HDR academic advice

HDR academic advice

Please note: the below is for HDR academic advisors only

For undergraduate and postgraduate academic advice, visit our Academic and program advisers page.

Faculty of Arts

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research Dr Noah Bassil
Faculty BPhil/MRes Convenor & LecturerDr Kirstin Mills kirstin.mills@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR Manager Ms Maryanne Hozijan maryanne.hozijan@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries - PhD & MPhil Faculty HDR Office arts.hdr@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries - MRes & BPhil         Faculty HDR Office arts.mres@mq.edu.au
Ancient History
Head of Department

Professor Ray Laurence

HDR Director

Dr Alexandra Woods

HDR Director (Acting)

Dr Danijel Dzino

MRes Director [Year 1 - BPhil]Associate Professor Ian Plant
MRes Director [Year 2 - MRes] Dr Gunner Mikkelsen


Head of Department Associate Professor Chris Houston +61-2-9850-8471
HDR Director Dr Eve Vincent
MRes Director [Year 1 - BPhil]Associate Professor Lisa Wynnlisa.wynn@mq.edu.au
+61 2 9850 8095
MRes Director [Year 2 - MRes]Associate Professor Jaap Timmer
School of Education
School DeanProfessor Mary Ryan
HDR DirectorDr Shirley Wyver
MRes DirectorDr Hye-Eun Chuhye-eun.chu@mq.edu.au
Head of Department
Associate Professor Hsu-Ming Teo
HDR Director
Dr Geoff Payne
MRes Director
Dr Stephanie Russo
Geography and Planning
Head of DepartmentAssociate Professor Kristian Ruming
HDR Director Dr Fiona Miller +61-2-9850-8425
MRes Director

Dr Emily O'Gorman

Dr Jessica McLean (Deputy Director)

+61 2 9850 6295        
Indigenous Studies
Head of Department Professor Bronwyn Carlson +61-2-9850-8891
HDR Director Dr Tristan Kennedy tristan.kennedy@mq.edu.au
MRes Director Dr Tristan Kennedy tristan.kennedy@mq.edu.au
International Studies
Head of Department Dr Jane Hanley +61-2-9850-6885
HDR Director Dr Marika Kalyuga +61-2-9850-7016
MRes Director Dr Tom Baudinette tom.baudinette@mq.edu.au
Macquarie Law School
School DeanProfessor Marc De Vos +61-2-9850-9931
HDR Director (Acting)
Dr Amy Barrow
MRes Director
Dr Amy Barrow
Media, Music, Communication & Cultural Studies (MMCCS)
Head of Department
Professor Nicole Anderson
HDR Director
Dr Anthony Lambert
MRes Director Professor John Potts john.potts@mq.edu.au
Modern History, Politics and International Relations 
Head of Department Associate Professor Clare Monagle +61-2-9850-7918
HDR DirectorDr Lavina Lee
MRes Director (Modern History) Dr Leigh Boucherleigh.boucher@mq.edu.au 
MRes Director (Politics & International Relations) Dr Francesco Stolfifrancesco.stolfi@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Richard Menary

HDR Director Dr Albert Atkin       +61-2-9850-6880
MRes Director

Associate Professor Paul Formosa


Security Studies and Criminology 
Head of Department Professor Ben Schreer +61-2-9850-1423
HDR Director Dr Alex Simpson
MRes Director Dr Alex Simpson
Head of Department
Associate Professor Ben Spies-Butcher
HDR Director Dr Hang Young Lee +61-2-9850-4114
HDR Director
Dr Kumiko Kawashima
MRes Director [Year 1 - BPhil]Dr Harry Blattererharry.blatterer@mq.edu.au
MRes Director [Year 2 - MRes] Dr Peter Rogerspeter.rogers@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research  Associate Professor Tracy Rushmer   +61-2-9850-8366
Deputy Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research 

Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt

MRes Director Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt  bridget.mabbutt@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR Manager Ms Jane Yang  jane.yang@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries Faculty HDR Office  sci.hdradm@mq.edu.au 
Biological Sciences
Head of Department

Professor Michelle Leishman

HDR Director

Associate Professor Culum Brown

Professor Simon Griffith

MRes Advisor

Dr Matthew Kosnik (Y1)

Dr Ajay Narendra (Y2)

Molecular Sciences
Head of Department

Professor Alison Rodger

HDR Director

Professor Paul Haynes

MRes Advisor A/Prof Louise Brown (Y1)
Dr Morten Andersen (Y2)
Head of Department

DC Rosemary Giuriato

HDR Director

Dr Roger Engel

MRes Advisor Prof Simon French simon.french@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Michael Sheng

