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Wedy. 1. Ocr. 1817!
The Govt. Brig Elizabeth Henrietta commanded by Mr. Whyte arrived this afternoon from the Derwent – whence she sailed on the 16th Ulto., ladened with 2000 Bushels of Wheat for Government, and having a number of Prisoners on board for Trial at the Criminal Court – with a number of Evidences. — Mr. John Drummond the Naval Officer of Hobart Town is amongst the Prisoners came up for Trial on a charge of murdering his own Child. —

I recd. Dispatches from Lt. Govr. Sorell by this conveyance.

Mrs. Garling & Mrs Cowper went up by water today to pass some days with us at Parramatta.

Mrs. M. with Lachlan and myself set out from Sydney in the Carriage at 4. P.M. for Parramatta – where we arrived a qr. before 6 OClock; it raining very hard during the Journey.

We found Mrs. Garling & Mrs. Cowper arrived there before us. —

Friday 3. Ocr. !
Samuel Smith was this morning executed at Sydney pursuant to his Sentence for the murder of [name omitted] at George-Town in Van Diemen's Land some time since; having been tried and convicted of the same at the Criminal Court now sitting, along with 3 other men for the same Crime but who were acquitted. —

Lt. Govr. Erskine & Capt. Morrissett [sic] came up to Parramatta this Evening to dine & pass the night with us. —

Saturday 4. Ocr.
Set out after Breakfast wh. Mrs. M. & Lachlan in our own Carriage from Parramatta for Windsor; in view to taking the ensuing Annual Genl. Muster there.

Mrs. Garling & Mrs. Cowper attended by Mrs. Garling (who joined us this morning from Sydney) came up in the Govt. Carriage with us to Windsor – where we arrived at a little after 12,O'Clock. — Lt. Govr. Erskine and Capt. Morrissett [sic] returned to Sydney after Breakfasting with us at Parramatta. —

Sunday 5. Ocr.
The Dick sailed. —

Tuesday 7. Ocr.
Mr. & Mrs. Garling & Mrs. Cowper set out this morning from Windsor on their return to Sydney in our Govt. Carriage. —

Friday 10. Ocr. !
Our beloved darling Infant appearing to be very much affected by the extreme heat of the weather, and falling off much in his Health and Strength, it was deemed most advisable to remove him as soon as possible from Windsor to Parramatta and eventually to Sydney. — Mrs. M. accordingly set out with him in our own Carriage for Parramatta at ½ past 6,O'Clock this morning, attended by his own maid & Serjt. Whalan.

Lt. Govr. Erskine & Capt. Gill came up from Sydney this forenoon to pass a few days with us at Windsor. —

Saturday 11th. Ocr. 1817!!!
This afternoon at 6.O'Clock, after Dinner, I proceeded to the Scite [sic] of the new intended Church in the new Burying Ground at Windsor for the purpose of going through the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of this Building which was done accordingly in presence of His Honor Lt. Govr. Erskine, Capt. Gill, Depy. Comr. Genl. Allan, Wm. Cox Esqr. J. P. Jas. Mileham Esqr. J. P., Major Antill, Mr. Fitzgerald, and Mr. Kitchen the Architect and Contractor for building the New Church, which I christened St. Mathew's – Depositing a Colonial Silver Dollar and also a Colonial Fifteen Pence Silver Piece under the foundation stone. —

I made a present of Five Gallons of Spirits to the Artificers & Labourers employed by Mr. Kitchen in erecting this Holy Edifice. — Mr. Kitchen presented me with a Silver Trowel on laying the foundation stone of the new Church.

The Gentlemen who attended me at the Ceremony came back with me to Govt House to drink success to the Church of St. Mathew. — I regreted [sic] much that the Revd. Mr. Cartwright was unable to attend on this occasion owing to indisposition.

Sunday 12. Ocr. !
I rode before Breakfast with Lt. Govr. Erskine and Capt. Gill through the District and Township of Wilberforce.

