Global alumni network

Global alumni network

Stay connected to your alma mater

Graduates of Macquarie University are members of an incredibly community of vibrant alumni living and working right around the globe.

Stay connected with us through the Alumni Web Community (check your details now) and our Alumni team will keep you up to date.

Through our Global Alumni Network, you can join Chapters and Networks run by our wonderful alumni volunteers and participate in thought-leadership and networking events across Australia, the Asia–Pacific, Europe and North America.

  • Australia — Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Asia-Pacific — Beijing, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand
  • Europe — London
  • North America — New York.

Australian networks

Alumni volunteers can create an informal networking group organised by:

  • region (state, territory or city)
  • faculty or academic discipline
  • other interests.

Larger alumni groups can be formalised as a Chapter, such as the Victorian Chapter.

If you want to join a group that meets your needs, create a new group or organise a graduating class reunion, contact Susan Mills, Alumni Relations Manager (Domestic), by email or phone +61 2 9850 7310.

International networks


Connect with Macquarie alumni in our Asia-Pacific LinkedIn Group

Beijing Network
Hong Kong Chapter
Korea Network
Malaysia Network
Shanghai Network
  • Anna Gu: contact details TBC
Singapore Chapter

North America

Connect with Macquarie alumni in our North America LinkedIn group

USA—Midwest Network

UK & Europe

Connect with Macquarie alumni in our UK & Europe LinkedIn group

London Network

If you want to join a group in your region, attend an alumni event in a city near you or create a new group, contact Emily Zeng, Alumni Relations Manager (International), by email or phone +61 2 9850 7310.

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