at Policy Central - Procedure. This link includes information about required documentation.

Information for postgraduates

CAVE provides postgraduate supervision in all areas covered by its four main research clusters:

For further information about supervision, please contact one of the cluster leaders (see "Contacts" below), who will be able to tell you more about the current research projects of Centre members, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduates, and provide advice on funding support. All full members of the Centre offer postgraduate supervision in their areas of research. To see their research profiles, follow visit our People page:

All intending postgraduate students must apply directly to the University and, if successful, will be registered in the university department of their supervisor, but it can strengthen your application if your area of research falls within the scope of the Centre, your application has its support, and you have found a potential supervisor in the Centre.

As a postgraduate associated with the Centre, you will be able to attend conferences hosted by the Centre and to participate in workshops, reading groups and other activities. The Centre regularly hosts conferences and workshops featuring leading national and international researchers in their fields. Each year it also hosts at least one Distinguished Visitor for a period of up to 4 weeks. As an affiliate member of the Centre, you will find yourself in a community of students and researchers with cognate interests, and you will have opportunities to interact with authorities in your field of research. Senior researchers associated with the Centre also have a strong commitment to providing a supportive research environment and career mentoring for postgraduate students.


For general inquiries, please contact Kelly Hamilton.

For information on how to register as a postgraduate student at Macquarie University go to the HDR website.

Becoming a member

Members of Macquarie University with research interests that fall under one of the CAVE research clusters can apply for membership of the Centre. Affiliate Membership is available to academics at other universities who have cognate research interests. If you wish to be included on the Centre's mailing list and to attend Centre functions but have no academic affiliation, you can apply to be a Community Associate.

Full membership

Membership to the Centre is limited to researchers working at Macquarie University. Members are invited to every event run by CAVE, and may also request financial support from the Centre for research projects or for running conferences and workshops.

Those wishing to apply for membership of the Centre should send their applications to Kelly Hamilton through Applications will be considered by the CAVE Executive Committee. Applications should include a CV and a brief covering letter with a paragraph explaining the nature of the applicant's research, how their work fits into the Centre's research profile, and what collaborations or partnerships they have with other researchers and institutions.

Affiliate membership

Full membership of the Centre is limited to researchers working at Macquarie University. However, those from other universities and institutions wishing to become members can apply for Affiliate Membership. The application process is the same as for ordinary membership (see above).

Visiting CAVE

Distinguished Visitors Program

CAVE will fund the visit of at least one distinguished international researcher each year for a period of up to four weeks. Successful applicants will be selected by the Executive committee on the basis of outstanding research in an area corresponding to one of the Centre's five research clusters (see Research Clusters). In considering applications, the committee will give weight to an applicant's potential to foster research collaborations and exchanges with CAVE, including joint grant applications with centre members, and postgraduate "co-tutelle" arrangements. Distinguished visitors will have access to shared office accommodation in the Philosophy Department. They will be expected to contribute to CAVE's research program, for example by participating in a conference or workshop, and presenting research seminars or public lectures.

Expressions of interest should be addressed to the Centre's director, Prof. Catriona Mackenzie.

Other visitors

Apart from our distinguished visitors program, CAVE welcomes applications from scholars whose research interests fit CAVE's profile and who would be interested in visiting the Centre during a period of sabbatical or for a shorter stay. Expressions of interest should be addressed to the Director, Prof. Catriona Mackenzie.

For information regarding visa and other practical requirements, please visit Policy Central. The procedure for visiting students and academics is outlined at Policy Central - Procedure. This link includes information about required documentation.

Our Partners

We collaborate with partners both locally and internationally, fostering research activities between our institutions.

The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics (Oxford University)

Julian Savulescu is a valued member of the CAVE Advisory Board. He gave the 2014 CAVE Public Lecture, entitled "Enhancing Responsibility."

The centre has also hosted HDR student Anke Snoek for a six week research visit in 2012, and she has been a regular contributer to their blog.

Sydney Health Ethics (University of Sydney)

Wendy Rogers has an active research collaboration with Sydney Health Ethics members Stacy Carter and Chris Degeling on her overdiagnosis research, and Wendy is also an advisory board member on VELiM member Wendy Lipworth's NHMRC grant, "Addressing conflicts of interest in public health and biomedicine: enhancing professional integrity and safeguarding the public's health."

We also run a monthly Bioethics Reading Group, which VELiM members participate in.

Health Services Research Unit (University of Aberdeen)

Prof. Vicki Entwistle is a regular visitor to CAVE, and collaborates extensively with Wendy Rogers, Mary Walker and Katrina Hutchison on several projects, including the ethics and epistemology of surgical ethics and various aspects of overdiagnosis. Other collaborations include recent and current projects on the ethics of placebo surgery, on access to treatment for sub-fertility, on thyroid cancer overdiagnosis, and on chronic kidney disease. Collaborators include Prof Marion Campbell, Prof S Bhattacharya, Dr Rebecca Brown, Dr Wendy Craig and Dr Angharad Marks, working principally with Wendy Rogers.

Georgia State University

Nicole Vincent is a key member on the Australian Neurolaw Database Project, and is an active researcher and collaborator with Jeanette Kennett on issues of neuroethics and responsibility.

Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics (University of M√ľnster)

Catriona Mackenzie shares research interests with Michael Quante, who visited CAVE in 2013.

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