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ACRC Launch

The ACRC was launched by Professor Jim Piper, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) of Macquarie University, on Saturday 15th August 2010 during the Australian Centre for Egyptology Annual Conference. The Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Andrew Buck, and the Chairman of the Centre's Advisory Board, Emeritus Professor Bob Milns, also spoke at the launch.

Society for the Study of Early Christianity Annual Conference

The real picture of Jesus: text and image

The message of the New Testament was written down in texts, copied by early Christian scribes and has been studied to the present day. The 2010 Conference was held in the Conference Centre at Robert Menzies College, Herring Road, North Ryde.

The program included:
- Professor Laurence Welborn, Laughing on the Cross: The Palantine Graffito and the Roman Mime
- Dr Don Barker, The Turin Shroud - the Image of Jesus?
- Dr John Dickson, The Image of Jesus? Television documentaries on Jesus
- Dr Felicity Harley-McGowan, Christ's Passion in 5th century Rome: formulating an iconography of crucifixion 
- Professor Edwin Judge, Does Iconoclasm reflect the word of Jesus?
- Mark Hebblewhite, Chi-Ro, Sacramentum and Labarum - Christian Images and Rituals in the Roman Army
- Chris Malone, The Image of Jesus as Warrior in the Fourth Century
- Dr John Pryor, Jesus - Friend of Sinners
- Dr Ken Parry, Be Upstanding: Images of Resurrection in Early Christian Art
- Professor Lucy-Anne Hunt, Imprint and Image : The True Likeness of Christ in the Medieval Eastern Christian World

For further information contact:

Dr Margaret Smith                     9850 7512
Dr Don Barker                          9850 9962
Professor Alanna Nobbs            9850 8844
Ancient History Office               9850 8833

Australian Centre for Egyptology Annual Conference

Death, Tombs and Mummies

Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010
Venue: The Auditorium, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. 

The guest speakers featured Salim Ikram, Professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo, and Dr Aiden Dodson, Senior Research Fellow, Bristol University UK. Prof. Ikram is a leading expert on animal mummies. As founder and co-director of the Animal Mummy project at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, she has emerged as one of the leading scholars in Egyptian funerary archaeology. Dr Dodson's research interests include Egyptian funerary archaeology; dynastic history; and the history of Egyptology and royal funerary archaeology of Europe. Current work covers a variety of areas within Egyptian archaeology, but centre on the development of funerary equipment and architecture, history and chronology from Second to Third Intermediate Periods, and the history of Egyptology and Egyptian collections, particularly in the south west of England. Our visiting scholars have co-authored two well known and widely used books: The Mummy in Ancient Egypt: Equipping the Dead for Eternity and Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt.

Symposium on Coptic Art

Date: Thursday 6th May, commencing 7.05 pm
Venue: Museum of Ancient Cultures, 3rd Floor, Building X5B

The study of Coptic art has not always received the attention it deserves in the history of early Christianity. This symposium, presented by the Society for the Study of Early Christianity, sought to address this neglect by suggesting ways to approach Coptic art and its significance for a deeper understanding of Christianity in Egypt. The three speakers at the symposium are more than qualified to guide us on a tour of this rich and vibrant tradition of Christian iconography.

The Speakers were:
- Professor Lucy-Anne Hunt (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK): Coptic Art: Some Themes and Approaches
- Dr Linda Evans (Ancient History, Macquarie): Animals in Coptic Christian Art
- Dr Victor Ghica (Ancient History, Macquarie): Text and Image at Bagawat


Ancient History Research Seminar Series

1st Semester 2010

Friday 26 Feb, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Gil DavisAxones and kurbeis: A New Answer to an Old Problem 
Paul McKechnie, New Gravestones Using the Eumenian Formula

Friday 5 March, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Arianna Traviglia, The Suburbs of the Empire: Beyond Aquileia's City Walls 
Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney), Dionysius on Veturia: a Civil War Myth?

Friday 12 March, 2-3.30pm, Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, W6A Level 3
Andreas Mehl (University of Halle), From Greek to Roman and Latin: The Beginning of Roman Historiography and its Consequences

Friday 12 March, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Peter KeeganIudiciis Augusti Augustae felic(iter): Neronian Factions and Augustan Fictions in Pompeii
Andreas Mehl (University of Halle), The Seleucid Empire: an Ancient Multiracial Empire with Different Peripheries

Friday 19 March, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Miriam Gillett, The Etruscan 'League' Revisited 
James O'Neil, Rebel Pharoahs in the Thebaid under Ptolemies IV and V

Friday 26 March, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Jaye McKenzie-Clark, Social Differentiation and Consumer Demand at Pompeii: The Ceramic Evidence 
James Aitken (University of Cambridge), Use of Scripture as Sacred Object in Jewish Antiquity

Thursday 8 April, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
'Words from the Sand' project launch; speakers Trevor EvansJohn LeeJames Aitken

Friday 23 April, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Fred Hardtke, The Egyptian Site of Hierakonpolis as seen through its Rock Art 
Tim Scott, The Defeat of Varus: Physically Representing the Past

