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Undergraduate Research in Australia

National Team

A National Team of academics who are involved in projects to develop undergraduate student engagement in research and inquiry has been assembled to progress the project. These members were chosen to represent a range of disciplinary expertise. The team provides a bridge between the Fellowship and other related projects led by team members, some of which are funded by ALTC. The team consisted of:

  1. Professor Sally Kift a 2006 ALTC Senior Fellow, Professor of Law and Director of the First Year Experience Project, Queensland University of Technology. She explored how engaging undergraduate students in research and inquiry might be harnessed to enhance the first year student experience.
  2. Professor Kerri-Lee Krause Director of the Griffith Institute for Higher Education. She is leading several funded projects on linking teaching and research. Kerri-Lee contributed to the development and trialing of resources, models and protocols drawing on her ALTC funded project on the teaching research nexus to provide resources.
  3. Professor Mike McManus is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) University of Queensland. He has been responsible for leading an inquiry-based undergraduate science program. He brought to the project his extensive expertise and interest in the improvement of science education.
  4. Dr Susan Mayson Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business & Economics, Monash University where she is recognised for her research and policy development on research-led teaching. She worked to gather evidence and cases to inform the development of protocols for good practice in business studies disciplines.
  5. Dr Denise Wood Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Media Arts) School of Communication, University of South Australia. She is actively involved in implementing courses that engage students in research and inquiry in media arts subjects. She contributed to the establishment of fora for the discussion of policy implications as well as research relating to the enhancement of student engagement in an inquiry based curriculum.
  6. Professor Brian Yates Head of the School of Chemistry, University of Tasmania. His department has its own undergraduate research journal "Nexus" which he established.