Scholarship conditions of award

Scholarship conditions of award

Scholarship Conditions of Award

RTP/iRTP and MQRES/iMQRES Conditions of Award

Macquarie University publishes an annual set of general conditions of award for the Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) and the Research Training Pathway (MRES) Scholarships.

Conditions of Award
RTP/iRTP and MQRES/iMQRES 2018 Conditions of Award
for candidates commencing the RTP/MQRES in 2018
RTP/iRTP and MQRTP/iMQRTP 2017 Conditions of Award
for candidates commencing the RTP/MQRTP in 2017
MQRES 2016 Conditions of Award
for candidates commencing the MQRES in 2016


i/RTP MRES and i/MQRES MRES Conditions of Award

MRES Conditions of AwardPDF
i/RTP MRES & i/MQRES MRES Scholarship Conditions of Award 2018
for candidates commencing the i/RTP MRES & i/MQRES MRES scholarship in 2018
i/RTPMRES & i/MQRTPMRES Scholarship Conditions of Award 2017
for candidates commencing the i/RTPMRES & i/MQRTPMRES scholarship in 2017

RTP (APA) and IRTP (IPRS) Conditions of Award

The Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Research) 2012  is the legislative instrument setting out the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) and International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) conditions of award, and can be accessed from the Australian Government Department of Education Research Block Grants website.

Where these Guidelines refer to Higher Education Provider (HEP) policies, scholarship holders should refer to the MQRES conditions of award. Contact the Scholarships Team at you have any questions.

MQRES Scheme - Summary for Staff

Visit our page Scholarship Set Up - for Staff for further details and information related to the MQRES scheme and general scholarship start up.

MQRES scholarships are allocated based on the funding model outlined in the MQRES Scheme. For queries related to advertising allocated scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Team at HDRO. Copies of the MQRES Scheme for earlier years are available upon request.

MQRES Scheme - summary for staff
MQRES 2018 Scheme - summary for staff
Outlines the funding allocation model and scheme guidelines for 2018


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