Friday 30 April, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Bernard Doherty, Wolves Among Sheep: An Unwritten Chapter in the History of Christian Dissent
Andrew Gillett, Persona and Purpose in Sixth-Century Diplomacy

Friday 7 May, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Duncan Keenan-Jones, Scarcity, Use, and Control of Water in the Hinterland of Ancient Rome 
Dr Danijel Dzino, Illyrians, Romans and Slavs: Perspectives on Group Identities in Ancient and Early Medieval Illyricum

Friday 14 May, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Beverley MilesTzm in the Dog-House: Term, Image, Breed, and Function in Old Kingdom Egypt
David Pritchard (University of Queensland), War, Democracy, and Culture in Classical Athens

Friday 21 May, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Genevieve Evans, Virtue, Violence, and Christianization in the Church History of Sozomen
Marguerite Johnson (University of Newcastle), Dio on Boudicaa: A Closer Reading of the Source

Friday 28 May, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Ken Parry, A Bishop Lost in Egypt: On the Exile, Demise, and Remains of Nestorius
Rosalinde Kearsley, Hellenistic and Roman Galatia: Indices of change in the epigraphic evidence

Friday 4 June, 2-3.30pm, Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, W6A Level 3
John Rich (University of Nottingham), Rituals of war at Rome

Friday 4 June, 4-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures Seminar Room, X5B 321
Ben Brown, The Laughter of Hekataios: Reflections on the Beginnings of Secular Historical Narrative in Greece. 
Hugh Lindsay (University of Newcastle), Livia in the Imperial Environment

2nd Semester 2010

6 August, 2.00-3.30pm, Ancient History Documentary Research Centre 
Bezalel Porten (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) Aramaic Papyrology and Ostracology

6 August, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Richard Burchfield, The Scribe of the Pagus: New Evidence on 4th Century Administration in Egypt
Chris Forbes, Gods and Philosophers: Religion and Philosophy in Antiquity

13 August, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Todd Gillen, Narrative, Rhetoric and the Historical Inscriptions of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu
Amelia Brown (University of Queensland), Christians and Public Sculpture in Late Antique Corinth

20 August, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Mark Hebblewhite, Empty Words in an Age of Chaos? The Sacramentum Militiae in Late Antiquity
Blanche Menadier, Teaching the Legacy of Hellenism in Contemporary International Studies

27 August, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Beth Thompson, Reading Tomb Walls: Discovering the Old Kingdom Tomb Owner and His World
Hannah Cotton (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Cicero's Letters of Recommendation and Private International Law in the Roman World.

3 September, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Elizabeth Baynham (University of Newcastle), The Abominable Quibble: Alexander's Massacre of Indian Mercenaries at the Siege of Massaga
Frances Muecke (University of Sydney), Biondo Flavio Roma triumphans: Roman Religion and the Identity of Rome

10 September, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Jack Tsonis, The Oral World of the Bible through the Lens of the Typographic Revolution
Larry Welborn, The Economics of Friendship in Early Christianity: A Pauline Case Study

8 October, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Eddie Bridge, Self-Abasement in the Context of Thanks in the Hebrew Bible
Yann Tristant, [title tba]

15 October, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Brad Bitner, Augustan Proconsular Arbitration: Procedure and Legal Documents in CIG 2222
Brent Nongbri, The Problem of Religio(n) in the Study of Early Christianity

22 October, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Fibi Radford, How Do You Solve a Problem like Hypatia? A Review of Agora (2009) 
Cavan Concannon, [title tba]

29 October, 2.00-3.30pm, Ancient History Documentary Research Centre 
Vincent Gabrielsen (University of Copenhagen), Divination and Warfare in the Classical Greek and Hellenistic Worlds

29 October, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Karin Sowada, New results from the Scientific Analysis of Egyptian mummies in Sydney
Margaret Miller (University of Sydney), Horse-, Camel-, and Donkey-Riding for the Great King (in Greek Eyes)

5 November, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Dylan James, Alexander the Great's Knowledge of Foreign Languages 
Barbara Sidwell, [title tba]

12 November, 4.00-5.30pm, Museum of Ancient Cultures
Miriam Gillett, Valuing Identity: Etruscan Numismatics.
Anetta Lyzwa, The Material Culture of Ottoman Qasr Village at Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt

Symposium on Epistolary Conversations: Opening the letter of Classical and Late Antiquity

The joint symposium was presented by the ACRC and the Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University. As the first symposium in this series, it brought together historians, papyrologists, and linguists to discuss the issues shaping our understanding of the ancient letter. It was held on 15 November 2010. For more details of the 2011 Symposium, see here.


Society for the Study of Early Christianity Annual Conference

Paul, People and Problems?

Date: Saturday 14 May 2011 
Venue: Building X5B, Theatre 1 (ground floor). 

