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Monday 2. Feby. !
I Drew an Order of this day's Date on the Police Fund, in favor of James Watson Overseer of Public Road Makers in the New [word omitted] for Five Pounds Sterling in part payment for his Services. —

I this day inspected and Selected Ten New Settlers for Bathurst, Half of them young men born in the Colony – and the other Half Free men who have been Convicts. — These being the first Ten Settlers Selected for being sent to the new discovered Country, I have agreed to Victual themselves, and Ten Government men to be allowed them, for 12 months ! To give each of those Ten Settlers Fifty Acres of Land as a Farm, a Town allotment in Bathurst of Two acres each, a Gift of One Cow and 4 Bushels of seed Wheat from Government to begin with – and to receive into the King's Store at Bathurst all the Wheat they can grow for the first 12 months.

The 10 new Settlers set out for Bathurst in a Fortnight, to receive their Farms on Bathurst Plains. —

L. M.

Monday 9. Feby. 1818 !
This day anchored in Sydney Cove the Private Merchant Ship "David Shaw", Commanded by Capt. David Kerr, laden with sundry merchandise for the use of this Colony from England – from whence She sailed on the 13th. of September last. — I have not received any Public Dispatches or Private Letters by this Ship. —

Thursday 12. Feby. 1818 !
I Drew a Draft of this date on the Police Fund, in favor of Henry Kitchen Esqr. Architect, as the residue of the 2d. Instalment due to him on his Contract for building the New Church at Windsor; the amount of said residue being Two Hundred (£200 –) Pounds Sterling. —

Sunday 15. Feby. !
Early this morning The Ship Ocean Capt. Remmington Sailed from Port Jackson for Batavia & Bengal – and ultimately for England, having Doctor Bromley a Passenger on board. —

L. M.

[Entry crossed out]
Monday 16 Feby. 1818 !!!
I drew a Draft of this date on the Police Fund in favor of Wm. Roberts for the Sum of Twelve Hundred (£1200) Pounds Sterling, on account – and in part payment of Roads & Bridges constructed by him in the Interior of the Colony on account of Government. —

L. M.

[End of crossing out]

Do. Do. Do.
The Govt. Brig Lady Nelson, after undergoing thorough repair, and various alterations, was launched this Evening from the King's Dock-Yard in a very pretty handsome stile. [sic] — I have appointed Mr. William Randall (late Lieut. in the R. Navy) sometime since Emancipated to be Commander of H. M. Colonial Brig Lady Nelson; his Pay & allowance Commencing this day. —

L. M.

Tuesday 17. Feby. 1818 !
I set out early this morning, along with Mrs. Macquarie, in the Carriage, on an Excursion to Parramatta and Windsor by way of Liverpool, having Major & Mrs. Cimitiere of the 48th. Regt. along with us in another Carriage. — We left our dear beloved Boy at Sydney. —

Tuesday 24. Feby. !
We returned this morning to Sydney from our Excursion to the Interior; – no news, or arrivals having occurred during our absence. —

Wedy. 25. Feby. !
The Govt. Brig Lady Nelson, Commanded by Mr. Wm. Randall, sailed this forenoon for Newcastle; having been completely rigged and fitted out for Sea in 8 Days ! —

Friday 27. Feby. !!!
This morning James Fitzpatrick, William Wallis, Samuel Pollock, and Edward Haley, Felons under Sentence of Death, and who were tried & Convicted at the last Criminal Court, were executed in pursuance of their respective Sentences; the King's mercy having been extended to Eleven Felons tried by the same Court and on whom the Sentence of Death was passed. —

L. M.

This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Private Merchant Ship Laurel Commanded by Capt. H. I. Green, and of which Mr. Alexr. McDonald Ritchie is the Supercargo (and part Owner of said Ship) belonging to Bengal but last from China, ladened with Teas and Sundry other Goods from that Country. — She sailed from Canton on the 19th. of Novr. last – and touched at Port Dalrymple from whence she sailed on the 20th. Instant. —

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 – 1 July 1818.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.138-144. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #370-375].

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