Ageing Well Tool resources

The following resources will assist your practice with completing the Ageing Well Tool trial.

They are listed below with a brief description of their contents and applications:

  1. Delayed feedback condition slides: Slides for practice staff training.
  2. Delayed feedback training: Online training video for practice staff. This is an alternative to training in-person or via Zoom if the prerecorded training is more convenient.
  3. Patient handout for delayed condition: The patient-friendly handout on dementia risk factor reduction that the GP/practice nurse provides during their baseline and six-month appointments. (The 12-month patient-friendly handout will be provided by our Research Officer when you reach that stage of the study).
  4. Ageing Well Tool Poster Delayed Feedback Condition: A one-page checklist of key steps required to complete the study. You may find it useful to put this up in nurse/GP rooms or the reception staff area so you can refer to it easily.
  5. Patient information flyer: A flyer with information about the study that you may wish to email or hand out to patients.
  6. Ageing Well Tool Poster for waiting room patients: A poster you may wish to put up in your waiting room if you wish to advertise the study that way to your patients.
  7. GP flyer_CPD: information about optional CPD available to you as part of your participation in the trial.
  8. Payment structure and ideas for billing: Some information about the payment structure for this study and some ideas that may assist you with your billing for patient consultations.