The conference  focussed on the city of Corinth in the time of Paul. For further details, contact; ph. (02) 9850 7512 

Australian Centre For Egyptology Annual Conference

New Views of the Ancient Past: Polish and Hungarian Excavations at Memphis and Thebes

Date: Saturday 13th August,10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: The Auditorium, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club 

Two international guest speakers presented the results of their recent excavations in Egypt:
- Professor Tamas Bacs, Eotus Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary: 'A double necropolis in a quarry: Polish-Egyptian excavations in Saqqara' and 'Two posthumous neighbours (Mer-ef-neb-ef and Ny-ankh-Nefertem) from the Old Kingdom at Saqqara';
- Professor Karol Mysliwiec, University of Warsaw, Poland: 'Scribes and Secretaries, High Priests and Viceroys: Some mid Eighteenth Dynasty tomb-complexes on Sheik Abd el-Qurna' and 'An Intriguing Mind: The chief temple archivist Imiseba and his mortuary monument'

Enquiries: Ph. 9850 8848 Email:

Gale Lecture

Date:Friday 5 August, 2:30pm 
Venue:  Museum of Ancient Cultures, Level 3, Building X5B.

Professor Keith Rutter (University of Edinburgh) presented his paper 'Coins of the Early Persian Empire'.


Ancient History Research Seminar Series

1st Semester 2011

25 February 2011
Welcome and introductory afternoon-tea 
Dr Arianna Traviglia, 'Looking into Layers of Landscapes: The Organisation of the Territory of Roman Aquileia'

4 March 
Julien Ogereau, 'Business Partnership among the First Christians? The Funding of the Pauline Mission' 
Duncan Keenan-Jones, 'Allocation of Water Resources in the Bay of Naples in Antiquity: the Evidence of Pipe-Stamps'

11 March 
Gillan Davis, 'Where are All the Little Owls?' 
Dr Peter Keegan, 'Roman Gaia and the discourse of patronage: Retrograde C in CIL VI'

18 March 
Trevor Evans, Malcolm Choat, and Karl Van Dyke, 'The Macquarie Papyri: Some Important Developments' 
Kristin Heineman (University of Newcastle), 'Why the Oracles of Asia Minor Flourish While Delphi Declines'

25 March 
Miriam Gillett, 'Bottle o' Rum to Bottlenose: Etruscan Piracy in Mythical Discourse' 
Dr Danijel Dzino, 'Negotiating Local and Global: Religion and Social Relations in Ancient Dalmatia'

1 April 
Alexander Thompson, 'The Topography of Alexandria and Christian
Mary Jane Cuyler 'The Republican walls of Ostia'

8 April 
Edward Bridge, 'A Mother's Influence: The Phoenician Ur Box Inscription' 
Dr Cavan Concannon, 'Paul and Spectacle in Roman Greece' ?

6 May 
Tim Briscoe 'Parthians and Persians: Rome's Eastern Enemies'
Jenny Cromwell, 'Wadi Sarga Texts'.

13 May 
John Fitzgerald (Professor of Religious Studies, University of Miami), 'Domestic Violence in the Ancient World'

20 May 
Natasha Evans 'Reality and Convention: The Depiction of Reality in Old Kingdom Egypt'
Naguib Kanawati, 'Why Beni Hassan (in Upper Egypt)?'

27 May 
Alanna Nobbs, Edwin Judge, and Rosalie Cook, 'The Macquarie Papyri: Building the Collection' 
Fred Hardtke, 'Egyptology within an Orientalist Narrative'

3 June 
Bruce Marshall, 'The Cult of Personality in the Late Roman Republic: Political Propaganda on Coins of Sulla and Caesar'

2nd Semester 2011

12 August 2011
Trevor Evans (Macquarie University), 'The Authorship of PCairZen III 59308' 
Harold Tarrant (University of Newcastle), 'Euthyphron and Chaerephon: Is there a Connection?'

19 August 2011
Boyo Ockinga (Macquarie University), The Decoration Program of the Tomb of Saroy (Theban Tomb 233): A Reflection of its Owner's Interests?'
David Pritchard (University of Queensland), 'The Incongruous Athletes of Satyric Drama'

26 August 2011
Anna-Latifa Mourad (Macquarie University), 'Siege Scenes of the Old Kingdom' 
Malcolm Choat (Macquarie University), A New Monastic Community in Upper Egypt

2 September 2011
Adam White (Macquarie University), 'Paul and Paideia: Greco-Roman education as a background to Paul's conflict in Corinth' 
Nikola Casule (University of Oxford), 'Romans before Rome: The Impact of Adriatic Networks on Early Roman Expansionism in the "Greek East"'

9 September 2011
Korshi Dosoo (Macquarie University), 'Egyptian Dream Oracles in the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods' 
Dr Sarah Pearce (University of Southampton), [title tba] 

Special Seminar: Memory, Cultural Memory & Rewriting Scripture

Date: Thursday 18th August 2011, 1pm-2pm 
Venue: Seminar Room of the Ancient Cultures Research Centre (ACRC), 3rd Floor, Building W6A, Macquarie University 

The seminar featured speaker Prof George Brooke, Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester and an internationally recognized scholar of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint. 

