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Friday 1. Decr. 1820 !
This morning after Breakfast, Mrs. Macquarie, Lachlan, Charley Whalan and myself, in our own Chariot, and Mr. & Mrs. Moore in the Govt Carriage, set out from the Town of Liverpool (– having come thither by water from Moore-Bank –) for Airds; calling on our way thither at Mr. Meehan's House at Macquarie-field, and afterwards at Doctr. Redfern's at Campbellfield, at which we were treated to a very handsome Cold Colation [sic]. — At Mr. Meehan's we met the Revd. Messrs. Cartwright and Reddall; the latter wishing to see and examine the House, which is intended to be hired for his residence by Government. — From Dr. Redferns we proceeded to the Ground reserved for the new Township in Airds, and arrived there about 3,O'Clock in the afternoon; – the following Persons being present vizt. —
Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan
Mr. & Mrs. Moore
Doctr. & Mrs. Redfern – & their Son
Miss Broughton —
The Revd. Mr. Reddall —
Mr. Meehan Dy. Surveyor Genl.
Charley Whalan —
about 50 or 60 Settlers of the District of Airds – who attended on this interesting occasion. —

The Ceremony then of marking out the limits of the Township, and the Site of the Chapel & School-House took place; a Separate angle of the reserved Land forming the Township, being fixed on at the Same time for a Burial Ground. —

This Ceremony having been gone through, I named the new Township "Campbell-Town" in honor of Mrs. Macquarie's Maiden Name, and on my pronouncing this name aloud, all present gave three hearty Cheers, in honor of the occasion; the Settlers having strongly manifested and expressed their gratitude for the prospect they now have of enjoying the advantages of Divine Worship and a School so near their own Doors.

After we had seen and examined the Children now taught by Mr. — Maine, in a temporary Bark-Hut here, we all dispersed and returned to our respective Homes. — We arrived at Moore-Bank a little before 6,O'Clock – having enjoyed very much our Ride of today through the beautiful District of Airds. —

The new Township contains in all only 175 acres of Ground. — It is distant 12 miles South from Liverpool, 5 miles from the Northern Boundary of the District of Appin – and 5 miles from Horrax's Farm on the River Nepean (– opposite Manangle in the Cow-Pastures –); from whence the distance from this Point of the River Nepean to the Stone-Quarry-Creek is Twelve miles !

Saturday 2. Decr. 1820.
I came to Parramatta today after Breakfast to transact Business, leaving Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan at Liverpool – whither I returned to Dinner. — I found Mr. & Mrs. Slade and Dr. Scott R. N. at our House at Parramatta – where they had come on a visit this morning – and here they have agreed to remain till our return from Liverpool. —

Sunday 3. Decr. !
It commenced to rain very heavy last Night – and continued to do so all this forenoon. — At 3. P.M. it cleared up a little, and I went to hear Divine Service performed in the New Church of St. Luke at Liverpool by the Revd. Mr. Cartwright; Mr. & Mrs. Moore & Lachlan having accompanied me in the Carriage. — Mrs. M. not being stout enough to venture to go out in such bad weather, remained at Home. It rained very heavy the whole of Sunday Night.

Monday 4. Decr. 1820 !!!
On our waking and looking out this morning, we found George's River had overflown its Banks in the Night, and that great part[s] of the low grounds were flooded. — By 11,O'Clock in the forenoon the River had risen at least Ten feet above its' usual level, and the Stream ran with such violence and impetuosity that no Boat could cross the River, or stem the Current. — It was our intention to return this morning to Parramatta – but we must now remain where we are till the Flood subsides.

Tuesday 5. Decr. !
I was agreeably surprised this morning, on getting up and looking out, to find the Flood had nearly subsided in the course of last Night, and that the River had returned within its' natural Bed.

We Breakfasted at 8,O'Clock, and taking leave of our kind Host and Hostess, crossed the River to the other side where our Carriages were waiting at Half past 9,O'Clock, and set out for Parramatta – where we arrived at 11,O'Clock – all well and without accident in our own Chariot driven by Joseph. — But the Govt Carriage, in which John & Nancy Moore & their Child, and Mr. Bartley came Passengers – was not quite so fortunate; for, in passing through a deep Sheet of Water, about halfway from Moore's Bridge to Becket's Bridge, it was upset, and all Hands in it got a Complete Ducking ! — No injury however was sustained by any of the Passengers, and the Horses & Carriage also escaped unhurt. — They all arrived at Parramatta between 1 and 2,O'Clock in the afternoon.

We found Mr. & Mrs. Slade, Doctr. Scott, and Capt. Parry at Govt. House on our arrival at Parramatta, where they all had remained since Saturday – being entertained in our absence by Lt. Macquarie A.D.C.