HDR Director

Associate Professor Mark Dras

MRes Advisors Dr Young Lee
Dr Matthew Roberts
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Head of Department

Professor  Dorrit Jacob (Acting)

HDR Director

A/Prof Paul Beggs

MRes Advisor Dr Steven Hansen (Y1)
Dr Stefan Loehr (Y2)
School of Engineering
Dean of School

Professor Darren Bagnall

HDR Director

Dr Ruth Oliver

MRes Advisor

Dr Ann Lee

MRes Advisor Associate Professor Shujuan Huang 
Mathematics and Statistics
Head of Department


HDR Director Dr Richard Garner             richard.garner@mq.edu.au
MRes AdvisorDr Adam Sikora adam.sikora@mq.edu.au
Physics and Astronomy
Head of Department

Professor Michael Steel

HDR Director

Associate Professor Alex Fuerbach

MRes Advisor (Year 1) Dr Matthew Owers (Y1) 
MRes Advisor (Year 2) Dr Joanne Dawson  joanne.dawson@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research  Professor Mark Connor mark.connor@mq.edu.au
MRes Director Dr Jennifer Rowland jen.rowland@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries

Faculty HDR Office

+61-2-9850-4531 / 9243 / 8638

Australian Institute of Health Innovation
Head of DepartmentProfessor Jeffrey Braithwaitejeffrey.braithwaite@mq.edu.au
+612 9850 2401
HDR Director/MRes Advisor Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell r.mitchell@mq.edu.au
Biomedical Sciences
Head of DepartmentProfessor Helen Rizoshelen.rizos@mq.edu.au
+612 9850 2762
HDR Director/MRes Advisor Dr Dane Turner +61-2-9850-2754
Clinical Medicine
Head of DepartmentProfessor Vincent Lamvincent.lam@mq.edu.au
+612 9812 3961
HDR Director/MRes Advisor Professor Stuart Graham stuart.graham@mq.edu.au
Cognitive Science
Head of Department

Professor Genevieve McArthur

Department Administrator

Ms Lesley McKnight

HDR Director

Associate Professor Paul Sowman

BPhil/MRes Advisor

Associate Professor Paul Sowman

Health Professions
Head of DepartmentAssociate Professor Verity Paceyverity.pacey@mq.edu.au
+612 9850 2795
HDR Director Professor Julia Hushjulia.hush@mq.edu.au
MRes AdvisorAssociate Professor Verity Paceyverity.pacey@mq.edu.au
+612 9850 2795
Health Systems and Populations
Head of DepartmentProfessor Janaki Aminjanaka.amin@mq.edu.au
+612 9850 2404
HDR Director/MRes Advisor Dr Josephine Chau +61-2-9850-2302
Head of Department

Associate Professor Jan-Louis Kruger

HDR Director

Associate Professor Annabelle Lukin

MRes Year 2 Advisor

Dr Cassi Liardet

BPhil/MRes Yr 1 Advisor Dr Cassi Liardet cassi.liardet@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Erik Reichle

HDR Director (Co Director)

Dr Lorna Peters

HDR Director (Co Director)

Associate Professor Kevin Brooks

PhD/Master of Clinical Psychology

Dr Carolyn Schniering

PhD/Master of Clinical Neuropsychology

A/Prof Jennifer Batchelor

PhD/Master Organisational Psychology

Dr Ben Searle

BPhil/MRes Advisor Associate Professor Simon Boag simon.boag@mq.edu.au

Macquarie Business School

Associate Dean, Higher Degree ResearchAssociate Professor Vito Mollica+61-2-9850-9097
MRes DirectorAssociate Professor Vito Mollica
School HDR ManagerMs Lin Bai lin.bai@mq.edu.au
General EnquiriesMQBS HDR Office+61-2-9850-1811
Accounting and Corporate Governance
Head of Department
Associate Professor Rahat Munir
HDR Director/MRes Advisor
Associate Professor Sophia Su
Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics
Head of Department
Professor David Pitt
HDR Director/MRes Advisor

Dr Xian Zhou

Applied Finance
Head of DepartmentProfessor Tom Smithtom.smith@mq.edu.au
HDR Director/MRes AdvisorDr Jianlei Hanjianlei.han@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Lisa Magnani

HDR Director/MRes Advisor

Dr Kompal Sinha

Head of Department

Professor  Steven Grover

HDR Director

Associate Professor Denise Jespen

MRES AdvisorAssociate Professor Yue Wangyue.wang@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Aron O'Cass

HDR Director/MRes AdvisorAssociate Professor Ralf Wilden

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