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Monday 1. Sepr. 1817 !
I went down to Sydney this morning early in the Carriage accompanied by Lt. Coll. Erskine; Capt. Parry having gone down at the same time in Col. Erskine's Tilbury.

Inspected the 46th. Regt. in complete marching order on their own Parade, in the Barrack Square at 11,O'Clock; Transacted a variety of other Business in town and returned to Parramatta in the Evening to Dinner. —

Wedy. 3. Sepr. !
This day arrived in Port Jackson the Ship Dick Transport commanded by Capt. Wm. Harrison, with a Division of the 48th. Regt. on board commanded by Major Cimitiere – having sailed from Cork on the 3d. of Apl. last.

N.B. Lt. P. P. King R.N. Sea Surveyor is arrived on the Dick.

Wedy. Evening 3. Sepr. !!!
Received Letters from Mr. Oxley & Mr. Cox from Bathurst dated 30th. ulto., reporting the arrival of the former and his Party at that Place on the 29th. ulto. from their Expedition of Discovery ! —

Friday Evg. 5. Sepr. 1817.
Mr. Oxley & Mr. Evans arrived at Parramatta. —

Saty. 6. Sepr. !!!
Messrs. Oxley & Evans waited on me at Parramatta to report their arrival from the Western Expedition. — Lt. Coll. Erskine came up this forenoon to wait on me on duty; as did also Capt. Gill Actg. Engineer.

Sunday [7 September]
Coll. Erskine & Capt. Gill returned to Sydney.

Monday 8. Sepr. 1817.
I went to Sydney early this morning on Horseback to transact business there, returning in the Evening.

Tuesdy. 9. Sepr.
— [name omitted] Fraser the Botanist arrived and called on me to make his Report — N.B. He brought a very young Emu (now about a month old!) which was caught lately on the Banks of the Macquarie River, as a present for Lachlan.

Wedy. 10. Sepr.
Mr. Allan Cunningham arrived at Parramatta and called on me to make his Report. —

Friday 12. Sepr. !!!
I went down to Sydney early this morning in the Carriage. —

At 2. P.M. Pursuant to the Govt. & Genl. Orders of the 6th. Inst., Lt. Coll. James Erskine of the 48th. Regt. was sworn in as Lt. Govr. of the Territory at Govt. House in presence of all the Civil Officers residing at the Seat of Government, with all the usual Ceremonies. —

In the Evening I entertained the new Lt. Govr., all the Civil Officers – & also all the Offrs. of the 48th. Regt. at Dinner in Honor of the occasion; no less than 60 Gentlemen having sat down to Dinner. —

N.B. The Embarkation of Lt. Govr. Molle ordered to take place this Day, was countermanded in consequence of his having given in charges against & demanded a Genl. Court Martial on Doctr. Wentworth which was ****

Saturday 13. Sepr. !
After transacting Business at Sydney, I returned to Parramatta in the afternoon of this day.

Monday 15. Sepr.
Went to Sydney on Horseback early this morning to transact Public Business; this being the Day appointed for the assembling of the Genl. Court Martial on Doctr. Wentworth.

Some attempts were made to effect an amicable reconciliation between the Parties; but which were frustrated through the very indelicate & unreasonable Propositions of Colonel Molle.

Tuesday 16. Sepr. !!!
The Genl. Court Martial met again this day, but did not proceed to the investigation of the charges owing to an objection made by the Court to the legallity [sic] of Trying Dr. Wentworth – his Commission – in their opinion not making amenable to Martial Law. —

I returned to Parramatta in the Evening, after transacting Business and ordering the 2d. Division of the 46th. to embark on board the Lloyds on Saturday next the 20th. Inst. at 8 OClock in the morning. —

Friday 19. Sepr. 1817 !
I went down to Sydney early this morning in the Carriage to transact Business !

Dissolved the Genl. Court Martial in consequence of its being now ascertained that Dr. Wentworth was not amenable to Martial Law ! — I issued orders for Coll. Molle to Embark tomorrow.

Saty. 20. Sepr.
The 2d. Division of the 46th. Regt. under Capt. Miller embarked on board the Lloyds Transport.

Coll. Molle embarked on bd. the Matilda Transport at 12,O'Clock today – receiving the Honors due to him as late Lt. Govr. of the Colony.

I returned to Parramatta in the Evening, after issuing orders for the 3d. Division of the 46th. Regt. under Capt. Thompson to embark on board the Dick Transport on Saturday next the 27th. Instant. —

Tuesdy. 23d. Sepr. 1817.
I went down early this morning to Sydney to transact Business. —

Wedy. 24 do. do.
The Matilda Transport, wt. Coll. Molle & 1st. Divn. of 46th. Regt., sailed at Day-light and cleared the Heads before 6 OClock this morning. —

Gave Instructions to Capt. Mc.Pherson the Comr. of the Lloyds Transport to sail early tomorrow morning for Madras.

The Lady Nelson was surveyed this day at 12,OClock – by Messrs. Moore, Brookes [sic] & Birnie. —

I gave orders to Messrs. Moore, Brookes & Birnie to inspect minutely every article of Rigging, Masts, Yards &c. &c. belonging to the Lady Nelson as well as the Hull itself of that Vessel before they made their report to me. —

I left Sydney at ½ past 12 and arrived at Parramatta at 2 O'Clock this day.

Thursdy 25 Sepr.
Lt. Col. Erskine, Capt. Morisset Ensns. Haggerston & Roberts came up from Sydney.

Friday 26. Sepr.
The Lloyds Transport, Capt. Mc.Pherson wh. the 2d. Division of the 46th. Regt. Sailed early this morning from Port Jackson for Madras.

Saturday 27. Sepr. 1817.
I paid a Visit to Mr. & Mrs. Moore at Liverpool, accompanied by Mrs. M. & Lt. Govr. Erskine in the Carriage & Capt. Morriset [sic] on Horseback, – returning Home after Breakfasting there. Capt. Gill came up to us in the Evening.

Mondy. 29. Sepr.
Early this morning our several Guests & Visitors, including Lt. Govr. Erskine returned to Sydney.

I went down to Sydney in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. M. and Lachlan before Breakfast to transact Public Business.

We had Coll. Erskine & Capt. Gill to dine with us; and in the Evening we had all the Ladies of the 48th. wh. their Husbands to drink Tea & spend the Evg. with us.

In the afternoon the Mermaid Cutter commanded by Capt. — [name omitted] arrived from Calcutta with sundry merchandize – having touched at the Derwent. —

Tuesday 30th. Sepr. !!!
The Lord Eldon Male Convict Ship commanded by Capt. Jas. Thos. Lamb, anchored this forenoon in the Harbour from England which she left on the 21st. of April last – having touched at Rio Janeiro. 215 (out of 220 Embarked) male Convicts have arrived in good Health on board the Lord Eldon, guarded by a Detachment of 30 men of the 46th. Regt. under the command of Lt. Norman Mc.Lean of the Royals or 1st. Regt. of Foot. — Doctr. Bowman is come out as Surgeon & Supdt. of the Lord Eldon. — Mr. Mc.Arthur and his two sons have also arrived as Passengers on board the Lord Eldon. —

I recd. some Public Dispatches Pr. the Lord Eldon. —

Mrs. Macquarie & myself called this forenoon on all the Ladies belonging to the 48th. Regiment. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Memoranda & Related Papers. 22 December 1808-14 July 1823.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A772 103-114 ff. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #115-126].

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