History and archaeology

History and archaeology

HistoryMacquarie’s history and archaeology researchers enjoy an international reputation as leaders in their fields. In the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation, our history and archaeology research received a rating of ‘performance above world standard’.

Macquarie is home to the Big History Institute, which provides a hub for scholars interested in interdisciplinary research on the interconnected history of the cosmos, Earth, life and humanity.

The University also houses the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies, an internationally recognised leader in the study of ancient numismatics.

In addition, Macquarie’s interdisciplinary approach has transformed the field of ancient pottery analysis: by combining expertise in ancient artefacts with modern medical imaging two researchers have identified a new, non-destructive method of analysing ceramic composition.

Download the "2018 Higher Degree Research - History and Archaeology" discipline sheet

Our research strengths

Our research strengths are concentrated in the areas of:

Ancient history

  • ancient Greek history and society
  • archaeology, numismatics and papyrology
  • China/Silk Road/Central Asia
  • Coptic studies
  • early Christian and Jewish studies
  • Egyptology
  • languages (Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Coptic)
  • late antiquity and Byzantium, and
  • Roman history and society

Modern history

  • Aboriginal history
  • Australian history
  • Big History
  • biography
  • British history
  • early Atlantic and Pacific history
  • empire and postcolonial history
  • family history
  • gender and feminist history
  • history of sexuality
  • literary history and historiography
  • media and popular culture
  • orientalism in history
  • Renaissance Italy, and
  • world history

Our facilities

Our facilities include:

  • Australian History Museum
  • Museum of Ancient Cultures

Our research hubs

Macquarie’s history and archaeology activities support six research hubs:

  • Ancient Cultures Research Centre (incorporating the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre and the Australian Centre for Egyptology)
  • Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies
  • Big History Institute
  • Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience
  • Concentration of Research Excellence in Ancient Cultures
  • Concentration of Research Excellence in Social, Cultural and Political Change

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