Friday 8 Decr. 1820 !
I went to Sydney this morning in my own Carriage, accompanied by Capt. Parry 48th. Regt., to transact Public Business – and remained there all Night. —

Saty. 9. Decr. !!!
I returned to Parramatta in the afternoon of this Day from Sydney. —

H. M. Cutter Mermaid, Commanded by Lt. King, anchored this Evening in Port Jackson from the Surveying Service, having been obliged to return without completing the Survey in consequence of the Vessel proving leaky. —

The Mermaid sailed from Port Jackson on this her 3d. Voyage of Discovery and Survey on Thursday the 13th. of July last, being absent within 4 days of 5 months.

Received Reports this day from all Parts of the Colony of the severe ravages & losses occasioned by the recent fatal Inundations, of the Rivers Hawkesbury and Nepean – and South Creek ! L.M.

Sunday 10. Decr. 1820 !
This day the Ship Surry, commanded by Capt. Raine, sailed from Port Jackson for Valparaisa [sic] in South America, and has offered, of his own accord, to import a Cargo of Wheat from that Country into this Colony; which Cargo, I have promised to permit him to land and sell at Port Jackson, in case the same should be required for the use of the Colony. — Capt. Raine promises to be back in Six Months ! — L.M.

Monday 11. Decr. !
I went down early this morning to Sydney to transact Business, returning in the afternoon to Parramatta, accompanied by Major Taylor – who has come up to pass some days with us at Parramatta.

Tuesday 12. Decr. !!! —
After the heavy Severe falls of Rains we had had for a Week, incessantly, had subsided entirely on Saturday last, they have come on again last Night – and continue to fall heavy this morning attended with a great deal of Thunder and Lightning. —

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Friday 15. Decr. 1820 !
The Govt. Brig Elizabeth Henrietta with Capt. Parry Comg. the Relief for Port Dalrymple sailed for that Settlement on this Day !


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Saturday 16. Decr. 1820.
The Male Convict Ship Caledonia – Commanded by Capt. Robert Carnes – anchored late this Night in the Harbour from England – but last from the Derwent – where She landed the whole of her Convicts by orders from Home – namely – 150 men – all in good Health. — Surgeon Supdt. Dr. Jackes [?] R. N. — The Guard consisting of 32 Soldiers of the 48th. & 1 Private of the 53d. Regt. being Commanded by Brevet Major Wheatstone of the latter Corps. — The Caledonia sailed from England on the 10th. of July – and arrived at the Derwent on the 17th. of November. —

The Honble. The Commissioner of Enquiry – and his Secry. Mr. Scott. — They took up their quarters with us – and we had a large Party of Friends to meet them at Dinner. —

Monday 18. Decr. 1820 !
I went down to Sydney to transact Business after Breakfast in the Carriage – accompanied by Major Taylor. — The Commissr. and Mr. Scott also returned to Sydney after Breakfast. —

Tuesday 19 Decr. — !!!
I inspected the 48th. Regt. this Day with Colonel Erskine and the Officers of the Regt. on the same Day. —

Wednesday 20. Decr.
I inspected the Accounts, Barracks Hospital, Sick-Messes &c &c of the 48th. Regt. this forenoon, and in the Evening returned to Parramatta. —

N.B. Mrs. Jarvis – the wife of my faithful Valet George Jarvis – was delivered of a Daughter at Govt. House, Parramatta, on the Evening of Tuesday the 19th. Instant. —

Thursday 21. Decr. !!!
H. M. Storeship Dromedary, Commanded by Capt. Skinner, arrived in the Harbour this Evening from New Zealand – having nearly Completed her full Cargo of Spars and other Timber, in that Island, for the Royal Navy. —

The Revd. Mr. Marsden returned from New Zealand in the Dromedary. — No Tidings, as yet, of the Govt. Brig Princess Charlotte.

Friday 22. Decr. 1820.
The following Felons, vizt. Jno. Bagnalls, George Bowerman, Solomon Bowerman, and James Bowerman (– three Brothers –), Nichs. Cook, and James Classey, were executed in pursuance of their Sentence. —

This afternoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Almorah, with 160 Male Convicts from Ireland, having sailed from Cork on the 22d. of August last (– exactly 4 months –) Surgeon Suptd. Doctr. Alexander R. Navy, and the Guard consisting of 31 Soldiers of the 1st. (Royal Scots) Regt. Foot under the command of Ensn. Bruce of the same Corps. — N.B. The name of the Comr. of the Almorah is Capt. Thomas Hunter. —

Saturday 23. Decr. !!!
At 7 this morning at Sydney, my poor dear little Godson, Macquarie Whalan, the son of the worthy Serjt. Whalan, departed this Life, to the great affliction of his poor Parents and Family. He was a handsome fine promising sensible Child, and was 4 years and 2 months old. —

This morning the following 5 Felons, namely, Edward Laffan, Danl. O'Brien, John Bryan, John Sullivan, and Michael Tracey, were executed at Sydney, pursuant to their Sentence. —

In the Evening of this day Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan set out for Sydney in the Carriage, for the purpose of attending the Funeral of our poor Godson Macquarie Whalan tomorrow.

Sunday 24. Decr. !
Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan returned from Sydney between 7 and 8,O'Clock this Evening, after having attended the Funeral this afternoon at 5,O'Clock.