Bishops and Monasteries in Late Antique Egypt: Recent Research in Coptic Studies at Macquarie University

Date: Wednesday 26th October 2011, 7.00-9.00 pm
Venue: Museum of Ancient Cultures Research Centre, 3rd Floor, Building X5B, Macquarie University 

The Society for the Study of Early Christianity presented reports on recent research by Coptic Studies scholars in the Department of Ancient History, which was showcased in two illustrated presentations. Dr Jennifer Cromwell, a new Macquarie University Research Fellow in Coptic Studies who arrived from the University of Oxford in April 2010, presented a paper on archaeological and textual evidence for Bishops in Thebes. Dr Victor Ghica, who teaches Coptic in the Department of Ancient History, reported on his excavations of monastic sites in the Eastern and Western deserts of Egypt.

Special Seminar : Archaeology, History and the Early Monarchy of Israel

Date: Thursday 15 September 2011, 12:00 noon
Venue: Seminar Room of the Ancient Cultures Research Centre (ACRC), 3rd Floor, Building W6A, Macquarie University, W6A 308
Speaker: Professor Ami Mazar, from Hebrew Uni in Jerusalem 
Topic: Archaeology, History and the Early Monarchy of Israel

During the last two decades many questions have been raised concerning basic concepts and paradigms in the field of "Biblical Archaeology", i.e. the relationship between archaeological research and the history of ancient Israel. This seminar focussed on the current debate relating to the 10-9th centuries BCE, the time of the United Monarchy of David and Solomon and of the beginnings of the divided kingdoms of Judah and Israel according to the biblical narrative. The focal point of this debate is whether the paradigms dominating scholarship until the 1970's remain valid in light of critical modern research. New meticulous excavations, extensive use of radiometric dates, new analysis of artifacts, fresh interpretations of old excavations and spatial analysis of survey results  are all used in this debate. Alas, no agreement has been achieved and several optional solutions are still possible.

Professor Amihai Mazar is one of Israel's most prominent archaeologists. Amihai studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he was awarded his doctorate on Philistine material culture. In 1979 he took up a post as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeology in London, although his lecturing career had commenced in 1977 jointly at the Hebrew University and the Ben-Gurion University in the Negev. He has dedicated his career to the understanding of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the southern Levant, and recently retired as the Eleazar Sukenik Chair of the Archaeology of Israel at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1994-2011). He was awarded the Israel Prize for Research in Archaeology in 2009, was a member of the Council of the Israel Antiquities Authority (2000-2005) and Chairman of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1995-1998).He has been director of archaeological excavations at Tell Qasile (1973-1974, 1982-1988), Tel Batash (biblical Timnah) (1977-1989), Tel Beth Shean (1989 - 1996) and Tel Rehov (1997 - 2010). He also undertook smaller scale field projects at the "Bull Site" in Samaria, Giloh, Khirbet Marjameh, Khirbet Abu et-Twein,  Hurvat Shilhah and Hartuv. 


Conference: Ptolemy I Soter and the Transformation of Egypt 404-282 BC

Date:  28-30 September 2011
Museum of Ancient Cultures, Level 3, Building X5B.

For further details about the conference contact Paul McKechnie.

Symposium: Epistolary Conversations: Letters and Letter collections in Classical and Late Antiquity

The second joint Symposium presented by ACRC and the Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University was held on the theme of Letters in Antiquity on 30th September 2011. The series, which brings together historians, papyrologists, and linguists to discuss the issues shaping our understanding of the ancient letter, was first held on 15 November 2010.

For further details contact Andrew Gillett.


Ancient Cultures Research Centre (ACRC) : Ancient Cultures Showcase

Egypt Transformed 404 to 282 BC

Date: Saturday 1 October 2011
X5B Lecture Room 1 at Macquarie University on

For further details about the program, download the  Program & Registration Form. For more, contact Paul McKechnie.


Ancient History Research Seminar Series

1st Semester 2013

8 March
Jennifer Cromwell (Macquarie University), 'Why Coptic?'
Jaye McKenzie-Clark and John Magnussen (Macquarie University), 'A New Non-Destructive Approach to Ceramic Analysis: the Use of Dual Energy Computed Tomography (DECT)'

15 March
Julien Cooper (Macquarie University), 'Egypt and Africa in the Old Kingdom: reconsidering the location of Yam'
Gil Davis (Macquarie University), 'Mining Money in Late Archaic Athens'

22 March
John Shannahan (Macquarie University), 'The Egyptians at Cunaxa'
Paul McKechnie (Macquarie University), 'Faith and Secular Power in Orcistus and Phrygia'

12 April
Special Lecture: Edwin Judge (Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University), 'A New Greek Res Gestae from Sardis: What Next?'

3 May
Rachel Yuen-Collingridge (Macquarie University), 'Herodotus among the Lexicographers: Aemilius Portus' Lexicon
James Maclaren (Australian Catholic University), 'Reassessing the Dating of Josephus' Jewish War'

10 May
Mark Hebblewhite (Macquarie University), 'Adlocutio: Words from the Emperor, Act of an imperator.'
[second speaker TBA]

17 May
Lea Beness (Macquarie University), 'Wronging Sempronia: A Study in Late Roman Republican Slander'
Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney), 'Appian of Alexandria: A Re-Appraisal'

24 May
Danijel Dzino (Macquarie University), 'Austria-Hungary in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1878-1918: The Empire, Power,
Transfer of Knowledge and Archaeology'
Malcolm Choat (Macquarie University), 'Scribal Habit and Copying Practice: Duplicate Documents in Roman Egypt'

