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Ceylon Government Gazette, 24 January 1818
Description of the death of Lieut. John Maclaine on patrol between Alipoot and Bootle.

Ceylon Government Gazette, 7 February 1818
Description of the death of Lieut. John McConnell from dysentery at Batticaloa on 23 January 1818.

Ceylon Government Gazette: Supplement 30 May 1818.
Description of death of Private Pitcairne.

Ceylon Government Gazette: Supplement 6 June 1818.
Description of the capture of Rahoopala Pihanaralla

Ceylon Government Gazette 4 July 1818.
Description of events near Badulla on 16 June 1818. Deaths of Privates James Sutherland and William Chandler (73rd Regiment). Gallantry commendations for four men of the 73rd: Lance-Corporal Richard McLaughlin, Private John Wilson, Private Christopher Sheppard and Private William Connor.

Ceylon Government Gazette: Supplement 11 July 1818.
Corporal Stephen (73rd Regt.) and the capture of Kuremirdah

Ceylon Government Gazette: Supplement 25 July 1818.
Private Patterson (73rd Regt) and the death of Mohattale .

Sydney Gazette 25 July 1818
Extract from Sydney newspaper in memoriam of Lieut. John Maclaine, nephew of Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife, Elizabeth.

Letter, 15 August 1818
Letter of commiseration from Governor Lachlan Macquarie to his sister-in-law, Jane Maclaine of Lochbuy (Isle of Mull, Scotland) describing the death of her son, Lieut. John Maclaine.

Letter, 18 August 1818
Letter from Colonel Maurice O'Connell, commanding officer of the 73rd Regiment, to Governor Lachlan Macquarie, describing the death of Lieut. John Maclaine.

Health of the Troops: 1818
Description by Dr Henry Marshall, regimental surgeon in Ceylon, of the medical conditions and mortality rates experienced by British soldiers in the field during the 1818 Rebellion.

Execution of Keppetipola, 25 November 1818
Eyewitness account by Dr Henry Marshall of the execution of Keppetipola and Madugalle by the British in Kandy in November 1818.

Inscription on the base of the public statue dedicated to the memory of Monerawila Keppetipola (in the town of Keppetipola, Uva).


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