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Take a look at our Calendar of Events.  Any questions to  Last updated:  19 October 2017,  by SSEC volunteer webmaster.

"The unique emphasis of our Society is one of history. The study of Early Christianity in its Jewish and Graeco Roman Setting." Prof Alanna Nobbs has asked for this disclaimer to be added to all SSEC correspondence eg SSEC eNewsletters, SSEC website & SSEC Facebook etc.

Table 1: SSEC Calendar of Events for 2017 

SSEC Calendar of Events for 2017
Date Activity Location Cost


six consecutive commencing 

21 February 2017

Special Time 10:30am to 12:00 noon

Six Special Free Tuesday Daytime seminars

An Introduction to life and society in early Roman Asia Minor through Inscriptions

Hosted by Dr Rosalinde Kearsley.     Commencing: Tuesday 21 February 2017 for six consecutive weeks. [namely 21 Feb, 28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar, 21 Mar & 28 March 2017]

Further details are provided in the PDF document. (PDF 45KB)

Bookings are required and Further details to Rosalinde Kearsley at

W6A 308 (Doc centre) Free


28 Feb 2017



Event co-hosted by SSEC and the Ancient Cultures Research Centre. 

Professor Derek Krueger (Uni of North Carolina Greensboro, USA) is being brought to Australia by AABS (Australian Association for Byzantine Studies) and has agreed to talk at Macquarie University.

Topic: "Mary Magdalen's Surprise and Joy: Romanos the Melodist at Easter? ".

Professor Derek Krueger, is the Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Program in Women's and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro in USA.

Prof Derek Krueger

Prof Derek Krueger is the author/editor of 
* The New Testament in Byzantium, edited by Derek Krueger and Robert S. Nelson (Dumbarton Oaks Press, 2017)
* Prayer and Worship in Eastern Christianities, 5th to 11th Centuries, edited by Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony and Derek Krueger (Routledge, 2017)
* Derek Krueger, Liturgical Subjects: Christian Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Byzantium (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)

Further details to Bronwen Neil ( or Malcolm Choat (

W6A 308 (Doc centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8


8 March 2017

Special Time 6:00pm

Followed by dinner at 7:30pm


SSEC Farewell seminar by A/Professor Stuart Piggin, and Dinner following

Associate Professor Stuart Piggin (Macquarie/ Director of CTE) will be speaking to us on the topic: "Jonathan Edwards and Terra Australis: His Perception of us and our Reception of Him".

Farewell seminar from A/Professor Stuart Piggin (followed by dinner at the Ranch for those who would like it).NB this seminar starts at 6pm, dinner 7.30 pm)

All welcome, no need to RSVP.  Please note the special seminar time, followed by a short walk to the local Ranch Hotel Dining room.  Further information from

Note: As the dinner venue at "The Ranch" Hotel is a good 15 minute walk, we will arrange a lift if you do not have transport. Please let us know, if you need this.

Assoc/ Prof Stuart Piggin

Assoc/ Prof Stuart Piggin

W6A 308 (Doc centre)

members $5
alumni $7
non members $8


Dinner at own expense.


4 April 2017



SSEC Evening Lecture

Professor Christophe Erismann (Vienna, Austria) is the Ancient Cultures Research Centre's Visiting Research Fellow in 2017. Topic: "Philosophy and Theology in Byzantium before 1204".  Hosted by Dr Ken Parry. Further information from

Prof Christope Erismann

Professor Christophe Erismann is from the Institute for Byzantine Studies, University of Vienna. His research focuses on the reception of Greek logic (mainly Aristotle's Categories and Porphyry's Isagoge) in late ancient, Patristic, and early medieval philosophy. He has published on the problem of universals, individuality, causality, and relation. He is the author of " L'homme commun: la genèse du réalisme ontologique durant le haut Moyen ge" (Paris 2011).

Note: here is a link to the conference being organised during his visit which is sponsored by the ACRC and SSEC.

