New arts precinct to take shape at Macquarie University

5 December 2017

An exciting new arts precinct is being created at Macquarie University as part of the Campus Development Plan, announced today.

The Macquarie University Arts Precinct Project (MUAPP) is a transformational project for the Faculty of Arts that will consolidate ten of twelve departments into a precinct that showcases the unique nature and focus of each department.

“The development of the new arts precinct is an exciting project to happen in the rich history of our Faculty, and it represents a strong commitment and sizeable investment in the future of arts, humanities and social sciences at Macquarie University,” said Professor Martina Möllering, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

As part of the project, some buildings will be renewed while retaining their legacy value.

The redesign will encourage activity and collaboration among departments in an innovative new space while maintaining private areas and individual offices for more focused work.

Corridors that were previously closed will be replaced with glass, and showcase walls and interactive display screens will reflect the Faculty’s desire for transparency within its built environment.

In addition, the project will deliver a new 4800m2 building to the south of Building W6A consisting of a new office and showcase area and a consolidated museum facility. A new atrium space between building W6A and the Museum will connect the buildings and offer covered access across the site.

“This new precinct will be a transformational learning and research-enriched environment with access to enhanced learning facilities and an immersive environment for languages and culture. It allows for the continued growth of the Faculty and is a big part of our vision for the future growth of our campus,” said Mark Broomfield, Director of Property.

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