Dined today at Blighton having taken a Cold Dinner with us in the Boat thither returning in the Evening – Coll. Erskine, Capt. Gill, Major Antill & myself only being the Party. —

Monday 13. Ocr. !
Capt. Gill returned early this morning to Sydney. —

Coll. Erskine & Self took a Ride after Muster to Pitt Town.

After Dinner – at 6, O'Clock, went thro' the ceremony once more of laying the Foundation of the new Church of St. Mathew – the Coins which were deposited under it on Saturday Evening lest having been removed. — The Revd. Mr. Cartwright – and Revd. Mr. Fulton were presented at this last ceremony – having dined with me today together with the Magistrates & the Architect.

Tuesday 14. Ocr.
This day I closed the Genl. annual Muster at Windsor.

Went afterwards with Coll. Erskine to take a Ride along the River in the Richmond District. — Dined at 3.P.M. and set out for Parramatta at ½ past 4, O'Clock in the Carriage, having Coll. Erskine along with me. —

At ½ past 6. P.M. arrived at Parramatta – and had the happiness of finding Mrs. M. in good Health – and our beloved Boy somewhat better – tho' still very weak and a good deal affected in his Eyes with Spasms. —

Wedy. 15. Ocr. —
Capt. Erskine left us for Sydney. Rode out in the Carriage with Mrs. M. & the Child before Breakfast.

Doctrs. Wentworth & Redfern came up this forenoon from Sydney to see the Child, and after consulting together recommended that he should be Blistered this Evening in the back of his Neck to relieve the Nervous affection in his Eyes – and that he should take some opening medicine on the Day following. —

Thursday 16. Ocr. 17.
Mr. John Mc.Arthur, lately arrived from England, and Settler in this Colony, waited on me this day for the first time since his arrival.

Friday 17. Ocr. !!!
This morning John Walker, and Ralph Pearson, Felons Tried & Condemned at the present Criminal Court for the murder of John Suddis settler at Portland Head, were Executed at Sydney, pursuant to their Sentence! —

Saty. 18. Ocr. !
Mr. Secry. Campbell & Capt. Gill came up this Evening from Sydney on a Visit to us.

Sunday 19. Ocr. 17!
Doctr. Wentworth came this forenoon to see our dear Boy – & he thinks him better than when he saw him last. Mr. Secry. Campbell & Capt. Gill returned this Evg. to Sydney after Dinner. N.B. The Foxhound arrived from England.

Mondy. 20. Ocr. !
Commenced taking the Genl. Muster at Parramatta on this Day. —

Tuesday 21. Ocr. !
Coll. Erskine came up to Dinner this day from Sydney to inquire after our dear Boy – who is this day, thank God! greatly better in his Health.

Wedy. 22d. Ocr.
Coll. Erskine returned to Sydney. —

Dr. Redfern still remains with us to attend our Dear Boy. —

Friday 24. Ocr. 1817.
The Ship Pilot returned this day from the Derwent, having Coll. Davey late Lt. Govr. of Van Diemen's Land on board as Passenger – and with 2400 Bushels of Wheat on board for Government. —

Saturday 25 Ocr. !
Capt. Gill came up from Sydney on a visit to us. —

Sunday 26. Ocr.
Messrs. & Mr. Moore from Liverpool came to pass the Day with us; and also Coll. Erskine from Sydney.

Monday 27. Ocr. !!! *
Mr. M.'s escape!!!

I closed the Muster at Parramatta, including the adjoining Districts. —

Tuesday 28 Ocr.
I went to Sydney to transact Business, returning in the Evening. —

Wedy. 29. Ocr. 1817.
I remained all day at Parramatta.

Thursdy. 30. Ocr. !
I commenced the Muster at Liverpool!

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Memoranda & Related Papers. 22 December 1808-14 July 1823.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A772 114-128 ff. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #126-140].

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