Seminars and Conferences

A number of seminars and conferences are held each year under the auspices of the ACRC. Earlier events may be accessed under News and Events. The most current and upcoming are below:

Ancient History Research Seminar Series

Details on the Ancient History Research Seminar Series:
- Date: Fridays during semester
- Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm
- Venue: Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (X5B)

Enquires about the Research Seminars can be sent by email to  Dr Trevor Evans

Program for 1st Semester 2015

Week 2: Friday 6 March 

Tatiana Bur (University of Sydney), 'Mechanical Miracles: Ancient Automata and Festival Processions'
Javier Álvarez-Mon (Macquarie University), 'Genesis and Identity of the Persian Empire: New Paradigms'

Week 3: Friday 13 March

Stephen Llewelyn (Macquarie University),  'The 'Third Gender' and the Figurative Language of Ben Sira'
Margaret Miller (University of Sydney), 'Symmetry and Asymmetry: Tracking Social and Economic Structures at Geometric Zagora'

Week 4: Friday 20 March

Glennda Marsh-Letts (Macquarie University), 'The Virgin and Child Enthroned, Coptic Museum Catalogue No. 12362: a 5th/6th Century Painting from the Monastery of Saint Apollo at Baouît'
Elizabeth Stockdale (Macquarie University), 'Helen's Other Voices'

Week 5: Friday 27 March

Trevor Evans and Genevieve Young-Evans (Macquarie University) 'The Most Devout in Action: Honorifics and the Acts of the Council of Chalcedon'
David Clines (University of Sheffield), 'Introducing the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew'

Mid-Semester Break

Friday 24 April (Week 7)

Giles Rowling (Macquarie University) 'The Powers of an Imperial Provincial Governor'
Michael Hanaghan (University of Sydney) '"Constantius Can See a Rainbow": Iris and Ammianus' Use of Poetry'

Friday 1 May (Week 8)

Gareth Wearne (Macquarie University), 'A New Reading of Jacob's Curse in Genesis 49:4'
Paul Trebilco (University of Otago) 'Interactions between the Early Christians in Ephesus and their City'

Friday 8 May (Week 9)

Aaron de Souza (Macquarie University), 'Dating the Un-Dateable: A Relative Chronology for the Pan Grave Culture'
Andrew Pleffer (Macquarie University), [title TBA]

Friday 15 May (Week 10)

Edwina Murphy (Maquarie University), 'Widows, Welfare and the Wayward: Ad Quirinum and the witness of 1 Timothy'
Nico Staring (Macquarie University), 'Revisiting Three Objects of the Memphite Mayor Ptahmose Kept in the Ägyptisches Museum zu Berlin: The "Lost" Stela ÄM 19718 and "Door Jambs" ÄM 1631-2'

Friday 22 May (Week 11)

Julien Cooper (Macquarie University), [title TBA]
David Pritchard (University of Queensland), 'Public Finance and War in Ancient Greece'

Friday 29 May (Week 12)

Kyle Keimer (Macquarie University) 'Geographical Factors in the Defence of Judah and Israel'
Kai Brodersen (University of Erfurt), 'Romans and Barbarians in Pliny and his "Ape" Solinus'

Friday 5 June (Week 13)

Davide Salaris (Macquarie University), 'The Temple of Bard-e Neshandeh in Elymais'
Yasmina Wicks (University of Sydney), 'Female, Fish and Frying Pan: An Enigmatic Funerary Object Unique to Elam'

Society for the Study of Early Christianity (SSEC)

SSEC Calendar of Upcoming Events:

Date Activity Location Cost

17 March 2015

Tue 6:00pm

Professor Tessa Rajak (Oxford), SIr Asher Joel Visiting Fellow 2015
Masada in the First and Twenty-First Century

Light Kosher supper RSVP for catering purposes to Dr Gil Davis at

Tessa's talk will cover:
The spectacular fortress of Masada on the Dead Sea was the last stronghold to fall to the Romans three years after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE. The suicides of some 960 defenders and their families, as dramatized by the historian Josephus, has entered collective memory as a legend of resistance to the last. It has inspired Jews from mediaeval martyrs to the Shoah. Now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction. We will revisit both the story and the remarkable archaeology of Masada. We shall then look into Masada's iconic role in Zionist history and in Israeli society, concluding with some discussion of recent critiques of the 'Masada myth'.

