Actuarial Studies Co-op program

Actuarial Studies Co-op program

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice

Our new Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with the degree of Bachelor of Professional Practice offers students the opportunity to participate in Macquarie’s cooperative education program (Co-op).

This highly competitive course will see students alternate between classroom studies and workplace experience in the form of three work placements of three to six months each throughout their course. Co-op students will develop professional skills and networks across different workplace settings and use their practical experiences in the classroom. Co-op students receive a scholarship for the duration of the course.

What the combined degree offers

Work ready graduates
Students are applying both discipline knowledge and professional practice skills in the workplace and reflecting on their experiences.

Academic rigour
Learning is demonstrated through reflection and assessments.

Scaffolded and supported learning from first year
Alternating between periods of study and periods of work offers students the chance to scaffold knowledge gained in the classroom to improve performance in the workplace, and apply workplace experience in the classroom to ensure classroom studies are professionally current and relevant.

Partner involvement

Vocational placements
Provide industry experience - students participate in one three month and two six month workplace engagements during their course.

See how the Co-op Program is structured.

Financial support
Assist students financially through a sponsorship package that helps them during their four year program.

Find out more about sponsorship.

Selection process
There is industry involvement in the student selection process, which considers only the highest calibre applicants.

Learn about the rigorous selection process.

Partner with us

To find out how you can engage with our brightest students, contact:

Emily Whitehouse  
Manager, Co-op and Internships  
T: +61 2 9850 1961
E: or

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