Our Projects

Our Projects

Positioning Frame for Pelvis - Chiropractic

METS was tasked to manufacture a pelvic positioning frame so that a model of the pelvis could be positioned at various angles around three axies of rotation for radiographic projection. The projected image was analysed to determine the accuracy of measuring sacral obliquity and the degree of error in measuring dihedral angles on plan films. The pelvis with a known sacral obliquity angle (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 degrees) was radiographed with specific amounts of tilt and rotation.

The images demonstrate just how this was achieved by utilising a multi axis jig with a three tier alignment matrix including a unique gimbals system from the designer John Dulhunty. Looking at the images you can see just how complex it was to transform the ideas into reality and added value was introduced into the design with vernier scales and angular measurements for alignment and analysis of dihedral angles only possible with this type of arrangement.

Remote Plasma Enhanced Laser Induced Chemical Vapour Deposition Unit (RPELICVDU)

RPELICVDU was designed in the Division of ICS and manufactured in THE METS workshop. Its construction involved several technologies and extremely fine tolerances, high vacuum and temperature capable processes. Much of the work done on this equipment is classified, leading edge semiconductor substrate manufacture. The project has involved extensive international collaboration and close liaison between the customer and the METS workshop.

3/4 Tonne Fish Tank


The stainless steel fish tank design and manufacture was commissioned by a neighbouring division of Macquarie University as part of a support facility up grade. There were several spatial, mass (750 kg) and environmental considerations (controlled conditions for the contents) and the incorporation of the support equipment to enable the housing of exotic species. These customer needs were incorporated in the design and manufacture, as well as budgetary and delivery constraints. METS worked closely with the customer to ensure that the finished product met their requirements.

The Yellow Laser

Yellow Laser

The yellow laser is a new technology laser using unique laser design developed at Macquarie University for dermatological and ophthalmological applications. The hardware and the electronic control systems were designed in house and manufactured by METS workshops. The project has been successfully tested in clinical trials and wider commercial development is proceeding.

Egypt for the Blind Exhibition

Egypt for the blind

The Egypt for the blind exhibition was undertaken to permit visually impaired people to appreciate the history, tactile beauty and skill of the ancient creators of Egyptian funeral art. The project required layout design, proximity sensing aural commentaries unique to each exhibit, special high intensity lighting, transportability and accessibility whilst ensuring the exhibits security and stability.

University Mace

University Mace

The University Mace was built in the METS workshop to exacting standards to add to the ceremonial activities that are an essential part of the graduation formalities. As much an object of art as an engineering creation, the mace serves as an example of the wide range of unique tasks undertaken by METS.

Split Image Viewing Apparatus

Split image viewing apparatus

The Split image viewing apparatus (SIVA) is an example of custom scientific equipment which was developed for a vague concept to finalised design and manufacture. Built to optical levels of precision, the SIVA has helped establish the METS reputation for being able to undertake difficult one off tasks and bring them to fruition.

Portable Electrical Generator

Portable generator

The portable electrical generator was developed to meet a unique customer requirement for high stability power supply in field conditions whilst being able to be maintained using readily available parts and expertise.

Telescope repair and manufacture


METS have been involved in the design and manufacture of astronomical equipment. METS collaborated with the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) in building IRIS2, a new generation world-leading instrument for astronomy at infrared wavelengths. IRIS2 is a combined imager and spectrograph for the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) at Siding Spring Observatory.

The Anglo-Australian Observatory IRIS2 project received the 2002 Institute of Engineers Engineering excellence award for Innovations and Inventions, and the prestigious Bradfield award. The Bradfield Award is the top award at this event, and recognises an accomplishment of exceptional engineering merit, which makes a major contribution to the community.

Sculptural Installation Work


METS has a long and valued association with Macquarie University Sculpture Park and with Errol Davis, one of Australia's most important sculptors and the founder of the MU Sculpture Park. METS is able to assist the Sculpture Park with installations, repairs, relocations etc. of the many sculptures on campus.

This photo is of a sculpture by Foon Sham, an overseas based artist who is Professor of Fine Arts at Merryland University, USA, titled "Vessels on the Rise" 2003. The pieces in pine are firmly anchored to the ground with steel pins. The artist visited the campus and wished to photograph his work without the clear plastic tops METS had installed to protect each piece. METS were called in to remove and and later replace the tops for the artist during his photographic session.

Engraving & Signage Jobs

Window decals, Customised plaques, acrylic logos and lettering

Laminar Flow Mixer


  • Computer Security
  • Ceramic Work
  • Specialist Art Work Transporters
  • Marine Repair Work
  • Horticultural Equipment
  • Cane Toad Tanks
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