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Thursday 4. June 1818 !
The Ships Lady Castlereagh Capt. Weltden, Guildford Capt. Johnson, and Batavia Capt. Lamb, sailed this morning from Port Jackson, on their respective destined Voyages for Batavia, India, and ultimately for England; – the former touching at the Derwent. —

This being the anniversary of His Majesty's Birth Day – when he completes his Eightieth Year ! – the Same was observed in a Holiday throughout the Territory – and Celebrated with the usual respectful Duty and Demonstrations of Joy. — I entertained the Civil, Naval, and Military officers and other Gentlemen of the Colony at Dinner at Government House – when 85 Gentlemen sat down to Dinner.

Tuesday 9. June 1818 !
Having gone up to Parramatta by Land on Sunday last, I returned from thence along with Mrs. Macquarie and our dear little Boy, by Water in the Govt. Barge this Day at 2,O'Clock to Sydney!

Wednesday 10. June 1818 !!!
This morning early the Ship Neptune Capt. Carnes, and Brig Greyhound Capt. Ritchie Sailed from the Heads of Port Jackson on their respective Voyages for Batavia and India. — By the former Vessel I sent my Dispatches for England (whither She is ultimately bound) in charge of Thos. Reid Esqr. late Surgeon Supdt. of that Ship. —

By the Greyhound are gone passengers for Madras Brevet Major Stewart, and his Company of the 46th. Regt. (including Lieuts. Morrison & Skelton) recently arrived here from Port Dalrymple, to join their Corps in India. —

L. M.

Wedy. 17. June 1818 !!!
I this day received a Dispatch from Jno. Oxley Esqr. Surveyor Genl. and chief of the 2d. Expedition of Discovery, dated "Wellington-Valley" 110 miles west of Bathurst, reporting his own arrival there with all the Provisions, Stores, Horses & other Equipments for their Expedition, on the 5th. of June – and that he was to set out finally on the following day to explore the "Macquarie River"; – Having two Boats with them to Navigate it. —

Thursday 25. June 1818 !!!
The foundation part of the Wall of one of the Bastions of Fort Macquarie was Commenced upon this forenoon. — Mr. Greenway the Actg. Architect, says this Fort will be completed in 21 months from this date. —

L. M.

Tuesday 30 June 1818 !!!
This forenoon the Master Matron, and Children belonging to the Female Orphan Institution, left Sydney and proceeded by Water to Parramatta to occupy the New School-House some time since erected there for their future residence and accommodation; the said New School-House being reported now ready for their reception. —

L. M.

This afternoon between 3 and 4,O'Clock The Ship Lady Castlereagh commanded by Capt. Weltden anchored within the Heads of Port Jackson, from the Derwent from whence She sailed on the 26th. Inst. after having landed there her Troops, Convicts, & Stores from hence for that Settlement – and taken on board the Detachment of the 46th. Regt. for Madras.

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 – 1 July 1818.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.166-168. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #396-398].

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