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Macquarie University Ethics


The Macquarie University Ethics Framework Project seeks to develop a shared ethical framework to guide reflection and collective and individual decision-making across the University. Its aim is to promote a collegial community and to foster a culture within the University that is responsible, respectful and reflective.

Background to the Ethics Framework Project

Macquarie University seeks to provide high quality research and teaching, an exemplary learning environment, a safe and secure campus, and active engagement within the communities we serve. Achieving these goals requires individual and collective commitment and uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and practices.

The University Ethics Framework Committee was established in September 2006 to oversee the development of an Ethical Framework for Macquarie University. Its first major decision was to negotiate the involvement of the St. James Ethics Centre. St. James and the Committee have worked in partnership since December 2006 to scope the project and to develop a draft Ethics Statement.

The project involves three main stages, each of which will involve extensive consultation with the University community:

  1. To develop an Ethics Statement for Macquarie University outlining the core ethical principles and values to which the University and its members are committed.

  2. To conduct a University-wide organisational character and culture analysis in order to assess the extent to which University policies and practices are consistent, or in conflict, with the Ethics Statement.

  3. To develop an implementation plan to ensure consistency of University policies and practices with the Ethics Statement. Where necessary, existing policies and practices may need to be revised or new policies and practices implemented.

The project has been endorsed by Academic Senate, the Staff Consultative Group and University Council.

First stage completed

The first stage of the consultation was to provide all members of the University community with the opportunity to comment on the draft Ethics Statement. Comments were provided in two ways.

  1. Via a confidential on-line survey, hosted by the Values Exchange, working in co-operation with the St. James Ethics Centre.

  2. Via emails sent directly to the Ethics Framework Committee (

At the conclusion of the survey period, the Ethics Framework Committee was provided with summarised de-identified versions of comments provided by survey respondents. The Committee refined the draft Ethics Statement in line with the survey responses. Summary versions are available to all staff and students at:

The final version of the Macquarie University Ethics Statement was presented and endorsed by Academic Senate, the Staff Consultative Group and University Council respectively.