31 May
Jack Tsonis (Macquarie University), 'Writing and the Reorganization of Cultural Memory: Redescribing the Religious Transformations of the First Millennium BCE'
[second speaker TBA]

7 June
Cassandra Bennett (Macquarie University), 'Geographical and Religious Trends in the pre-Islamic Religious Beliefs of the North Arabian Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes'
Sue Loftus (Macquarie University), 'Nineteen Epistles included in the Concilia Galliae'

2nd Semester 2013

18 October
Adela Subotkova (University of New South Wales), 'Settlement Patterns and Subsistence Strategies in the Kazanlak Valley
of Bulgaria during the 1st Millennium BC'
Brent Nongbri (Macquarie University), 'Greek Christian Literary Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: An Overview'

25 October
Delphine Nachtergaele (Ghent University), 'The Linguistic Approach to the Zenon Letters'
Gil Davis (Macquarie University), 'Archaic Athenian Coins: the Hidden Story'

1 November
Korshi Dosoo (Macquarie University), 'From Gnostic Cheese to Hiera Magika: 180 Years of Research on the Theban
Magical Library'
John Lee (Macquarie University), 'Look, No Aramaic! A Brief History of ἰδού'

8 November
John Shannahan (Macquarie University), 'Coinage and Empire under Artaxerxes II'
Yann Tristant and Michael Rampe (Macquarie University), 'Virtual Egyptology: A New Tool for Teaching and Research
at Macquarie University using 3D Artefacts'

Conference: Observing the Scribe at Work: Knowledge Transfer and Scribal Professionalism in Pre-Typographic Societies

27-28 September: This conference brought together specialists in pre-modern societies of the Mediterranean world and adjoining cultures, from the ancient Near East, through the Egyptian and Classical worlds to Byzantium and Renaissance Europe. The papers contributed to a deeper understanding of the processes that drive the operation of pre-printing cultures, and transmit knowledge and traditions forward in human societies.


Ancient History Research Seminar Series

1st Semester 2014

Week 2: Friday 14 March
Jennifer Cromwell (Macquarie University), 'Anatomy of a Scribe'
Michael Hoff (Hixson-Lied Professor of Art History, University of  Nebraska), 'The Antiochia ad Cragum Archaeological Research Project: Recent Research 2005-2013'

Week 3: Friday 21 March
Julien Ogereau (Macquarie University), 'A Survey of Κοινωνία and its Cognates in Documentary Sources'
Kyle Keimer (Macquarie University) 'Quarrying in Ancient Israel: Implications for Early Administration'

Week 4: Friday 28 March
John Shannahan (Macquarie University), 'Diplomacy and Decision Making in the Achaemenid Empire'
Susanne Binder (Macquarie University), 'The Diary of Max Weidenbach: the 1842-45 Prussian Scientific Expedition to Egypt and its Link with Australia'

Week 5: Friday 4 April
Louise Gosbell (Macquarie University), '"If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off": Self-Mutilation for the Kingdom in Mark 9: 42-48'
Julien Cooper (Macquarie University), 'The Sudanese-Eritrean Coast in Classical Toponymy and Interpretatio Graeca'.

Week 7: Friday 2 May
Larry Welborn (Fordham University?) 'Evidence of Inequality in Roman Corinth and Paul's Rejuvenation of the Idea of ἰσότης'
Brigitte Kahl (University of Columbia) "Re-Imagining Paul's Hagar at Aphrodisias"

(No seminar in Week 8)

Week 9: Friday 16 May
Korshi Dosoo (Macquarie University), 'Typhon's Blood and Ink of Myrrh: The Creation of a Magical Archive'
Oscar Pizarro (University of Sydney), [title tba]

Week 10: Friday 23 May
Amir Ahmadi (Monash University), 'The Controversy over the Lineage Claims of Darius the Great'
Ken Sheedy (Macquarie University), 'Excavation Coins from the Cycladic Island of Tenos and Some Thoughts on a Theory of Picnics'

Week 11: Friday 30 May
Duncan Keenan-Jones (University of Illinois), 'What Happened to Pompeii's Water Supply Leading up to the AD 79 Eruption?'
Eleanor Cowan (University of Sydney), 'Velleius Paterculus: Writing the Roman Revolution'

Week 12: Friday 6 June
Claire Wright (Macquarie University), 'Accomplice to Empire: Orientalism and the Early Roman East'
Anna Krautbauer, Stephen Llewelyn, and Blake Wassell (Macquarie University), 'The Eunuch as Social Isolate'

Week 13: Friday 13 June
Elizabeth Smith (Macquarie University), 'A Tale of Two Cornelias: Separation of Narrative from History in Relation to the Mother of the Gracchi'
Paul McKechnie (Macquarie University), 'Papias, Hierapolis and the Christian Caliphate?'

