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Monday 3. July 1820.
I went down to Sydney this morning, for the purpose of receiving the annual Petitions applying for Lands, which I commenced receiving at 11. a.m. and continued so doing till ½ past 4. P.M. but only got about two thirds through the number of applicants. — I therefore closed for the present day – appointing next Monday for receiving the remainder. —

I returned to Parramatta to Dinner late in the Evening. —

Commissr. Bigge & Mr. Secry. Scott, attended part of the time at Govt. House, at my Levee for receiving the Petitions for Land. —

Wedy. 5. July !
I was this day seized with a most Severe Cold, Sore Throat, and Fever which necessarily confines me to the House, and I fear will do so for several days. — I suppose I caught this Cold &c on Monday last, coming up late from Sydney. —

Wednesday 12th. July 1820.
The Govt. Brig Princess Charlotte returned late this Evening to Port Jackson from Van Diemen's Land.

Thursday 13th. July !! —
This day sailed from Port Jackson on her voyage of Discovery and Survey, H. M. Cutter Mermaid Commanded by Lieut. King. —

Saturday 15. July !!! !
Late this Night anchored in Port Jackson, the Male Convict Ship Neptune Commanded by Capt. Mc.Kissock, bringing the afflicting and much lamented intelligence of the Demise of our beloved and most revered Sovereign King George the 3d. – whose Death took place on Saturday the 29th. of January last at Windsor–Castle. — This Ship also brings the mournful and distressing intelligence of the Death of H. R. Highness Field Marshall The Duke of Kent, the King's fourth son – which is to be considered a great National loss – he being in the prime of Life – and a most excellent Prince. — He died on the 23d. of last January – six days before his Royal Father of blessed memory. — The Neptune sailed from England on the 23d. of March, being only 3 months & 22 days on the Passage. — She has brought 156 Male Convicts all in good Health, none having died on the Passage; Doctr. — Mitchell R. Navy being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of a Detachment of the 46th. Regt. Commanded by Lt. Rice. — There is only one Passenger a Mr. Warner. — I have received no Public Dispatches by the Neptune. —

Saturday 22. July 1820. —
I went down to Sydney this forenoon in the Carriage accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan preparatory to the carrying into effect the prescribed arrangements ordered for Tomorrow and Monday next. —

Sunday 23. July !!! —
This forenoon, agreeably to the orders issued some days since to that effect, the whole of the Civil, Naval, & Military Officers of Government, and the principal Private Gentlemen of the Colony, assembled at Government House between the Hours of Ten & Eleven O'Clock, in deep mourning and at 11.O'Clock, after being properly marshalled according to Rank, we proceeded in Solemn mournful Procession, in honor of the memory of our departed revered and beloved Sovereign George the 3d., to hear Divine Service at the Church of St. Philip by the Revd. Mr. Cowper; the 48th. Regt. forming a Lane or Street from the Gate of the Government Domain to the Door of the Church, the Soldiers resting on their Arms reversed, and the Band of the Regt. preceding the Procession playing the solemn and affecting "Dead March in Saul" — the Colours Drums &c &c being covered with Black.

His Honor Lieut. Govr. Erskine, and the Honble. Commissioner Bigge, walked in the Procession on my Right and Left – as my Supporters.

The Revd. Mr. Cowper gave us an excellent & appropriate Funeral Sermon – after which we separated at the Church–Door, without marching back in Procession – ; the weather being cold, windy, and bleak – and threatening Rain. — Our dear Lachlan made one of the Procession, dressed in deep mourning and looked remarkably well. — *

This morning, previous to our meeting at Government House, reconciliation took place between the Honble. Commissioner Bigge and myself, of the Differences subsisting between us for some time past. —

* I omitted to mention in its proper place, that the Colours of the Garrison were hoisted Halfmast High at Sunrise on Saturday morning and continued so all this day, and that at Ten O'Clock this morning 82 Minute Guns commenced firing from Dawze's [sic] Battery, in honor of His Majesty – corresponding with the years of his age. —

Monday 24. July !
The whole of the Officers of Govt., Civil, Naval & Military, and also the principal Private Gentlemen in the Colony, assembled at the Government House at 12,O'Clock, agreeably to orders, for the purpose of having the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy administered to them by the Honble. The Judge Advocate and to Proclaim the accession of our new Sovereign Lord, King George the 4th.; The 48th. Regt. attending under arms, drawn up on the Lawn, immediately in front of the Government house, in honor of the auspicious occasion.

The Proclamation announcing the accession of the New King, after having been first signed by myself the Lt. Govr., the Commissr. of Enquiry, the two Judges, and the Provost Marshal, was first read within the Govt. House, and afterwards on the Lawn in front of by the Provost Marshal, Jno. Thos. Campbell Esqr., on Horseback, with his Staff of Office, in a loud and appropriate Tone of Voice to the Officers of Govt., Military, and Private Gentlemen and a large Concourse of the Inhabitants assembled on the occasion; on the conclusion of which the Troops fired a Feu de joie, or 3 Vollies, and a Royal Salute was fired from the Battery & Shipping in the Harbour – the Colours of the Garrison & Shipping being on this occasion hoisted full mast high, and the Troops & People assembled giving three cheers immediately after the Feu de Joie. — We thereon all returned in to Govt. House, to take the prescribed Oaths, after which, Wine & Cake were handed round – and all present drank the Health of the new King George the 4th. – wishing a long, Prosperous, and happy Reign.

This Ceremony being over, the Provost Marshal, accompanied by several of the Magistrates and Principal Officers of Government proceeded on Horse-back to proclaim our new Sovereign at the Public Market Place, Hyde Park, and the King's Wharf.

On this auspicious – but solemn occasion, I extended His Majesty's Mercy to the Felons now under Sentence of Death, it being usual to do so on the accession of a new Sovereign, as I am advised by the Commissioner of Enquiry and the Judges. —

The Troops received an extra allowance of Spirits on this occasion, and the Govt. Artificers & Labourers were exempted from work, during this day & Saturday. —

Friday 28. July !
I this morning, accompanied by Commissr. Bigge, mustered the 156 Male Convicts recently arrived in the Ship Neptune from England, and found them all in good Health and without Complaints. —

Saturday 29. July !
I returned with my Family this day in the Carriage to Parramatta.

Memorandum !!! The Brick-work of the New Asylum for the reception of the Blind, lame, and Infirm Poor People (unable to labour for their Bread) of Sydney, commenced on Tuesday the 25th. of July 1820 –; and it is expected that this Building will be ready for their reception in 5 months – that is by Christmas-day at furthest !!! —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 – 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.139-148; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #545-554].

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