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Undergraduate Research in Australia


The evaluation strategy to be used for this program is an adaptation of the 'Theories of change' approach to evaluation developed in the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in Arts and Social Sciences (CILASS) at the University of Sheffield. The involvement of the Centre's Director, Dr Philippa Levy, in the International Team, provides a link to the experiences of evaluating that Centre's work. This evaluation approach blends evaluation of impact (ie outcomes) with practitioner-led scholarship and pedagogical research (ie processes) in order on the one hand to meet accountability requirements, and on the other to feed into academic and curriculum development. Inquiry is central to these activities, as it is to this Fellowship Program overall. The CILASS approach to evaluation develops the Theories of Change (ToC) approach to facilitate practitioner-led and community-focused critical reflection on practice at a number of different levels (CILASS 2007).

The evaluation, by its very nature will take place throughout the Program, commencing with the establishment of a ToC framework and detailed evaluation plan for the Program.