2nd Semester 2014

Week 1: Friday 8 August 
Byron Waldron (University of Sydney), 'Constantine and the tetrarchy 306-308'
Katherine Blouin (University of Toronto), 'So and so ... and so what? New name lists from Roman Tebtynis'

Week 2: Friday 15 August
Rachel Yuen-Collingridge (Macquarie University), 'Microhistory on the couch: subjectivity and method'

Week 3: Friday 22 August
Alice McClymont (Macquarie University), 'Amarna-period erasures in tombs of the Theban necropolis'
Nico Staring (Macquarie University) 'New Kingdom non-textual tomb-graffiti at Saqqara'

Week 4: Friday 29 August
Jana Jones (Macquarie University), 'Bound for eternity. A humanities and sciences interdisciplinary investigation into the origins and development of Egyptian mummification'
Boyo Ockinga (Macquarie University), [title TBA]

Week 6: Friday 12 September
Edwina Murphy (Macquarie University) 'Offering sacrifices and ransoming temples: Cyprian, Paul, and care for the poor and captive'
Trevor Evans and Genevieve Young-Evans (Macquarie University) 'Verbatim recording and speech-related text types in fifth-century church councils'

Week 7: Friday 19 September
Anna-Latifa Mourad (Macquarie University), 'Before Ibsha: Asiatics at Beni Hassan during the early Middle Kingdom'
Shawn Ross (University of New South Wales) [title TBA]

(No seminar in Week 8)

Week 9: Friday 17 October
Ancient Magic Workshop, Boyo Ockinga and Malcolm Choat convening

Week 10: Friday 24 October 
Brent Nongbri (Maquarie University), [title TBA]
Linda Evans and Alex Woods (Macquarie University), 'Entwined lives: more evidence that Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep were twins'

Week 11: Friday 31 October
Danijel Dzino (Macquarie University), ' "Slav religion" and cognitive study of religion'
Bruce Marshall (Macquarie University), 'Republican precedents for Augustus' Res Gestae et Impensae'

Week 12: Friday 7 November
Peter Keegan (Macquarie University) 'saepe ego cu[m] media uigilare[m] perdita note: gender identity, sexual preference and status designation in the non-official inscriptions of Roman Pompeii'
Ian Plant (Macquarie University), 'Thucydides the poet'

Week 13: Friday 14 November
[TBA] (ACANS Junior Fellow, Macquarie University), [title TBA]
Jaye McKenzie-Clark (Macquarie University), 'The initial season of the 'Australian Carsulae Archaeological Project' at the ancient Roman site of Carsulae, Italy'

Society for the Study of Early Christianity Calendar of Events


10 December

Tues 7:05pm

End of Year Christmas Event:

Dr Don Barker,
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Museum of Ancient Cultures X5B 321$5 /$8

13 March 2014

Thurs 7:15pm

Professor Michael Hoff (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
Roman Athens
Museum of Ancient Cultures X5B 321$5 /$8

19 March 2014

Wed 1:00pm

Professor Eric Meyers (Duke University)
The Challenge of Hellenism and the Rise of Early Judaism and Christianity
W6A 308 (Doc Centre)Donation

19 March 2014

Wed 7:05pm

Professor Carol L Meyers (Duke University)
Archaeology and the Hidden Religious Culture of Israelite Women
W6A 107$5 /$8

27 March 2014

Thurs 7:05pm

Coptic Event: 

Dr. Jennifer Cromwell (Macquarie University)
Life in a Late Antique Egyptian Monastery

W6A 107$5 /$8

1 April 2014

Tues 7:30pm

Professor Oded Lipschits (Head of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University)
David and Goliath: The Inside Story from Tel Azekah
North Shore Temple Emanuel, 28 Chatswood Ave Chatswood$5 /$7

1 May 2014

Thurs 7:05pm

Conference curtain raiser: 

Christ or Caesar? Render Unto Caesar?

Museum of Ancient Cultures X5B 321


$5 /$8

3 May 2014

Sat 8:45am (Reg), 
9:15 - 5:00pm

SSEC Annual Day Conference

Christ or Caesar? Render Unto Caesar?

Visiting Speaker: Professor Brigitte Kahl (Columbia University NY). 

Robert Menzies College, 136 Herring Rd


Pensioner: $95
Students: $55
Part day: $20/$25 a lecture

13 June

Fri 1:00pm

Dr Jeremy Hultin, (Murdoch University) 
What's in a Name? The Name Symeon Peter (Συμέων Πέτρος) in 2 Peter 1:1
W6A 308 (Doc Centre)Donation

19 August 2014

Tue 7:00pm

'Judging Augustus': Event shared jointly between Macquarie Ancient History Association (MAHA) and SSEC

Commemorating the Bi-millenium of the Death of Augustus.


