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Wednesday 2. Septr. 1818 !
The Govt. Brig Lady Nelson, having Lieut. Watts, A.D.C., Doctr. Stephenson, and Lieut. Close of 48th. Regt. on board, Sailed this afternoon at 4 OClock for Newcastle, with 27 Convict Prisoners on board under Sentence to that Settlement. —

Tuesday 8. Septr. !
The two Government Brigs Elizabeth-Henrietta, and Lady Nelson, from Newcastle, anchored late this Night in the Harbour having [left] Newcastle on the 7th. Instant. — Lieut. Macquarie and Ensign Roberts are come back Passengers in the Elizabeth-Henrietta.

Thursday 10. Septr. !!!
This day at 12,O'Clock I laid the Foundation Stone of the House & Offices about to be erected in Macquarie Place for the residence of the Judge of the Supreme Court; the Honble. Mr. Justice Field being present on the occasion – and also the Acting Engineer and Architect. — N.B. It is expected to have this Building completed in 15 months hence !

Monday 14. Septr. 1818 !!! —
This day anchored in the Harbour the Male Convict Ship "Glory" Commanded by Capt. Edward Pounder, and having Mr. — [name omitted] Stewart of the R. Navy as Surgeon Superintendant, with 170 Male Convicts from England – from whence She sailed finally on the 19th. of May last; the Prisoners being guarded by a Detachment of the 87th. Regt. under the Command of Lieut. Irwin of the same Corps. — The Convicts on board this Ship have all arrived in good Health with the exception of two. —

On this same day in the afternoon, anchored also in the Harbour, the Male Convict Ship "Isabella" Commanded by Capt. Robt. Berry, and of which Mr. William Hallion of the R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt., with 227 Male Convicts from England, from whence She sailed on the 3d. of April last – touching at Rio Janeira [sic] – where She left the Tottenham Male Convict Ship on the 2d. of July last on her way from England to this Country. — The Guard over the Prisoners come out in the Isabella, consists of Detachments of the 48th. & 69th. Regts. Commanded by Lieut. Reid of the former Corps. — The Convicts on board this Ship have all arrived in good Health. —

William Minchin Esqr. late Capt. in the 102d. (N.S. Wales) Regt., with his Family is come out in the Isabella as a Free Settler to reside in this Colony. —

I have received very few Public or Private Letters by the Glory, or Isabella; my Principal Dispatches being supposed to have been put on board the Tottenham – which sailed before either of them from England.

I have received some London Gazettes by this opportunity – in one of which is announced the removal of my Nephew Lieut. Hector Macquarie from the 86th. to the 48th. Regt. – which took place in March last ! —

By this opportunity I have also received accounts of the safe arrival of the Govt. Brig Kangaroo, Lieut. Jeffries, in England in February last, after a Passage of Ten Months ! —

Thursday 17. Septr. 1818 !
This forenoon anchored in the Harbour the Female Convict Ship "Maria" Commanded by Capt. Henry Williams, and of which Mr. Prosser of the R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt., with 124 Female Convicts – and 25 Children from England – from whence She finally Sailed on the 18th. of May last. — The Female Convicts have all arrived in good Health; – but two out of the original number of Women embarked have Died on the Passage.

Mr. John Wood, a Free Settler of the first Class, with his Family, has come out Passenger on board the Maria.

Mr. Secretary Campbell mustered this Day the Male Convicts arrived in the Isabella – having yesterday mustered those arrived in the Glory – and has made a favorable report of their appearance, and general good Treatment on the Voyage. —

Tuesday 22. Septr. 1818 !
I this day mustered and Inspected in Person the whole of the Male Convicts recently arrived from England in the Glory and Isabella Transports (and from which Ships they were landed this morning) – previous to their being Distributed in the usual manner. The Prisoners were all in good Health – looked well – and had very few Complaints.

Sunday 27. Septr. !
The Govt. Brig Elizabeth Henrietta, with Female Convicts, Passengers & Stores, was dispatched this Day for Port Dalrymple and the Derwent in Van Diemen's Land. Depy. Asst. Comy. Genl. Walker went this Conveyance to take charge of the Commisst. Department at Port Dalrymple. —

I Set out this afternoon for Parramatta on my way to take the annual general Muster at Windsor. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary. 9 July 1818 - 28 February 1820.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.7-11. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #409-413].

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