North Shore Temple Emanuel, 28 Chatswood Ave, Chatswood NSW $5 for light Kosher supper

20 April 2015

Mon 7:05pm

Professor Alanna Nobbs (Macquarie University)
Christian Responses to Persecution in the Late Roman Empire

Light supper provided.

W6A 308 (Doc Centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

30 April 2015

Thurs 7:05pm

Conference Curtain Raiser: 'The Early Church: Cults & Controversies'

Professor Paul Trebilco (Otago), SSEC Visiting Fellow 2015
The Artemis Cult in Ephesus and the Johannine Letters

Chair: Professor James Harrison (Sydney College of Divinity)

Light supper provided.

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

2 May 2015

Sat 9:00am (Registration); 

SSEC Annual Day Conference: 'The Early Church: Cults & Controversies'

- Professor Paul Trebilco
(Otago), SSEC Visiting Fellow for 2015, Identity Formation in Earliest Christianity: Constructing Outsiders in New Testament Letters
Professor James Harrison (Sydney College of Divinity& Macquarie University), Ephesian Cultic Officials, Their Benefactors and the Quest for Civic Virtue: Paul's Alternate Quest for Status in Ephesians
Dr Bruce Winter (Queesnland Theological College) 
- Dr Christopher Forbes, (Macquarie University)
- Bernard Doherty
- Lyn Kidson
Q & A session


Robert Menzies College, 136 Herring Road, North Ryde NSW

Normal Rate $145                     
Alumni $140

SSEC Member Rate $130                   
Pensioner Rate $95                      
Full-time Student Rate $55                    
$25  per lecture      
(SSEC/concession rate $20 per lecture) 

All prices include GST

12 May 2015

Tues 7:05pm

Dr. Ron Tappy, Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Strangers at Home: The Give and Take of Life in the Borderlands of Judah

Brought to Australia by the Australian Institute of Archaeology, Dr. Ron Tappy is the G. Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology. He also serves as director of the Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology and as the project director and principal investigator of The Zeitah Excavations, an archaeological field project at Tel Zayit, Israel. For more on Dr. Tappy's work, see here.

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321) No cost

10 June 2015

Wed 7:05pm

James Unwin (Macquarie University)
Gladiators and the New Testament
W6A 308 (Doc Centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

 27 August 2015

Thurs 7:05pm

Dr Julien Ogereau (Humboldt University Berlin/ACRC Junior Research Fellow)
Finding Paul in the Ruins at Philippi
Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

9 Sept 2015

Wed 7:05pm

Carole Ferch-Johnson (PhD Candidate Avondale)
The Role of Human Hands and their Functions as Media of Communication in the Narratives of Acts
W6A 308 (Doc Centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

11 Nov 2015

Wed 7:05pm

SSEC End of Year/Christmas Event

Rev Dr Mark Harding (Australian College of Theology)
Apocalyptic Rhetoric and the Pastoral Epistles

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

For further details on SSEC events, see here or contact; or ph (02) 9850 7512.

The Australian Centre for Egyptology

ACE Annual Mini Conference 2015

Details on the next annual conference of ACE:
- Date: Sunday 29 March 2015
- Time: 12:30pm for 1:00pm start
- Venue: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club Auditorium
- Theme: Latest Research in Egyptology
- Cost: $33, including afternoon tea

ACE Annual Dinner 2015

Details on the next annual conference of ACE:
- Date: Saturday 23 May 2015
- Time: 6:30pm for 7:00pm start
- Venue: The Heritage Function Centre at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
- Speaker: Dr Anna-Latifa Mourad
- Cost: $70, including a delicious buffet meal with a carvery, salads, hot dishes, dessert, coffee and tea.

ACE Annual Conference 2015

Details on the next annual conference of ACE:
- Date: Saturday 8 August 2015
- Time: 9:30am for 10:00am start
- Venue: The Auditorium at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
- Speakers: Professor Kent Weeks (Director of the Theban Mapping Project) and Professor Susanne Bickel (University of Basel)
- Cost: 75$ members / $85 non-members / $50 students or pensioners

For enquiries and further details on the ACE's events, see here, or contact or ph (02) 9850 8848.

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