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Undergraduate Research in Australia

Find out more about ALTC Fellowships

ALTC Fellowships are designed to "support leading educators to undertake a program of strategic, high profile fellowship activities in areas that support the mission of the ALTC" (ALTC Website). Established in 2006, Fellowships are awarded on the basis of an application to the ALTC to carry out a specific project in the Fellow's area of expertise.

For more information about the ALTC Fellowships, who the Fellows are and how to apply for a Fellowship go to the Fellowships section of the ALTC website.

The aim of the particular Fellowship which initiated and developed this website is: To enhance student engagement in learning through supporting the development in Australia of undergraduate research and inquiry. The Fellowship holder is Angela Brew.

There are three things to note about this particular aim. Firstly, the project aims to enhance student engagement. View what is understood by student engagement.

Secondly, this project is designed to develop undergraduate research and inquiry across Australia. So this website is focused on developments in Australia and is designed principally for an Australian academic audience. It draws on expertise in other countries in so far as it can illuminate Australian practice.

Thirdly, the project is concerned with research and inquiry only at the undergraduate level. This does not deny the importance of research at other levels; it is just not the focus of this website.