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Tuesday 1. Augt. 1820 !
The Honble. Justice Field & his Lady arrived at Parramatta – on a Visit – to spend some days with us here. —

Saturday 5. Augt. !
I went down to Sydney this morning to give orders relative to the approaching Birth-Day of our gracious new Sovereign George the 4th. – to be celebrated on Saturday next the 12th. Instant – returning to Parramatta in the afternoon to Dinner. — Previous to my leaving Sydney at 4,O'Clock, the Ship Hadlow Transport, Commanded by Capt. John Craigie, arrived in the Harbour, having on board 148 Male Convicts from Ireland – from whence She sailed on the 2d. of April; Mr. — Price R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt., and Capt. P. Mc.Dougall 48th. Regt. Commanding the Guard, consisting of 1 Serjt. & 31 Soldiers of the same Corps. — Two Convicts died on the Passage, and this Ship touched at no intermediate Port. —

The Hadlow parted Company with the Mangles Male Convict Ship only Eight days ago – direct from England – and which may therefore be expected to arrive in two or three days. — I have not received any Dispatch by the Hadlow. —

Monday 7. Augt. 1820 !!!
I went down this morning to hold my usual monthly Levee at Sydney for receiving Petitions & other applications; Mr. Justice Field having accompanied me thither and back again to Parramatta in the Carriage to Dinner. — At Sydney I paid a visit of ceremony to Commissioner Bigge. — On my arrival at Government House this morning, I found the Ship Mangles Transport, Commanded by Capt. John Cogill, with 189 Male Convicts from England had arrived in the Harbour, having sailed from Falmouth on the 11th. of April last, Doctr. —- Anderson R. Navy being the Surgeon Supdt. - and the Guard Consisting of a Serjt. and 30 Privates of the 48th. Regt. Commanded by Lieut. Mathews 59th. Regt. —

The Convicts have arrived in good Health – One only having Died on the Passage. — I have received numerous Public Dispatches and Private Letters by this Opportunity – all of them being of a pleasant and satisfactory nature.

The only Passenger arrived on the Mangles is a Mr. Charles Throsby. —

Tuesday 8. Augt. 1820.
The Honble. Commissr. Bigge – and his Secretary Mr. Scott, dined with us this day at Parramatta; and also Lt. Govr. Erskine, Mr. & Mrs. Field, and the 3 Miss Johnstons and Lt. Brotheridge.

Wedy. 9. Augt.
Mr. Justice & Mrs. Field returned this day to Sydney after Breakfast. —

Friday 11. Augt. !
The 3 Miss Johnstons of Annandale, and Lieut. Brotheridge of the 48th., after spending 3 days with us at Parramatta went Home this forenoon; Lt. Govr. Erskine having returned to Sydney yesterday. — At 2. P.M. this day I set out in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. M. and Lachlan, from Parramatta for Sydney, to make the necessary arrangements there for Celebrating our New Sovereign's Birth Day tomorrow; arriving at Sydney between 4 and 5,O'Clock. The Vansittart South Sea Whaler anchored in the Harbour this afternoon having come in for refreshments, and to land part of the Crew of the Ship Echo picked up at Sea. —

Saturday 12. August 1820 !!!
This being the anniversary of the Birth-Day of our new Gracious Sovereign George the 4th., the same was Celebrated with every demonstration of joy and respect at Sydney and in every other part of the Colony –; the usual Salutes from the Batteries, and Feu de joie from the Troops having been given at Noon. — A Levee was held at Half past 1,O'Clock which was numerously and respectably attended – and I entertained all the Civil, Naval, Military and Clerical Officers of Government at Dinner at Govt. House – when Eighty Persons sat down to Dinner; Commissr. Bigge and his Secretary Mr. Scott being among the number. — L.M.

Tuesday 15. Augt. !
I inspected this morning in the Jail Yard the whole of the Male Convicts recently arrived on board the Hadlow and Mangles Transport previous to their being distributed in the usual manner. —

I returned to Parramatta with my Family in the afternoon of this day. —

Wednesday 16. Augt. 1820 !!!
This being the anniversary of the Establishment of the Female Orphan Institution the same was kept and Celebrated accordingly in an appropriate manner this day at St. John's Church at Parramatta - and [number omitted] Orphans attended on the occasion under the Master & Mistress of the School, the whole of them looking well and Healthy. — Mrs. Macquarie the Patroness was unable to attend from indisposition – but some few of the Vice Patronesses, and most of the Gentlemen of the Committee attended on this occasion – and also the Commissr. of Enquiry, his Secry. and myself. — The Revd. Mr. Cowper Preached an appropriate Sermon. — The Examination of the Children afterwards took place, and when concluded Medals were given to three of them, namely, the best Reader, the best Worker, and the one particularized for the best general good conduct. —

The Committee of the Female Orphan Institution – and also the Commissr. of Enquiry & Mr. Scott his Secry. dined with [us] at Govt. House (being 200 in number) after the Examination &c. of the Children was concluded. —

Thursday 17. Augt. !!!
This morning at 10.O'Clock, I recd. the Report of the arrival at Sydney late last night of the Ship Earl St. Vincent, commanded by Capt. Simpson, with 160 Male Convicts from England, from whence She sailed on the 13th. of April; Doctr. Hill R. Navy being the Surgeon Superdt., and the Guard consisting of 31 Soldiers of the 48th. Regt. being Commanded by Capt. Snow of the 48th. Regiment. — Capt. Snow's Lady and Child, and a Mr. & Mrs. Richardson & Family as Settlers, are the only Passengers arrived in the Earl St. Vincent. L.M.

Tuesday 22. Augt. 1820 !
I went down to Sydney this forenoon to transact Business – and to dispatch the Govt. Brig Princess Charlotte for the Derwent with 30 Female Convicts, and some Stores – and to bring up from thence a Cargo of Wheat for Government. I returned to Dinner to Parramatta. —

Tuesday 29. Augt. !!!
I came down to Sydney to inspect the Male Convicts recently arrived from England in the Earl St. Vincent, and to write my Dispatches going Home in the Tuscan. —

Wedy. 30. Augt. !
This forenoon the Govt. Brig Princess Charlotte returned to Port Jackson, having been driven back by **** of Weather. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 1 March 1820 - 8 March 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.148-155; [Microfilm Reel: CY301 Frames #554-561].

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