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Monday 1. January 1821!
This being the Eleventh anniversary of my administration as Governor of this Colony, I invited a large Party to dine with us consisting of the Lt. Govr. The Commissr. of Enquiry & his Secry. the two Judges, the Field officers & some of the Captains of the 48th. Regt. and several Private Gentlemen, the new Secry. Mr. Goulburn forming now one of our Family – in all 26 Persons (Ladies Gentlemen) sat down to Dinner. — This being also the Second anniversary of the original Establishment of the Male Orphan Institution, they were assembled in the Church of St. Philip for Examination and Inspection – and a suitable discourse & Lecture were delivered by the Revd. Mr. Reddall Asst. Chaplain sometime since arrived from England. — After the Service the Boys were examined [****] Mr. Reddall – and [***] Medals and Rewards were issued to those who had [****] [****] [****] progress in their Studies.

Friday 5. Jany. 1821!
The Male Convicts recently arrived in the Almorah & Asia; the former from Ireland; were this day landed at Sunrise, and after having been inspected by myself personally accompanied by Commissr. Bigge at Ten O'Clock in the Jail Yard, they were all distributed in the usual manner. —

Tuesday 9. Jany. 1821!
I dined this day with the Commissioner of Enquiry. — In the Evening anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Prince Regent, Commanded by Capt. Clifford, with 144 Male Convicts from Ireland; Doctr. Taylor R.N. being the Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 30 Soldiers of the Royal or 1st. Foot being Commanded by Lieut. Lewis of the same Corps. — The Prince Regent sailed from Cork on 19th. of Sepr. last.


This morning early, the Ship Caledonia Sailed for the Derwent, having the two Judges & their Suites – and also Doctr. Scott R.N. on board as Passengers.

On the same Day the first meeting of the Inhabitants took place at Government House on the subject of Distillation in the Colony; the Commissr. of Enquiry, Mr. Secry. Scott, Mr. Secry. Goulburn, and my late Secry. Jno. Thos. Campbell Esqr. being present, when the proposed Rules & Restrictions were read and discussed. — The Meeting met at 11 – and broke up at ½ past 3.

Monday 12. Jany.!
After Dinner this Evening Mrs. M. Lachn. and myself set out for Parramatta and arrived there between 8 and 9 O'Clock. Mr. Secry. Goulburn & Lt. Macquarie followed on Horse-back. —

Tuesday 16. Jany.!!!
I rode out early this morning with Mr. Secry. Goulburn to inspect the Public works now in progress at Parramatta, returning Home to Breakfast through the Domain.

The Contractors of the New Factory & Barracks for the Female Convicts report – and assure me – that that Building will be ready for the reception and accommodation of the Women on this day-fortnight – namely – on Tuesday the 30th. of this present month of January !!! — I have accordingly issued the necessary orders for their being prepared to be removed on that Day. —

We returned to Sydney in the Evening – after taking an early Dinner at Parramatta. —

Wedy. 17. Jany. 1821!
Major McLeod of Tallisker, his Lady Mrs. McLeod (Daughter of McLean of Coll), their 3 Children, Dr. & Mrs. Cameron, Mr. Birrill, Messrs. D. & C. Campbell, and Mr. Dond. McDonald, all Free Settlers from Scotland, Pr. Ship Skelton, landed this forenoon from that Ship at Sydney. — We invited Major McLeod and his Family to live with us while they remain at Sydney, it being their intention to return again to the Derwent. — We received a number of Letters from our friends at Home by this arrival. —

By Dispatches received by this Conveyance from Lt. Govr. Sorell, I find the Ship Juliana, wt. 159 Male Convicts, from England had arrived at the Derwent on the 28th. of last month, and landed her Prisoners there; one of her original number having died on the Passage; the rest arriving in good Health. — The Juliana sailed from England on 3d. Septr. last.


Monday 22. Jany. 1821!
I entertained a large Party (33 Persons) Civil & Military & Naval this day at a Dinner I had host to Lt. Govr. Erskine relative to Sir Jno. Jamison's going Home.

The Commissr. of Enquiry, Mr. Secry. Scott, Mr. Secry. Goulburn, Sir Jno. Jamison, and the Principal Civil & Mily. officers and also the Naval officers now here, were of the Party. —

Tuesday 23. Jany. !!!
The General Meeting of the Emancipated Colonists took place this day at the Court House, in pursuance of the Public Notice in the Gazette announcing the names for the purpose of Petitioning the King and both Houses of Parliament on the grievances they now labour under.

The Meeting was conducted with the utmost regularity, propriety, and decorum.

Wedy. 24. Jany.!
Messrs. Redfern, Lord, Fulton, Meehan, Terry, and Eagar, waited on me this morning with a Note of Thanks – and to report the result of yesterday's meeting, to which I made a suitable short answer.


The Male Convict Ship Juliana, commanded by Capt. David Ogilvie, anchored this afternoon in the Cove from the Derwent, where she had landed her Prisoners in consequence of Orders from Home consisting of 159 Male Convicts from England, one Convict having died on the Passage.

The Juliana sailed from England on the 3d. of Septr. and arrived at the Derwent on the 28th. of last month (December), and sailed again from thence on the 18th. Instant. —

Mr. Wm. Graham R.N. is the Surgeon Supdt. of the Juliana; and the Guard consisting of 1 Serjt. of the 89th. & 30 Privates of the 48th. Regt. is Commanded by Lieut. Christian of the 34th. Regt.

The Ship Caledonia, with the two Judges on board arrived at the Derwent on the 16th. Instant – having been only Six days on their Passage. —

Friday 26. Jany. 1821 !!!
I rode this afternoon with Commissr. Bigge and Mr. Secry. Goulburn to see Mr. Lord's [***] Mill & Cloth Manufactory at Botany Bay!

Wednesday 31. Jany. 1821.
We went up to Parramatta yesterday and had a Party of Friends to dine with us today there – this being the 59th. Anniversary of my Birth-Day.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 - 8 March 1821.
Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.195-202. [CY Reel 301 Frames #603-610].

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