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Friday 6. March !
The Schooner Jeune Ferdinand of the Isle of France, Commanded by Capt. Piot, Sailed this forenoon for the Mauritius, having George Fairfowl Esqr. Surgeon R. N. and late Surgeon Supdt. of the Ocean Male Convict Ship, as a Passenger, and to whom I gave charge of my Dispatches for England. —

The Spanish Brig San Antonio de Padua, Capt. Francisco Neuvess, [sic] from Manilla, ladened wt. Sundries anchored this day in the Cove.

L. M.

Wedy. 11. March 1817 ! [sic]
Having gone up yesterday in the Carriage, with Mrs. Macquarie, to Parramatta, we staid [sic] there all day – and returned again this morning to Sydney. —

I yesterday pointed out to Mr. Greenway the intended Scite [sic] for the new Govt. Factory & Barrack about to be erected at Parramatta for the use and accommodation of the Female Convicts.

L. M.

I gave notice this forenoon to Mr. Smith the Comr. of the Govt. Brig Elizabeth Henrietta, to prepare that Vessel with all possible expedition for Sea, as She is required immediately for conveying Major Cimitiere and a Detachment of the 48th. Regt. for the Relief of Port Dalrymple, together with some Male Convicts & Stores. —

N. B. Mr. Smith says he can be ready in 8 or 10 days for Sea – and can take 100 Men & Women, besides his own Crew !

L. M.

Thursday 12. March 1818 !!!
Anchored late this Evening in Sydney Cove the Colonial Schooner Henrietta from the Derwent – whence She Sailed on the 26th. of last Month, having Assistant Commissary Genl. Broughton on board as a Passenger. —

L. M.

Sunday 15. March 1818 ! —
This morning early the Ship Friendship (late Female Convict Transport) Capt. Armet (and Surgeon Cosgreave on board as Passenger) Sailed from this Port for Bengal. — N.B. I sent Duplicates of my late Dispatches for England by this Conveyance enclosed to the Post Master General at Calcutta. —

L. M.

Saturday 21 . March !!!
This afternoon at 2, O'Clock, a Company of the 48th. Regt. consisting of 3 Subalterns and 77 Noncomd. Officers & soldiers, under the Command of Major Cimitiere, as Commandant, together with 14 Convict Artificers & Labourers, embarked for Port Dalrymple on board of H. M. Colonial Brig Elizabeth Henrietta, Commanded now by Mr. David Smith. —

Monday 23. March !
The Elizabeth-Henrietta sailed this morning at 8,O'Clock from Port Jackson for Port Dalrymple, with a fine fair northerly Wind. —

N. B. She is expected to be back in 4 Weeks.

L. M.

Saturday 28. March 1818 !
This being the 4th. Anniversary of our dear Boy Lachlan's Birth-Day, we made a Water Excursion with him early this morning to the South Head – and Breakfasted at "Macquarie-Tower", with a Select Party of our own particular Friends and Sixteen Children invited by Lachlan to accompany him thither, – as Pr. List !

We dined at Home – having 24 Friends – besides our own Family at Dinner.

Tuesday 31 March !
I went up by Water to Parramatta this morning, after Breakfasting at Sydney, in the Govt. Barge, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and our own dear Boy, and arrived there at 2,O'Clock in the afternoon. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 – 1 July 1818.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.144-147. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #375-378].

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