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Major Alexander Walker:

Information of Mozem Khan Bukhshy on the action at Sedaseer on 6 March 1799

The wounded prisoner states that his name is Mozem Khan, and that he is Bukhshy of the Mudgid or 5th Cutcherry, consisting of about 2000 Men.

That on the Day of the Action, the Column with which he attacked, was composed of Three Cutcherries, the Fattah adan Khan Bukshy, the Suddoor, Ghoolam Aly Suddoor Bukshy, and the Mudgid. That Keer Keeran Meer Hassan led the first Division, and that Baber Jung commanded the whole Column, which might amount to about 5,500 Men; that the Mudgid Cutcherry of which he is Bukhshy, occupied the Centre, and emerged into the road where our Two Six-Pounders were left, and attributes the Failure of the Enterprize to the Prematureness of the Attack in Front. That Khan Jahan and Reza Sahel the same who commanded at Ghazinoor, led the Attack in Front with 3 or 4000 men.

That he left Pultan with Tippoo's Army Three Days before that of the Attack; he varies with regard to the Force now with Tippoo, from Forty to Twenty Cushoons, and Twenty to Twenty-five Thousand Men, and Two Cutcherries of Horse of about Seven or Eight Hundred each.

That there are Nine Guns attached to each Cutcherry of Foot, and that they are now at Periaputtan.

That Keer Saheb commanded the Column which took the Centre of the Plain, attended by the Binky Nabob.

That Keer Cummer-ud-Deen is at present with the Army, as well as Tippoo's Three Sons.

That Seyed or Keer G. Nofan, by which he was indiscriminately called, rode on the Day of the Action, a dark coloured Horse, approaching to black, and wore a green Turban.

That Seind Saheb commands the Troops to the Eastward of Pultan, and that Lally's Corps is stationed a few Coss on this Side of Bangalore, but that there are no Europeans present with the Sultaun.

(Signed) A. Walker
Military Secretary

Major Alexander Walker served as Military Secretary to General Stuart in 1791-1792, during the Third Anglo-Mysore War. Subsequently he was appointed Deputy-Quarter-Master General of the Bombay Army (1797) and Deputy-Auditor General of the Bombay Army (1798).

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