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Undergraduate Research in Australia


Time period Stage Activity
January – March 2009 Stage 1 Visit members of UK team to learn from experiences and create a map of activity and protocols and documentation available in the UK. Prepare first stage of evaluation strategy. Bring together national team to identify existing protocols and resources. Identify gaps that need to be filled
April – June 2009 Stage 2 Carry out overseas study tour to identify new resources and protocols to meet the identified needs. Specifically this will include visiting USA universities and institutions associated with undergraduate research. Document approaches that impact on practice. Present paper at SEDA Spring conference UK.
July – August 2009 Stage 3 Implement an undergraduate research project. Work to adapt and prepare protocols, establish website and publications (booklets, leaflets) for dissemination. Travel to team members' institutions to discuss implementation and arrangements for Regional Roundtables. National team to review additional resources in the light of identified needs Presentation of paper at HERDSA Conference. Interim report.
September – October 2009 Stage 4 Series of Regional Roundtables to disseminate resources and discuss policy issues.
November 2009 Stage 5 Australian Summit on the Integration of Research and Teaching

Establish National Centre Steering Group to carry ideas beyond the Fellowship Debriefing and planning with the ALTC Institute.
December 2009 – January 2010 Stage 6 Preparation of “Manual” of resources and protocols, journal articles & final evaluation and report.

Documentation of outcome, write papers for publication

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