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Macquarie University Ethics

Macquarie University Ethics Statement - Endorsed by University Council

Macquarie stands in the tradition of universities as independent sources of knowledge, research and teaching – supporting an international network of students, scholars and researchers seeking rational enlightenment for the good of society, in general, and the communities we serve, in particular.

Macquarie wishes to act with integrity – consciously informed by a framework of core values and principles that are given consistent, practical effect.  The university and its members are accountable for their conduct, to be evaluated in the light of this framework.

Fundamental Principles

The University is committed to:

  • Fostering a collegial community based on mutual trust
  • Respecting the intrinsic dignity of all persons
  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Neither initiating nor colluding in harmful acts

Whenever acting as part of this University:

  • Act with integrity and according to a well informed conscience
  • Be courageous – look beyond established boundaries, promote and defend what you believe to be right and true
  • Be curious – explore novel ideas for the creation and discovery of new knowledge
  • Be independent – engage with the world in a principled manner without fear or favour
  • Be responsible – own your decisions and the part you play in the decisions of others
  • Be honest and trustworthy – in all that you say and do
  • Be open – to the greatest extent possible, offer a timely, complete and considered account of the basis on which decisions are made
  • Be excellent – offer your best even when something less would be acceptable to others; always uphold the standards relevant to your discipline or practice
  • Be just – assess each matter fairly and on its merits;
  • Be nurturing – care for the health, welfare and safety of all and the environment
  • Be cooperative – work with and for others and the University
  • Be compassionate – create opportunities for others to flourish as you hope to yourself.

The values and principles outlined in this framework are intended to be applied in a balanced and inter-related manner and are not intended to be referenced in isolation.