W6A 308 (Doc centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8


4 May 2017



Conference Curtain Raiser evening

Theme: Apostles and the Churches they Founded: History, Tradition and Legend.

Guest speaker: Dr Geoffrey Dunn (ACU ) is the SSEC visiting fellow for 2017.  Topic: Peter in Rome: The Papal Reimagining of a Scriptural Tradition

Note: Extra Lecture 

In addition to our Curtain Raiser on Thurs 4 May 2017 and the Conference on Sat 6 May 2017, the 2017 SSEC visiting scholar, Dr Geoffrey Dunn (ACU) will be giving a paper in the Departmental Research Seminar Series at 4pm on Friday 5 May in the Museum on Ancient Cultures.  

His topic is:  The Children of Constantius III and Galla Placidia. Note: At the same event Dr John Lee (MQ) will speak on The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (2015): A Replacement for LSJ?

Here are the details of the Departmental Research Seminar Series, speakers, dates and their abstracts.  Click here. (PDF 362KB) 

W6A 308 (Doc centre) members $5
alumni $7
non members $8


6 May 2017

Arrival at 8:30am, Lectures start at 9:00am and finish approx 4:45pm


Annual SSEC Annual Day Conference 

Theme: Apostles and the Churches they Founded: History, Tradition and Legend.

Speakers as follows:
Dr Geoffrey Dunn (ACU) who is the SSEC visiting fellow for 2017, with his topic " Peter in Rome in Early Christian Apocrypha: The Evidence of Acts of Peter"
- Distinguished International Speaker, Professor Laurence Welborn (Fordham NY & Macquarie), "The Afterlife of the Church Paul founded in Corinth"
-Professor Bronwen Neil, (Macquarie), "Clash of The Apostles: Mani and the Heir of Peter in Fifth-Century Rome"
- Dr Rosalinde Kearsley (Macquarie), "Why did Paul go to Pisidian Antioch and what did he find there?"
Dr Julien Ogereau (LMU Munich/Macquarie) (Note: Julien Ogereau is a "LMUexcellent Research Fellow") with "Paul's legacy in Macedonia:  Literary, Epigraphic, Archaeological Perspectives"
Dr Christopher Forbes (Macquarie) with topic "Apostles and the Churches they did (and didn't ) found"
Marty Feltham (PhD candidate Macquarie), "Paul, the Ephesians & the eclipse of hope? 1 Timothy 5:3-25 reconsidered"

All members & friends of the Society are cordially invited to attend. Please extend this invitation to your colleagues, neighbours & relatives.

Conference Programme is now available, click here (PDF 78 KB)

Conference brochure  is now available. Click here for colour brochure (PDF 926kB)

For more details SSEC Conference Website

Robert Menzies College

Note: Trinity Chapel
136 Herring Road
North Ryde 2113

Same cost as last year
(includes lunch,
coffee/ tea & book of notes)

Non Members $145,
Alumni $140,
SSEC member $130,
Pensioner (Age) $95,
Student $55

Part time Lectures at $25 per lecture (SSEC Concession rate $20 per lecture)

June - July 2017

Winter Break - -

Thurs 3 August

 Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm

CANCELLED The Sir Asher Joel Oration 2017 (SSEC members are invited). 

The Sir Asher Joel Foundation has an annual event, and SSEC members are invited to attend.

Yossi Garfinkel

Yossi Garfinkel

Speaker: Professor Yosef Garfinkel, (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The topic is: The quest for the historical King David.

Prof. Yosef Garfinkel, the Yigael Yardin chair of Archaeology of Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will survey the current state of research concerning King David, a well-known figure in the biblical tradition, but elusive in the archaeological record. Excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa under his direction became world-famous when the New York Times dedicated a full page to its excavation. This spectacular success was due to the discovery of the first-known, fortified city in Judah dating to the time of King David and popularly dubbed 'King David's Palace'. How does this new archaeological evidence fit with the biblical tradition?

