Global alumni network

Global alumni network

Stay connected to your alma mater

Over 190,000 graduates of Macquarie University are members of an incredible community of vibrant alumni living and working right around the globe.

Stay connected with us through the Alumni Web Community (check your details now) and our Alumni team will keep you up to date.

Through our Global Alumni Network, you can join Chapters and Networks run by our wonderful alumni volunteers and participate in thought-leadership and networking events across Australia, the Asia–Pacific, Europe and North America, or even start your own.

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Download Guidelines to starting your own network and Alumni Network terms of reference form.



Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in Brisbane.


Stuart Mathieson

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Brisbane


Connect with over 2,000 of your fellow alumni in Melbourne.


Alumni Relations team

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Melbourne




Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in Canada with our Macquarie Alumni Network - Canada.


Paul Chang

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Canada

Latin America

Connect with your fellow alumni in Latin America with our Macquarie LATAM Alumni Network.

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - LATAM

United States

Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in the United States.

Upcoming events

  • Global Alumni Impact Series: New York - Thursday 20 June 2019


Alumni Relations



Connect with your fellow alumni in Bangladesh


Habiba Kibria

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Bangladesh


Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in Beijing.


Jerry Zhou

Hong Kong

Connect with over 6,000 of your fellow alumni in Hong Kong.


Clement Lam

Hong Kong Chapter Facebook Group
Macquarie Alumni Network - Hong Kong


Connect with over 600 of your fellow alumni in Japan with our newly established Macquarie Alumni Network - Japan.


Dr Josh Kidd

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Japan


Connect with over 1,300 of your fellow alumni in South Korea.


Dr Manki Kim

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Korea

Korea Network Facebook Group


Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in Malaysia.


Angelina Yee


Connect with your fellow alumni in Pakistan.


Rumla Tahir

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Pakistan


Connect with over 100 of your fellow alumni in the Philippines with our Macquarie Alumni Network - Philippines.


Alumni Relations

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Philippines


Connect with over 700 of your fellow alumni in Shanghai.


Anna Gu


Connect with over 2,000 of your fellow alumni in Singapore.

Macquarie University Alumni Association Singapore (MUAAS) is the official Singapore-based alumni group for Macquarie University graduates from all faculties within Macquarie University. MUAAS hold regular social and professional events, with a focus on knowledge-sharing, mentoring, networking and friendship.

Whether you are here seeking to expand your business network, advise on a new idea, concept, a poll, fun, love, miss uni life, just want to hang out, drink, talk, rock, or chill ... please come along and really join us when there is a planned event. We need your support always.


Paul Ho

Macquarie University Alumni Association - Singapore Chapter
Macquarie University Alumni Association LinkedIn - Singapore Chapter


Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in Thailand with our Macquarie Alumni Network - Thailand.


Stu Lloyd

Wasin Praditsilp

Macquarie Alumni Facebook Group - Thailand

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - Thailand

UK & Europe


Connect with over 300 of your fellow alumni in France with our newly established Macquarie Alumni Network - France.


Sylvestre Mang

Macquarie Alumni Network - France
Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - France

Next event: Inaugural France Network Event - 24 September in Paris. More info and to register

United Kingdom

Connect with over 800 of your fellow alumni in the United Kingdom.


Alumni Relations

Macquarie Alumni LinkedIn Network - United Kingdom

Area of Study

Chiropractic Alumni

The Chiropractic Alumni (tCa) was originally established in 1984 for Macquarie University and Sydney College of Chiropractic graduates. Over 50 classes of chiropractors have graduated in Sydney. You have the benefit of belonging to a cohort of alumni – a 2500 plus strong group that cherish their heritage and enjoy a solid connection with their classmates and University.


Anthony O'Reilly

Law Society

The Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is a student-run body for all law students at Macquarie University. They invite alumni to register as a Friend of MULS. Becoming a Friend of MULS will add you to an exclusive mailing list for the purposes of communicating opportunities to become involved with MULS and reconnect with your classmates – whether this be through judging competitions, attending MULS alumni and career events, or contributing to MULS publications.

Become a friend of MULS


Postgraduate Alumni

If you’re interested in connecting with alumni who are completing or have completed their postgrad studies, this is the network for you. Here you can establish and grow your networks to help support your career trajectory, and make the best use of your unique skills.

Macquarie Postgraduate LinkedIn Alumni Network


HDR Support and development team


Macquarie Mountaineering Society

Macquarie Mountaineering Society (MMS) began in 1967, and covered several outdoor sports including climbing, caving, bushwalking, ski touring, canyoning and canoeing. Member numbers varied from 50 to 100, with 50 to 80 individual trips per year, on average more than one trip every weekend! Members have recently celebrated at several reunion events.  If you were a member of the MMS and would like to reconnect, please get in touch.


Macquarie University Ambassadors

Connect with past and present student ambassadors from Macquarie University.


Future Students

Macquarie University Ambassadors LinkedIn

Robert Menzies College Network

Connect with over 8,000 of your fellow college alumni.


Alumni Relations team

Rugby Football Club (Beacons) Network

Connect with your fellow rugby alumni.


Macquarie Rugby

Macquarie Rugby Club facebook

Sports Scholar Alumni Network

Join our Sports Scholar Alumni Network to connect and network with fellow alumni of the sports scholarship program.


Glenn Warry

Young Alumni Network

Join our Young Alumni Network to connect with like-minded individuals looking to develop their career. Share your thoughts by starting a discussion or even ask somebody for a coffee to find out more about their job or company.

Connect with over 250 young Macquarie alumni in our Young Alumni LinkedIn Group

Upcoming events:

  • Backpack to Briefcase: Sydney - Wednesday 22 May 2019
  • Backpack to Briefcase: Sydney - Tuesday 2 July 2019

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