  • Associate Professor Tom Hillard, 'Anniversaries, Ancient & Modern'
  • Dr Peter Keegan, 'Augustus on the Big and Little Screen'
  • Dr Rosalinde Kearsley 'The Achievements of Augustus'
  • Associate Professor Kathryn Welch, 'Deconstructing Octavian'
  • Mr Ian Grady, 'Augustus@Macquarie'
Y3A TheatreDonation

15 October 2014

Wed 7:05pm

Associate Professor Boyo Ockinga
The Egyptian Background of the Exodus
W6A 308 (Doc Centre)$5 /$8

3 November 2014

Mon 7:05pm

Dr. Don Barker
Care Taken in Producing Ancient Manuscripts
W6A 308 (Doc Centre)$5 /$8

4 December 2014

Thurs 7:05pm

End of Year / Christmas Event: 

Dr. Peter Edwell 
Recent View of St Nicholas Church at Myra

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321)$5 /$8

Australian Centre for Egyptology Events

ACE Annual Mini Conference 2014

- Date: Sunday 6 April 2014, 12:30pm for 1:00pm start
- Venue: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club Auditorium
- Theme: Latest Research in Egyptology

ACE Annual Conference 2014

- Date: Saturday 19 July 2014, 9:30am for 10:00am start
- Venue: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club Auditorium
- Speakers:  Dr. Pierre Tallet (Sorbonne, Paris) and Dr. Stan Hendrickx (Provinciale Hogeschool. Limburg, Belgium)

ACE Annual Dinner 2014

- Date: Saturday 25 October 2014, 6:30pm for 7:00pm start
- Venue: The Heritage Function Centre at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
- Speaker: Professor Robert Bowker (Australian National University)

For enquiries and further details on the ACE's events, see here, or contact or ph (02) 9850 8848.

Third Australasian Egyptology Conference

Australasian Egyptology Conference 2013 Frieze 16-19 July, 2014: Following the very successful conferences in Melbourne (2009) and Auckland (2011), Macquarie University hosted the Third Australasian Egyptology Conference. The conference was open to postgraduate research students and scholars who presented their current research in Egyptology and Coptic Studies. For more information on the conference program and a list of abstracts, click here.

Patristic Forum

There were three meetings of the Patristic Forum during Session 2, 2014:
- Time: 6:30 pm
- Venue: Seminar Room of the ACRC (W6A 308)
- Contact: Dr. Ken Parry

Thursday 14 August
Kazuhiko Demura (Okayama University) and Miyako Demura (Tohoku Gakuin University), 'Recent Research on Augustine and Origen'

Thursday 25 September
John D'Alton (Monash University), 'Women in Aphrahat and Ephrem: Two Views?'

Thursday 23 October
Anna Silvas (University of New England), 'At the nexus of Greek, Syrian and Latin speaking Christianity: Basil of Caesarea's Small Asketikon'

Conference: Classical Owls: The Political Economy of Classical Athens

- Date: Monday 1 September, 2014, 11:00am
- Venue: Seminar Room, Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321)
- Program: Click here to download the conference's program.

The conference explored aspects of the fusion between politics and the management of public resources in Athens during the years between the defeat of the Persians (479 BC) and the arrival of Alexander the Great. It concluded with the 2014 Gale Lecture in Numismatics with guest speaker Dr. David M. Pritchard discussing 'Public Spending and Democracy in Classical Athens'.

Pyramid-Age Love Revealed

The findings of PhD researcher Miral Lashien and the ACRC's vivid re-recording of the Chapel of Kahay at Saqqara, Egypt are explored here.

Wine and Monks in Christian Egypt

Jennifer Cromwell's recent research at the British Museum are discussed here, offering new insights into the lives of the Coptic monks of Wadi Sarga, Egypt.

Oldest Egyptian Boat

Information on Yann Tristant's exciting new findings at the First Dynasty cemetery of Abu Rawash can be found in this article.

Visiting Fellow Public Lecture: The Power of Heka. On the Symbiosis of Magic, Medicine, Jurisdiction and Literature in Ancient Egypt

Date: 16 October, 2014, 7:00pm
Museum of Ancient Cultures' Seminar Room, X5B 321

A free public lecture presented by the MQ Ancient Cultures Research Centre Visiting Fellow for 2014, Professor Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert of University of Leipzig's Egyptological Institute. More information may be found in this poster.


Workshop: Magic in the Ancient World: Textuality and Contextuality

Magic in the Ancient World 17 October, 2014: A one-day workshop addressing the textuality and contextuality of magical texts in the ancient world with a focus on surviving papyri from Egypt. Details on the workshop, including a program, may be found here.



Conference: Reading the Old in Light of the Newly Discovered: Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Chinese Texts

 8-10 December, 2014: An international conference on ancient Chinese thought and the newly recovered ancient bamboo and silk texts in December 2014. More can be found here.

Sheedy awarded Oxford Double Fellowship

ACRC member K. SheedyAssociate Professsor Kenneth Sheedy has been appointed to a prestigious 'double' fellowship in Oxford from July 2014.

Embalming study illuminates theories on Egyptian mummification

A cross-institutional collaborative project jointly led by Dr Jana Jones has revealed scientific evidence for the earliest practice of Egyptian mummification.