This event has been cancelled. (2 August 2017)   The Speaker is unavailable -  Enquires to 

Venue: North Shore Temple Emanuel, 28 Chatswood Ave, Chatswood NSW

Costs: $5

RSVP: Register on line click here

or via email to 

27 Sept 2017
Daytime: Various between 11:00am to say 3:00pm


Daytime Lecture

Speaker: Professor Darrell L. Bock (Dallas)
Topic: What about those Other Gospels? Thinking through the "Missing" Gospels

Prof Darrel L. Bock

Professor Bock is Dallas Theological Seminary Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies.  He is brought to Australia courtesy of SCD (Sydney College of Divinity)   SSEC Members are invited.

  • coffee 11:00am  (gold coin donation)
  • talk and questions 11:30am -12:45pm
  • lunch at  Staff Cafe 1:00pm -2:00pm   please RSVP
  • Postgraduates especially welcome


Various venues

Possibly Seminar Room (XB5) level 3, room 321 for Coffee before talk, then talk & questions.

Possibly Staff Cafe for Lunch. (Post grads esp welcome, but RSVP is required.)


Various costs - gold coin donation for Coffee at 11:00am, 

- free public talk & questions. 

- Lunch at own cost. Postgrads esp welcome but RSVP is required to



24 Oct 2017


SSEC Evening Lecture

Speaker: Dr David Starling (Morling College) Head of Bible and Theology, Lecturer in New Testament BA, DipEd, MA, BTh, BMin, PhD

Topic: Putting on the New Self: The Theatrical Background of a New Testament Metaphor

Dr David Starling

Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (XB5) level 3, room 321 members & students $5
alumni $7
non members $8

8 November 2017



SSEC Christmas Event, Book Launch & Exhibition Launch

Speaker: Associate Professor Ian Young (Sydney), Chair of Department, Sydney University, (BA, PhD), Topic: Into the Lion's Den:  Daring to Be Daniel in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Old Greek

Assc/Prof Ian Young

Book launch by Dr Ian Plant, Head of Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University.
This celebrates the third (and final) volume in a series edited by Mark Harding and Alanna Nobbs.  Its  called 'Into All the World'  and has contributions by our new President, Chris Forbes among many other SSEC friends and supporters.

Exhibition launch: 'Ben Hur to Brian' - Film Bill posters, collected by Liam D. Jensen, to be displayed in the Museum of Ancient Cultures.

Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (XB5) level 3, room 321

members $7
alumni $8
non members $10

Sparkling wine & supper included




Note: TBA = To be advised.   These dates are only provisional.   Some speakers are coming to Australia to attend conferences, and other universities and they have not confirmed their travel arrangements yet.   Dates will appear on the web site as soon as they are confirmed.

Parking :  Macquarie University enforces parking charges up to 8:00pm daily.    Parking charges are $10 for 1 hour, $15 for 3 hours, $40 all day (or for more than 4 hours). Confirmed rates for 2017.   As seminars start at 7:05pm, attendees need only pay for one hour.  We suggest public transport, buses or train to Macquarie University train station. 

Table 2: SSEC Calendar of Events for Future Year 2018 

SSEC Calendar of Events for 2018
Date Activity Location Cost
3 May 2018

Conference Curtain Raiser

Theme: Jesus' Inner Circle: Peter, James and John

Speakers: Professor Troy W. Martin (St Xaviers Chicago)  plus one other speaker (TBA) 

Possibly Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room (XB5) level 3 members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

Sat 5 May 2018

Day time


SSEC Annual Day Conference

Theme:  Jesus' Inner Circle: Peter, James and John

Speakers: Professor Troy W. Martin (St Xaviers Chicago).  Professor Martin is the 2018 SSEC visiting fellow.

We usually have seven great international speakers.  At this stage, we are still planning this great event. 






Note: TBA = To be advised.   These dates are only provisional.   Some speakers are coming to Australia to attend conferences, and other universities and they have not confirmed their travel arrangements yet.   Dates will appear on the web site as soon as they are confirmed.