Monday 25. Decr.
We Breakfasted this morning in Mrs. Macquarie['s] beautifully contrived Bark Hut erected on the Hill in the Govt. Domain at Parramatta where the Government House ought to Stand.

I went down to Sydney in the Cool of the Evening, after Dinner in order to be fresh for transacting Business tomorrow at Sydney.

The Infant Daughter of my Servant, George Jarvis, died late this night – having been very sickly ever since her Birth ! —

Thursday 28. Decr. 1820 !
This being the anniversary of the Native Institution the usual Congress, or Assembly of the several chiefs, with their respective Tribes took place this day at Parramatta at 11,O'Clock at the Market Place, the number present, including women & children, amounting only to 221 Persons. — At 12,O'Clock I proceeded thither with Commissr. Bigge, his Secry. Mr. Scott, and the Gentlemen of the committee. — The Children at the Institution, 21 in number, were Paraded in the Senter [sic] of the Square where the Native Tribes were all seated; the Children walked round – and were then examined Publickly on the Proficiency they had made in their Studies, which exceeded the most sanguine expectation of every one. — The Natives were afterwards all sumptuously entertained with a good Dinner and plenty of Strong Punch. Five Children – very young – were of their own accord, sent to the Institution by their Parents.

The Commissioner, and all the other Gentlemen present Dined with me afterwards at Government House – 30 Persons having sat down to Dinner. —

On Thursday Evening, the 28th. of this present month of December, the Male Convict Ship Asia, Commanded by Capt. Morrice, having 189 Male Convicts on board, anchored in Sydney – having sailed from England on the 3d. of Septr. last (– 3 mos. & 25 Days –); Surgeon Supdt. Dr. Carlyle R. N. and the Guard, consisting of Detachments belonging to the 30th. 34th. & 69th. Regts., under the Command of Capt. Mason of the former Corps. — I only recd. One Private Letter from Chas. Forbes Esqr. M. P. of Fitzroy Square.

Friday 29. Decr. 1820 !
I settled this day with John Mc.Arthur Esqr. finally, that he shall receive acre for acre in the Cow Pastures, in lieu of the Lands he has given up to government at Pennant Hills and the Seven Hills – and that the Lands so to be granted to him in Exchange, in the Cow Pastures, are not to have the usual Clauses of clearing certain Proportions, inserted in them – but only the Timber fit for Ship Building to be reserved for Government. —

I have also promised Mr. Mc.Arthur a Grant of his present Premises in George Street, in consideration of his waving [sic] all claim to the further Possession of the Piece of Ground he has had a Lease of (– but which is now expired –) in "Charlotte Place" between the Barrack Wall and St. Philip's Church – and which he now entirely relinquishes to the Crown forever. —

Saturday 30th. Decr. 1821 !!!
This afternoon, at 6,O'Clock having previously dined, I set out from Parramatta in our own Carriage, with Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan for Sydney – to reside there during the remainder of the Hot Season; arriving at Sydney between 7 and 8,O'Clock. — we sent off our Servants by Water early in the Day. —

This day anchored in the Harbour the Male Convict Ship Maria, Capt. Walker, from the Derwent, where She land [sic] her Prisoners — in number; Dr. Hamilton R. N. being the Surgeon Supdt.; & the Guard consisting of 32 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt. being Commanded by Lieut. Croaker of same Corps, and Lt. Gordon 48th. being also a Passenger. — The Maria sailed from England on 10th. Augt. 1820. —

Sunday 31 Decr. 1820 !
This morning early The Ship Elizabeth Transport commanded by Capt. Wm. Ostler, arrived in the Harbour from England, having 171 Male Convicts on board; Mr. Montgomerie R. N. being the Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 30 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt., commanded by Lieut. Chas. Campbell of the same Corps. The Elizabeth sailed from England on the 2d. of August last, having on her Passage touched at Rio de Janeiro. —

At 1. P.M. the same day anchored in the Harbour the Ship Hebe Commanded by Capt. R. Wetherall, with 158 Male Convicts on board from England, whence She Sailed on the 10th. of August last; Dr. Carter R. N. being the Surgeon Supdt. – and the Guard, consisting of 1 Serjt. & 30 Men of the 48th. Regt., being Commanded by Lieut. Campbell of the 59th. Regt. The Hebe on her Passage hither touched at Rio, and remained there for Ten Days. —

Major Frederich Goulburn (a younger Brother of the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies) the newly appointed Colonial Secretary has arrived Passenger on board the Ship Hebe. — He has brought me Dispatches from Earl Bathurst the Secry. of State for the Colonies, all of a very unpleasant and mortifying nature. I am however rejoiced to find by those Dispatches that my Resignation of this Government, sent Home on the 1st. of March last per the Ship Admiral Cockburn, has at length been accepted – and that I am promised to be relieved as soon as a Successor can be Selected – which he is not yet. — I have asked Major Goulburn to live with us, which he has agreed to do till he can get his affairs arranged. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.174-194; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #580-602].

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