Ancient History Research Seminar Series

Program for 1st Semester 2015

Week 2: Friday 6 March 
Tatiana Bur (University of Sydney), 'Mechanical Miracles: Ancient Automata and Festival Processions'
Javier Álvarez-Mon (Macquarie University), 'Genesis and Identity of the Persian Empire: New Paradigms'

Week 3: Friday 13 March
Stephen Llewelyn (Macquarie University),  'The 'Third Gender' and the Figurative Language of Ben Sira'
Margaret Miller (University of Sydney), 'Symmetry and Asymmetry: Tracking Social and Economic Structures at Geometric Zagora'

Week 4: Friday 20 March
Glennda Marsh-Letts (Macquarie University), 'The Virgin and Child Enthroned, Coptic Museum Catalogue No. 12362: a 5th/6th Century Painting from the Monastery of Saint Apollo at Baouît'
Elizabeth Stockdale (Macquarie University), 'Helen's Other Voices'

Week 5: Friday 27 March
Trevor Evans and Genevieve Young-Evans (Macquarie University) 'The Most Devout in Action: Honorifics and the Acts of the Council of Chalcedon'
David Clines (University of Sheffield), 'Introducing the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew'

Mid-Semester Break

Friday 24 April (Week 7)
Giles Rowling (Macquarie University) 'The Powers of an Imperial Provincial Governor'
Michael Hanaghan (University of Sydney) '"Constantius Can See a Rainbow": Iris and Ammianus' Use of Poetry'

Friday 1 May (Week 8)
Gareth Wearne (Macquarie University), 'A New Reading of Jacob's Curse in Genesis 49:4'
Paul Trebilco (University of Otago) 'Interactions between the Early Christians in Ephesus and their City'

Friday 8 May (Week 9)
Aaron de Souza (Macquarie University), 'Dating the Un-Dateable: A Relative Chronology for the Pan Grave Culture'
Andrew Pleffer (Macquarie University), 'Keeping Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer: David, Jonathan, and the Fate of the Benjaminites'

Friday 15 May (Week 10)
Edwina Murphy (Maquarie University), 'Widows, Welfare and the Wayward: Ad Quirinum and the witness of 1 Timothy'
Nico Staring (Macquarie University), 'Revisiting Three Objects of the Memphite Mayor Ptahmose Kept in the Ägyptisches Museum zu Berlin: The "Lost" Stela ÄM 19718 and "Door Jambs" ÄM 1631-2'

Society for the Study of Early Christianity Calendar of Events


17 March 2015

Tue 6:00pm

Professor Tessa Rajak (Oxford), SIr Asher Joel Visiting Fellow 2015
Masada in the First and Twenty-First Century

Tessa's talk was on:
The spectacular fortress of Masada on the Dead Sea was the last stronghold to fall to the Romans three years after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE. The suicides of some 960 defenders and their families, as dramatized by the historian Josephus, has entered collective memory as a legend of resistance to the last. It has inspired Jews from mediaeval martyrs to the Shoah. Now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction. We will revisit both the story and the remarkable archaeology of Masada. We shall then look into Masada's iconic role in Zionist history and in Israeli society, concluding with some discussion of recent critiques of the 'Masada myth'.

North Shore Temple Emanuel, 28 Chatswood Ave, Chatswood NSW$5 for light Kosher supper

20 April 2015

Mon 7:05pm

Professor Alanna Nobbs (Macquarie University)
Christian Responses to Persecution in the Late Roman Empire

Light supper provided.

W6A 308 (Doc Centre)members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

30 April 2015

Thurs 7:05pm

Conference Curtain Raiser: 'The Early Church: Cults & Controversies'

Professor Paul Trebilco (Otago), SSEC Visiting Fellow 2015
The Artemis Cult in Ephesus and the Johannine Letters

Chair: Professor James Harrison (Sydney College of Divinity)

Light supper provided.

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321)members $5
alumni $7
non members $8

2 May 2015

Sat 9:00am (Registration); 

SSEC Annual Day Conference: 'The Early Church: Cults & Controversies'

- Professor Paul Trebilco
(Otago), SSEC Visiting Fellow for 2015, Identity Formation in Earliest Christianity: Constructing Outsiders in New Testament Letters
Professor James Harrison (Sydney College of Divinity& Macquarie University), Ephesian Cultic Officials, Their Benefactors and the Quest for Civic Virtue: Paul's Alternate Quest for Status in Ephesians
Dr Bruce Winter (Queesnland Theological College) 
- Dr Christopher Forbes, (Macquarie University)
- Bernard Doherty
- Lyn Kidson
Q & A session


Robert Menzies College, 136 Herring Road, North Ryde NSW

Normal Rate $145                     
Alumni $140

SSEC Member Rate $130                   
Pensioner Rate $95                      
Full-time Student Rate $55                    
$25  per lecture      
(SSEC/concession rate $20 per lecture) 

All prices include GST

12 May 2015

Tues 7:05pm

Dr. Ron Tappy, Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Strangers at Home: The Give and Take of Life in the Borderlands of Judah

Brought to Australia by the Australian Institute of Archaeology, Dr. Ron Tappy is the G. Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology. He also serves as director of the Kelso Museum of Near Eastern Archaeology and as the project director and principal investigator of The Zeitah Excavations, an archaeological field project at Tel Zayit, Israel. For more on Dr. Tappy's work, see here.

Museum of Ancient Cultures (X5B 321)No cost

Australian Centre for Egyptology Events

ACE Annual Mini Conference 2015

- Date: Sunday 29 March 2015
- Time: 12:30pm for 1:00pm start
- Venue: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club Auditorium
- Theme: Latest Research in Egyptology
- Cost: $33, including afternoon tea


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