The mobile future

We are a world-leading team focused on communication technologies and networks for applications including 5G/6G mobile networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and ad-hoc and UAV networks.

Our key strengths include:

  • cellular network optimisation
  • information theory
  • multi-antenna MIMO systems
  • mm-wave communications
  • resource allocation and scheduling
  • unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communication networks
  • secure communication technologies
  • heterogeneous networks
  • fog computing and networking
  • ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks.

We have major industry partnerships and research funding including Telstra, the Defence Science Technology (DST) Group, and the Australian Research Council Discovery Project scheme.

Other areas of interest include:

  • wireless position location technologies
  • multi-antenna non-coherent radar
  • network anomaly detection.
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Last updated: 19 Nov 2020